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[s4s] was never good
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why is everybody always talking about me?!?
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Hail Shadow-chan, tbhfam.
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tsundere gf please respond
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When you see the le monkey face
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the picnic girl
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this dog is twenty eight years old

Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail
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Oh, anon, you like my butt, don't you? Don't think I don't notice you staring, you perv! I tell you what, if you lay on your back, I'll let you see my ass. Sound good? Alright, lay down! Hehe, good boy... Okay, I'm gonna take my skirt and panties off now!
Like what you see? I bet you do. Lemme spread it so you can see my butthole. Really cute, isn't it? I bet you're rock hard right now, aren't you? Well, how about this?
>sits on your face
Can you see it real nice now? Don't even think of trying to push me off, or I'll smash your balls like walnuts! Haha, is it stinky? I haven't showered today at all, I bet it smells. Oh, speaking of smells....
Haha, that was a good one! Awww, do you not like that? Come on now, you were obsessing over my ass just minutes ago, what's wrong?
Ooooh~, that one sounded a bit wet. Getting moist down there? Oh, jeez, they reek! I hope you can breathe well enough, wouldn't want you passing out on me!
Hahaha, keep sniffing them! Oh my God, I'm so wet right now. l hope you don't mind if I start touching myself. Ahhh~ your breath feels so nice on my pussy. How about you start eating me out! You better do it, or your balls are gonna be mashed potatoes! Mmmmnnnn, that's right...
Ahhhhnnn~! It feels so good! Mmmmf, fuck! Smell my stinky farts you sicko!
Uh oh, I think there's more than farts in there! I hope you're ready for a nice meal. Ah ah ah, no getting up mister! I may not look very strong, but you better believe I'll turn your balls into baby food if you don't eat up my filth!
Ohhhhhh! Oh my fucking GOD it's splitting my asshole so much! I hope it's not too thick to fit in your mouth! Oh fuck, I think I'm gonna cum from shitting in your mouth! Ahhhhnnnnnnn~!
Ahh.... That was good. I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did! You better not tell anyone, either. You know my dad is the police chief, right?