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/tennis/ - Australian Open 2018 cont.

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Quantum Cyborg Edition

Official Site Links
Draws: https://ausopen.com/draws
Schedule: https://ausopen.com/schedules
Livescores: https://ausopen.com/scores

/tennis/ bracket predictions:
Men: https://www.tourneytopia.com/RacquetBracketAussieOpenATP/10isxis/default.aspx
Women: https://www.tourneytopia.com/RacquetBracketAussieOpenWTA/WTAwesome/default.aspx
Password: goerges

Official Stream (VPN may or may not be needed):

TV Channels:
Australia: 7
Europe: Eurosport

Schedule for matches for today/tomorrow (local time):

11:00 Kerber (21) - Keys (17)
13:00 Sandgren - Chung
15:00 Halep (1) - Pliskova (6)
19:30 Berdych (19) - Federer (2)

good posts only, no bully NO BULLY
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Which of these is the 4chan team and which one is the reddit team?
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webm thread

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webm thread
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/nba/ - Wew Kobe Edition

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LAC:Blake Griffin posts massive triple-double
MIN:Bjelica scores 18 points w/ nine boards
MIN:Jeff Teague scores season-high 30 points
MIN:Andrew Wiggins goes off for 40 points
POR:Nurkic scores 19 points in loss to Denver
DEN:Blue Arrow Hits Bullseye: Murray scores 38
WAS:Kelly Oubre quiet in 32 minutes of loss
NO:DeMarcus Cousins drops 44-24-10 on Bulls
CHI:Jerian Grant explodes for 22 points, 13 dimes
CHI:Lauri Markkanen grabs career-high 17 boards
MLW:Malcolm Brogdon scores career-high 32
PHI:Timothe Luwawu scores season-high 20 points
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/nfl/ general - HOME FOR THIRTY edition

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MIN:Zimmer noncommittal on bringing back Keenum
ARZ:Larry Fitzgerald remains undecided on 2018
FA:Mike McCoy to interview for Cardinals' OC job
OAK:Derek Carr admits back injury affected him
ARZ:Bettcher scheduled to meet w/Giants, Titans
OAK:Derek Carr wants Gruden 'to be tough' on him
DAL:Stephen Jones says Dez 'can be a distraction'
CLG:Josh Allen wants to help turn around Browns
PIT:Peter King: Watch for Raiders on Le'Veon Bell
FA:Ohio State OC Day not expected to join Titans
DAL:Ex-Seahawks DC Richard lands on Cowboys staff
NYG:Giants officially name Shurmur head coach
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Now that the dust has settled, what did they mean by this?

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/heem/: Schaub Bless Us, Everyone! edition

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news: r/mma/new
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Reddit the superb owl

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he had everything he could have ever wished for

his life was perfect

why did he do it?
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