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HMS Invincible
Ryan awoke in the dark. The curtains were drawn on the cabin's two small portholes. He shook his head a few times to clear it and began to assess what was going on around him. The Invincible was moving on the seas, but not as much as before. He got up to look out of a porthole and saw the last red glow of sunset aft under scudding clouds. He checked his watch and did some clumsy mental arithmetic, concluding that it was six in the evening, local time. That translated to about six hours of sleep. He felt pretty good, considering. A minor headache from the brandy — so much for the theory that good stuff doesn't give you a hangover — and his muscles were stiff. He did a few sit-ups to work out the knots.
There was a small bathroom — head, he corrected himself — adjoining the cabin. Ryan splashed some water on his face and washed his mouth out, not wanting to look in the mirror. He decided he had to. Counterfeit or not, he was wearing his country's uniform and he had to look presentable. It took a minute to get his hair in place and the uniform arranged properly. The CIA had done a nice job of tailoring, given such short notice. Finished, he went out the door towards the flag bridge.
"Feeling better, Jack?" Admiral White pointed him to a tray full of cups. It was only tea, but it was a start.
"Thank you, Admiral. Those few hours really helped. I guess I'm in time for dinner."
"Breakfast," White corrected him with a laugh.
"What — uh, pardon me, Admiral?" Ryan shook his head again. He was still a little groggy.
"That's a sunrise, Commander. Change in orders, we're heading west again. Kennedy's moving east at high speed, and we're to take station inshore."
"Who said, sir?"
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When Gilgamesh talked about the servants he tried to kill but he couldn't, it really made me think. Back in their time, every single person had worth. Men were needed to be soldiers or laborers, women were needed so they can reproduce with men, giving birth to children who will eventually give birth/become soldiers or laborers. But today, we have a lot of people who aren't worth anything. Like me, I'm a useless piece of shit who leeches of from relatives. Nobody would care if I died. He really was right to try and flood the world with the contents of the grail. People who were incompetent and useless would die, but people who were useful would survive, making the world work like what it was in the past. A world where every single human life have value.
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Have you remembered to take your daily dose today, [s4s]?
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>be straight girl
>platonic cuddling with female BFF
>she starts biting my ear
>starts kissing me

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Does traps is gay?
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