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What's the status on gf to Anon FC? I heard her contract with Chad FC was expiring
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/f1/ - Formula 1 General - Kiwi Edition

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>Countdown to Belgium GP:
(click menu on left for session times)

>Countdown to FKino at Spa:

>Previous thread


>FantasyGP.com /f1/ League Formula Autism v2.0:
Passcode: 12981614

>Nico Hülkenberg F1 races without ever scoring a podium:
147 (149 entries)

>WDC standings:
Lewis Hamilton 213 pts
Sebastian Vettel 189 pts
Kimi Raikkonen 146 pts
Valtteri Bottas 132 pts
Daniel Ricciardo 118 pts

>WCC Standings:
Mercedes 345 pts
Ferrari 335 pts
Red Bull 223 pts
Renault 82 pts
Haas 66 pts

>Days to 1 year of continous /f1/

>Official /f1/ Summer Stream

Renault underestimated rivals development
Gimi 2020 is possible
Vandoorne needs to beat Alonso more to secure his seat
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Bullying Edition
>Chemos & chairos still unbeaten on la cima
>Noches Mágicas de Fútbol, CopaMX Jornada-4
>Funes Mori ded all over again, OUT about 2 or 3 weeks
>"There's no need to fire Cardozo": Pelagatos Higuera responds to a fan
>Enner Valencia close to sign for Al-Nassr
>Leonardo Ulloa refuses to be the BOMBA of Pachuca
• LigaMX images, girls: spligamx.imgur.com
• Official Sites: ligamx.net - lacopamx.net
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ATL:Vizcaino (shoulder) to resume throwing Wed.
ATL:Braves call up RHP Toussaint to start Monday
SD:Wil Myers (foot) to be activated Monday
CHC:David Bote hits pinch-hit walk-off grand slam
WAS:Scherzer fans 11 over seven scoreless frames
SF:Rodriguez shines again in win over Pirates
SEA:Edwin Diaz nets league-leading 46th save
STL:Tyson Ross works six strong in Cards debut
BOS:Sale whiffs 12 in return from disabled list
ATL:Albies blasts go-ahead homer in Braves win
NYY:CC Sabathia allows one hit over six scoreless
NYY:Giancarlo Stanton launches home run No. 30
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/heem/ - Croatia Ded Edition

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Rena lost
Gaychi vs. Vick is on the 25th of this month
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Koshien Thread: Special Products Edition

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>Dafuq is Koshien?

>Today´s Games (Mon to Tues) - Starts 8:30

常葉大菊川(静岡)Tokoha Daigaku Fuzoku Kikugawa (Shizuoka) - 日南学園(宮崎) NICHINAN GAKUEN High School (Miyazaki)

金足農(秋田)Kakano Agricultural High School (Akita) - 大垣日大高(岐阜)Ogaki Nihon University´s High School (Gifu)

花咲徳栄 (北埼玉) Hanasaki Tokuharu HS (North Saitama) - 横浜(南神奈川)
Yokohama (South Kanagawa)


https://www.nhk.or.jp/koushien/ (use the kanjis of above link and control + F to know what team is who)

>Free official stream link + Multicamera
https://vk.sportsbull.jp/koshien/ (Turn Off Adblock to work)

>Chant dictionary

>Old Thread
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Help name my division.

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/sp/ please help me name my division.
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Eternal Arsenal Thread

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Trust the process Edition
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What are some /sp/ related books?
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/nfl/ general: Keeping California Clean edition

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ARZ:Josh Rosen to receive first-team reps Friday
NYG:Barkley has 'mild strain,' NYG to be cautious
MIN:Vikings OT Rashod Hill exits practice on cart
CHI:Bears first-rounder Roquan Smith ends holdout
BUF:McCoy's ex-girlfriend files an injury lawsuit
GB:Rodgers likely to play second preseason game
SF:49ers add Alfred Morris to injured backfield
BUF:Josh Allen promoted to second-team offense
CHI:Anthony Miller 'forging his place' as slot WR
CHI:'Accurate' to list Tarik Cohen as back/WR
CHI:Mitchell Trubisky 'uneven throughout camp'
NYJ:Sam Darnold leads in reps again on Monday
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