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How do we fix Fencing?

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It's clearly not a popular /sp/ort, is it because it's boring? not acessible enough?
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/box/ Viva Mexico! edition

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1. >>113503268
2. >>113474604

>September 24th Showtime USA
Ja’Rico O’Quinn vs. Saul Sanchez

>September 25 DAZN USA Sky BO UK
Femiboy vs. Oleksandr Usyk
Lawrence Okolie vs. Dilan Prasovic
Callum Smith vs. Lenin Castillo

>October 2nd Sky Sports UK
Chris Eubank Jr. vs. Sven Elbir
David Avanesyan vs. Liam Taylor

>October 4th Triller PPV USA UK
Teofimo Lopez vs. George Kambosos Jr.

>October 9th DAZN USA UK
Liam Smith vs. Anthony Fowler
Ted Cheeseman vs. Troy Williamson
Kieron Conway vs. James Metcalf

>October 9th BT Sport UK
Brad Foster vs. Jason Cunningham
Ekow Essuman vs. Danny Ball
Callum Johnson vs. TBA

>October 9th ESPN/FOX PPV USA BT Sport BO UK
Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder
Efe Ajagba vs. Frank Sanchez
Robert Helenius vs. Adam Kownacki
Jared Anderson vs. Vladimir Tereshkin
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/cyc/ - general

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farewell, T. Martin edition

current and upcoming races:
23.09 Omloop van het Houtland Middelkerke-Lichtervelde 1.1
24.09 World Championships U23 - Road Race WC MU
24.09 World Championships MJ - Road Race WC MJ
25.09 World Championships WE - Road Race WC WE
25.09 World Championships WJ - Road Race WC WJ
26.09 Dorpenomloop Rucphen 1.2
26.09 Classique Paris-Chauny 1.1
26.09 World Championships - Road Race WC

Races info:

Free streams:

Previous thread:
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/nfl/ general

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sports entertainment
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>Nick Maximov, NDA prodigy makes his debut on saturday at MW against Karl Roberson
>Nick stepped up to HEAVYWEIGHT to secure a UD victory on the Contender Series last season

/HEEM/VIOUS: >>113529432


Other news: www.bjpenn.com
>Nick Diaz said watching his brother lose live was one of the hardest experiences of his life
>Says his Nick Diaz Academy was a complete failure and waste of time
>He should have been helping himself instead of helping people who "aren't good"
>His friends, who are no longer his friends, screwed him over with his gym and "left him with nothing"
>Hates fighting and asks himself daily why hes doing this, but then said its because he has nothing else
>Would rather fight Usman and says whoever put the Lawler fight together is stupid
>Robbie doesn't care about the weight class change and is ready to go
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You are responsible for the kick-off time and schedule of a big league. Which weekday and time would most matches take place?
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