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/hoc/ Belated HHOFer's Edition

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Greece vs. Finland pregame thread

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Neissöns liig :D
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/fs/ Figure Skating

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/nfl/ General: Keeping California Clean edition

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GB:Jimmy Graham taken off injury report for TNF
MIN:Thielen limited with back and calf injuries
MIN:Stefon Diggs (ribs) resumes full practice
DET:Marvin Jones (knee) not practicing Wednesday
HOU:Keke Coutee starts week with limited practice
DET:T.J. Lang (neck) lands on injured reserve
SEA:Chris Carson (hip) left off injury report
PIT:James Conner a full participant Wednesday
CIN:Lewis 'hopeful' A.J. Green returns Sunday
LAC:Chargers clear DE Joey Bosa to practice
OAK:Jordy Nelson (knee) could sit out Week 11
DEN:Royce Freeman (ankle) on track to return

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Will >Rppmey go out with a bang?
Will the Yanks repeat 1950?
Will Sancho's Trinidadian genes force him to score a hat trick?

Bound to be a good match tonight regardless of the outcome
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nations league aka time to be sad edition
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there is cricket on so talk about it
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Previous >>88942172

>Friday November 16 - ESPN US Boxnation UK
Maurice Hooker vs Alex Saucedo

>Saturday November 17
Kerman Lejarraga vs Frankie Gavin

>Saturday November 17 - DAZN US Sky Sports UK
Jarrell Miller vs Bogdan Dinu
Luis Arias vs Gabriel Rosado

>Saturday November 24 - Sky Sports UK DAZN US
Denis Lebedev vs Mike Wilson
Khalid Yafai vs Israel Gonzalez

>Saturday November 24 - HBO US
Dmitry Bivol vs Jean Pascal

>Friday November 30 - Main Event Australia ESPN+ US
Jeff Horn vs Anthony Mundine

>Friday November 30 - DAZN Italy
Andrea Scarpa vs Joe Hughes
Fabio Turchi vs Tony Conquest

>Saturday December 1 - Showtime US
Adonis Stevenson vs Oleksandr Gvozdyk

>Saturday December 1 - Showtime PPV BT Sport Box Office UK
Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury
Jarrett Hurd vs Jason Welborn

>Saturday December 8 - Sky Sports UK DAZN US
Kell Brook vs Michael Zerafa
Jono Carroll vs Guillaume Frenois

>Saturday December 8 - ESPN US Boxnation UK
Vasyl Lomachenko vs Jose Pedraza
Isaac Dogboe vs. Emanuel Navarrete

>Saturday December 8 - HBO US
Roman Gonzalez vs Pedro Guevara

>Saturday December 15 - DAZN US Sky Sports UK
Canelo Alvarez vs Rocky Fielding
David Lemieux vs Tureano Johnson
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/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Deathcau Starts Edition

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>Countdown to Abu Dhabi GP:
(click menu on left for session times)

>Countdown to FKino at Abu Dhabi:


>Previous Thread:
>>88937572 (Cross-thread)

>FantasyGP.com /f1/ League Formula Autism v2.0:
Passcode: 12481614

>Nico Hülkenberg F1 races without ever scoring a podium:
155 (157 entries)

>WDC standings:

>WCC Standings:

>2019 /sp/erb Owl Status:
Descriptions needed for the wiki

Macau week-end
Sauber launches his own young driver program
Porsche LMP1 boss to get a role in an F1 team
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You now remember Russia 2018
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