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I just want a qt sissy trap bf to cuddle and kiss, is that too much to ask?
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Blocks your cock path

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Hey RUDEPOSTERS, you ain't goin' NOWHERE.
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All I want is to direct. All I want is to write. All I want is to get my story out there where I know it should be:
Scipio "Huskus" Kane is a 30-year-old former slave cotton picker sent to the strange future of 1995 by a freak sweet tea accident. Due to selective breeding by whitey he is a giant of a man, and quickly dominates the b-ball "field", as he calls it, and becomes the first "blacsketballer", as he calls it, to enter the NJCAA, much to whitey's chagrin and despite never having scored any b-ball goals. His team is slow to take to him at first, with constant light ribbing and cat calls, but with win after win they get to thinking "this here nigger might just take us to the championship" (cut to a white person thinking intently while rubbing chin).
Through the magic of being good at a sport, Huskus slowly converts his team of "haters", as he calls them, into full on believers! Son of the local grand dragon, Johnny "KKK" Johnson even kisses a negro girl at the school's annual segregated dance-off as part of a complex breakdance of his own invention. "I owe it all to you, Huskus!" - Johnny. Unfortunately his father, enraged upon hearing the news, concocts a zany plan that involves luring Johnny and the negro girl back to his place with promises of Huskus' b-ballery having changed his mind about racism wholesale, and all three are later found as corpses in the charred remnants of his house. However, this is only mentioned in the movie once on the back of a newspaper during the diner scene, because we won't have time to actually address the subplot this is a long movie already and we don't have the budget maybe if it's a real hit we can do "Huskus to the Future 2: What Ever Happened to Johnny" but let's not get ahead of ourselves.
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why is the boob cirno angry
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public announcement from /mlp/

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oyyy duuudes
our 30000000 get is coming up, so i'm just making this thread to make sure that you remember to not steal our get, thank you
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Found a nuke

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Should I eat it friends?!
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*blocks your path*
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