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Ayy! I'm walkin' 'ere!
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robine hoode
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excuse mwe

Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again
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tell the man what to do
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Why do pedophiles exist? smh, just fuck an adult midget.
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howdy there partner, iffn you want to make frens, hows abouts you mosey on over here and show us what you got

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[s4s] OC Musicthread (work-in-progress, improvement, requests, etc.)

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I figured I'd give this a shot while the art threads were still going (links to them below). I'm gonna assume there's less composers here than artists, so this is an all-in-one thread, whether it be songs you're currently making/have already made, tips or advice, asking how a certain sound was made, or even requesting a song from others.

Posting a link to ONLY your SoundCloud account is okay too (in case you just want others to check it out), as long as you tell us the kind of music you make! Remember that everyone's trying to learn, so although criticism can be appreciated, please remember to be respectful with your posts!

Don't forget there's also the /mu/ SoundCloud threads too >>>/mu/85220648 (most recent one, as of posting this)

And there's also the art improvement and art request threads that are also worth checking out if you're a fan of art

Art improvement/learning >>7501907
Art requestfigging >>7501920
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