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Ask me anything

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Howdy pardner back again from down on ranch.
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Yugioh club in my highschool

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So a yugioh club was started in my highschool. I was invited by an alright dude. But the catch was that a creepy dude I knew of was in there. This dude had a crush on one of my friends and was a complete creep. During my time at yugioh club, a cute girl came in looking for someone, assuming she would leave the creepy guy told her to have a nice day in the most creepiest, deepest voice I've ever heard. She ended up stay for about 15 minutes. I felt bad for the girl cause this was a room full of relatively overweight yugioh nerds shouting a bunch of stuff. The creepy guy ended up telling his opponent that he'll fuck his mother if he ends up losing. This must've freaked the girl out so much that she left. Trutfully one of the most akward experiences. The creepy dude ended up helping me I'm yugioh but my God his breath stunk like an ass hat. No remorse was felt, knowing he was rejected by my friend. I would feel bad if she had said yes. I ended up leaving earlier and next week I'm gonna have a friend accompany me just to see for himself how fucking bad it is. Wish me luck.
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raspberry is the best berry
all other berries cannot even compete

Your fortune: Excellent Luck
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I made a stock market for ebin menes...

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Yes I made a fully functional stock market for ebin menes....

it works just like a real stock market..u can create or upload ebin menes and create an IPO and ppl can buy ur memes and begin has a lot of n*rmie memes right now because thats what we used for beta testing but u can make any meme u want

it even has a forum where u can funpost

for example here's ass

ass is currently the #1 trending meme right now so buy it while its hot(its all fake money but its real in my mind)
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eh? you wanna fuck these tits loser?

it'll cost you tons of candy
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I left s4s for a week and now I'm back but MY PHONE LITERALLY DELETED ALL MY SATANIA PICTURESHOW, I don't know how it managed to get pretty much only those, it got a few others too but it really seems like it was targeting my satania pictures somehow magically

So here's this second rate bitch instead
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theres literally NOTHING wrong with two girls holding hands, even if one of them is a loli