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The Denver Broncos are shit.

Let's look at the only redeeming facts for this monstrosity of a franchise. Were they good in the John Elway era? Sure. Were they good with Peyton Manning? Maybe. However, it's clear that the only reason the Broncos even made it to SB50 was because the 15-1 Carolina Panthers had the entire league shook. The Broncos were blatantly carried by a decent secondary, one pass rusher and a 60 year old QB. And that's not even their current status. Now, they have a young, mediocre QB, and the rest of their ***star*** players have fallen to ego. Anyone who claims to be a die hard fan of this team is someone who lives in the past. But if the Broncos aren't the most based team, then who is?

The Philadelphia Eagles. Their lack of a super bowl win has done nothing but increase the loyalty and intellect of our fanbase. Eagles fans know how to live in the present, unlike these Broncos nostalgiafags. So what do these Eagles have? They have a young, sure-to-be-elite QB, a great OL, DL and LB group, and a steadily improving WR corps. They only lack in the secondary and their running game, which is sure to be improved in the draft next week (which is in Philly, and for good reason). The Philadelphia Eagles are looking to make a big splash in the NFC this upcoming season. Are the Broncos looking to do the same? No. Even if they did, how much would it even mean? The Broncos are AFC, meaning that literally the only good team they have to worry about leading up to SBLII are the Deflatriots. We trump the Broncos in every way. Your team's days of winning are over. Have fun watching 16 games a year. You will never amount to anything until you switch to the Eagles.

The Denver Broncos are shit.