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people have been killed by gushers

Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail
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do not be fooled
he only wants our doom
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Wu Tang Clan aint nothin' to fuck with
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I bet esforce is super stoked for pedophile month tomorrow!
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When the fire starts the pain's too much for your mind
You need attention, what's good is only mine
I can cure the hunger that burns in your heart
So just come to me, I'll take you home

Your fortune: Bad Luck
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teaching le anime the power of religion
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jack ruselel

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i found a friend!!
She was sweating a lot so i took of her clothes, i bought her a mcchicken also for when she wakes up

Once I made sure she's eaten her sandwiches I'll accompany her back home, i'm sure we'll hang out again real soon after that!
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Good night esfores
See you tomorrow

Your fortune: Average Luck
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crystal castlels

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Welcome newcomers. ^-^

You might feel a little lost here on [s4s], but worry not, because here are some tips for the full [s4s] quality experience!

1. Check your and others' privileges
2. Check repeating digits
3. Use emoticons to socialize and interact with others :D
4. Make ebin OC
5. Learn to cherish epic memes (related to #4)
6. Post in your local kek thread!
7. Use > for quotations of others.
8. Make high quality posts and don't reply to mean low-quality (/b/umblebutt) posts, unless checking dubs.
9. B very nice to others and don't judge pls :^)

These aren't official rules, but it would better your experience on this board much more, if u followed them. :^D
I hope [s4s] can flourish with ur help and I hope you have a great time here on this fun board!! :)
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