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The hammer is coming down on you! People talk about you and make your life worse on a consistent basis! You will know the torture! Life for you is as excruciating as can be, and what's worse, you're unaware of how people bully you. People will ask you what's wrong, and you'll have no reprieve! Your life is the only pittance, the only thing worth joking about here!
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gold toothed rapist man
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why does my dick get hard when i look at anime girls?
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Blame the niggers

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Why is everything boring? I can't find something to be fun.
The stuff i used to do was fun at that time when i was a little bit younger but now i find nothing to be fun at all. Am i a boring person or wtf is wrong with me? O_o
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some of you may have seen a hugely popular "8-bit" Yosho, a simple Yosho drawn with only two-three colors, green and white and black . I am here to say this is FAKE. this is NOT a real 8-bit Yosho

The real 8-bit Yosho would have >>>TWO<<< GREEN colors and would also have brown shoes. The brown shoes would be a slightly different brown color. The green colors would be approximately the same but missing one shade. 8-BIT YOSHO would look like left or right if ever viewed in the wild. This is merely an artist mockup.

Please read.

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i have 3 images for jewwy, he needs them please and i don't see him around right now

can everyone save 1 of the 3 following images and give it to jewwy when you see him THANKS!

How to deliver to Jewwy?
1. save one of first 3 images to your "HARD DISK"
2. browse [s4s] until you see a recent Jewwy post
3. reply to Jewwy post and attach the image you saved in step1
4. ???
5. PROFIT!!!
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This is the best bread for Philly cheesesteaks if you don't have a fresh bakery available.

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( -__-)
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im so glad this is a thing
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