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lol she dance then kiss haha
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fuck all of you right now

Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again
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Here is the Nathan game S$S


1. Whatever two digits my post ends with I will post that many Nathans.
2. This post will be known as the nath dump and all photos found in the nath dump will be known as naths.
3. Naths will be common to the internet like old pokemon GET IT?? They are like the common types okay.
4. Why are they the common types? Because the nath dump is the first of a few organized dumps to release the knew PEPE. Guys we all know pee pee is a dead meme. PEE PEE DEAD HE NOT FUNNY NO MORE OKAY WOJARK IS LIKE THIRTY-TWO TIMES BETTER! THIS IS LIKE BAJILLIONS MORE FUN OF A GAME THAN THE WOJRAK GAME
5. Saving a Nathan means you become "A Nathfrican" and you are offical world blessed.
6. S4s listen to me damnit this is your chance to make a true place for my Nathans to live and breed on the internet do you understand?
7. Nathrican's are the only ones allowed to read rules following this one.
8. Okay good I got the real guys. You guys get what the fuck I'm spouting on this internet place. Fuck anybody who isn't Nathrican they aren't cool lmao. Like if one of them could read this rule they would be like why the fuck am I so lame and get no ass. I'm like yea of fucking course you don't get ass you aren't Nathrican it's what the babes want.
9. Guys listen tastfully spread these Naths and guess fucking what the Nathans will come soon
10. And Guess what you guys will get them first because s4s makse freaking LIT memes like I love MEMES and the word memes is fucking flame.
11. Guys I have to admit something I'm just so FUCKING excited for this to start hooray HOORAY!!!

Now let's see what I roll...
Wish me luck anons!!!
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Mo~tto Ojamajo Doremi Ep, 3 「I Hate You! But I Would Like To Be Your Friend!」

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wonderflel episoed 2daye. we learn eben moar about momo cham oh dis is such a nice episoed... tamaki's here 2!
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Your fortune: Outlook good
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