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Tony Stark was a mistake.

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japanese doesn’t have oreo coffee creamer probably

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beary in forest

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the Japanese people are too weak to defeat the monke

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i know thistle never come to reality but wouldnt it be so cool if there was a 'duel monsters online'
anime as it originally sorta was before it became an actual card game with inherent restriction
using modern computer power to achieve the dream of duel monsters
'roleplaying and world sim' elements in it
no more is it just a game of mechanical attributes, tiny details are treated as if theyre sorta their own living things
not locked into having just one type, wanna make a card have multiple types or even attributes? sure, go ahead
want alternative and mini even hidden types, representing facts of the monster (or spell or trap)? go right ahead. there could be a spell that gives like +400atkdef to diamond monsters and equipped mon can sac this equip to absorb a spell/eff destruction on it, and you could play this on any monster the game sim recognises as made of diamond, like diamond dragon or whatever its called.
you could freeze the water field to kill any fish that don't have resistance to freezing. cards can have builtin typing advantages and disadvnatages, based on a sense it is treated as real.
such a method of constructing the game naturally leads to a wider, slower way of play with more small combos and tight involvement of microsynergy in trading flexibility and potential for specific scenarios. little things matter. boost pumpking with plant stuff. zombies are too slowmoving to kill a slime jam. use the slime jam as an oil for a fireball. do schizo anime shit. its possible.
but konami wouldnt make any money on it, so its not gonna legally happen ever. but would be cool. very cool.
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does all mexican food taste the same? the stuff ive tried, it all tastes like their ancho peppers or whatever, the blunt tasting hot stuff. Its the worst
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he is so perfect
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Tfw new job euphoria goes away with the realization that literally nothing else in my life has changed and I'm still a miserable bastard trying to escape a frozen wasteland to find love.

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