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Want to see my jimboner?
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ITT we say bad swears

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I'll start

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you are my friends
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Loli Yuri is the purest form of love.
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An insensible start to a poor project was my birth.
A painful labor of love leaving little to show for it.
Nurture will kill nature always.
You can be the most gifted of your kin and when your PPD mother strangles you to death all that greatness disappears

Drown your car of kids in the river to make up for your poor decision to bring them into this world.
As the sedan fills up with the life-taking water give them a comforting last moment, because they've done no wrong.
A hug, a promise of warmth, a firm squeeze as their life leaves.
Let your superior lung capacity hold out as you watch your offspring give in.

It could have been you in that car.
But you survived to do it to another.
In a way you've won.
But it doesn't quite feel like it.

It doesn't matter, and I'll persist
to be the only one of my line
to live on past this life
and I'll drown all my kids in the bath
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