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I fucking love you all.
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dis praying mantis sick of ur shit >:^(
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>Be me

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>My city is about to get nuked

>My friend on the east coast
offers me shelter and protection for me and my family

>Spend about 8 hours in a car, driving across America

>Nothing for food except tons of cheetos and junk food, barely any water to sustain us, caught up in traffic

>Get far enough to escape the nuclear blast

>On the way to the East Coast

>Spend 30 minutes trying to find a map to find exactly which roads we have to take and which city

>Finally get there

>Exhausted, nothing but the stench of takis and boiling-hot water coming from the car

>Knock on Friends Door

>He opens it

>He sees us

>I open my mouth for the first time in 6 hours

>Mouth so dry I can barely speak

>Use all my might and strength to give out more than a few phlegm-filled wheezes and coughs

>"Hey dude wanna fuck!?"
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nice! is
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only cute programmer bois will get this~
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Who else agrees?

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>"Personally I find basement dwellers who feel the need to post 10 threads everyday about what they like to jack off to very funni.You just arent smarte enough to get the humour!!! xD"<
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A torrent of water; a river of rapids; water rushing unceasingly to an unknown destination. Unknown but certain, in stark contrast to your path. A life of certain destination, but infinite stagnation. A swamp of disease mutating and bubbling with cancer as it slowly evaporates and becomes a dry, cracked indent in the world. The gravestone that becomes your most lasting legacy.
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anime yosho
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