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i had a really nice dream where i rescued an imaginary girlfriend and it was the most beautiful thing i've ever experienced, and when we kissed i felt a strong love between us, love so powerful that i've never felt before and probably never will again, and i felt so happy and content.

Why do dreams tease us, [s4s]? I haven't met the perfect girl yet, and I fear that when/if I do, I'll never be enough for her. Dreams like this give me a temporary happiness, but when I wake up the only thing I feel is sadness. I wake up and that warm fuzzy feeling gets ripped out and replaced with the horrible truth that I'll probably never experience true love.
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le beyond the meme girl
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>be me
>working on secret government project
>project involves sending one's consciousness into the virtual world
>project is to be used as exams for soldiers in training but can be used for civilian games of all kinds on our breaks
>project is far from complete and only works with barely anything we managed to fit the program and machine on
>ffw to a fe hours ago
>sent into a vr hentai game that we managed to fit with the program
>my otaku coworkrs, including a japanese immigrant 10/10 girl send md in the hebtai and watch me fuck the hell out of 5 differdnt 2d girl
>felt like heaven
>body actualy busted 5 nuts in real life as well
>mfw i lost my virginity in a virtual world
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What do you want for christmas, esforce?
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imagine getting sexually harassed so hard by your classmates that you end up becoming a girl because of it
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I am very confused. Hideri dresses in such a way that he attracts males despite being unable to reproduce with them?


Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!
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What the fuck it's a fucking fire hose
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That tfw when you'll never be a japanese girl