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What does it feel like to be rude, [s4s]? All i've ever known is being nice. I was born nice and I've lived my entire life nice.
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Is that it? Hmmm... it's not very big...
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PSA: Don't post Skeleporn

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Everyday, a skeleton, or undead somewhere out there is abused, afflicted, tormented, not by the virtues of death's loving embrace, or by the rowdiness of the fleshy living crowd, but by the fact that some living out there draw porn of them.

Just listen to these fellow skeletons suffering as a result of knowing that stuff exists.
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post dorsal fon
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Legend tells of a man that went into the forest to hunt this creature. He became distracted by a strange scent, when suddenly, ses
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Dave's Single medium combo with a Cherry Coke.