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I just fapped my pepis.
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>"Ayo teacher, anon got a gameboy in he backsack"
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Your fortune: Better not tell you now
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[CIA: Verse 1]
First one to rap, gets to stay in this battle
I heard you got hired guns, I herd ‘em like cattle
Get ‘em on board, I’ll call Ittin, and we’ll take off in my plane,
The extreme pain plan I filed lists........ BANE?!!!!!!
When I pull the mask off, would you like a tissue when you cry?
Open the door, get on the floor, I’ll shoot my gun out in the sky,
Then I’ll throw you out my aircraft, Smee and Maimen will watch you die
You think you can crash this plane? I’d like to see you try
So go ahead....... You’re a big guy!

[Bane: Verse 1]
Admirable, but mishtaken
You remind me of Bruce Wayne
Tell me, why would someone shoot a man
Before throwing him out of a plane?
You know how to bust a cap You should learn how to bust a rhyme
When this battle is in ashes,
You have my permission to die!
I drop so many hot bars,
The fire’s temperature will rise,
No one cared who I was,
Till I put on this disguise,
I was born in darkness
Moulded by darkness
But then I saw the light,
Now’s not the time for fear,
But for CIA’s final flight.

[CIA: Verse 2]
Who paid you to rap? Dr. Pavel?
Your rhymes is lame, shout out to Tayne
Can I get a hat wobble?
This may be my final flight, but let’s not forget
How a big guy like you, got sent to his death,
You almost had Gotham, but got killed by a cat!
You don’t need superpowers, to break the back of a bat [Ozzy Osbourne cameos]
If you want to see power, just check out my stance!
So Bane, I’ll give you one last chance,
Tell me about yourself, why do you wear the mask?

[Bane: Verse 2]
Last verse I went easy
But now the devil shall appear,
Your punishment must be much, much more severe!
I’ll give littlefinger a paper cut and watch him bleed,
And chuck him out his aircraft like it was purchased by Sneed!
You may have came in a plane, but you’ll be leaving in a hearse,
Now let me crash this verse,

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I made this thread just for you to reply to.
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