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who needs a therapist when u can K I L L Y O U R S E L F ? ? ?

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Please cut open my chest and pull my entrails out.
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K-ON! Rewatch Movie (FINAL DAY)

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HTT faces a serious crisis. The direction the members want to take the band are diverging. Unless their conflict is resolved, this might be the end.
Will the Keion-bu survive? Find out today in this epic installment of K-ON.
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Slime game

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Last digit of your post is type of slime
9-scrub daddy
dubs-glow in the dark

second to last digit is color
3-hot pink
8-navy blue
0-multi colored

first letter of name is smell
A-D: watermelon
E-H: strawberry
I-L: blueberry
M-P: ammonia
Q-T: tropical rainforest
W-Z: fig
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So how does it look?
I picked out my cutest outfit just for you, anon!
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I put my whole arm in your moms pousey an use her as sock puppet

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i am habve good day :^)
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