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Mens Slopestyle Skiing Finals

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flips spins and stomped landings
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/nba/ - NBA All Star Game Edition

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Sunday, Feb. 18
All times Eastern (ET)

1 p.m. | NBA Legends Brunch | NBA TV coverage begins at 3 p.m. ET
4:30 p.m. | NBA G League International Challenge presented by Kumho Tire | NBA TV
8 p.m. | 67th NBA All-Star Game | TNT coverage begins at 7 p.m. ET

Demwiddie Wins Skills Challenge
Booker Wins 3PT Contest With Record 28 Points
Dunk Contest Currently taking place.
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/mlb/ general - METROPOLITAN edition

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DET: Twins ink Anibal Sanchez to one-year deal
TEX: Edinson Volquez signs on with Rangers
LAD: Dodgers make Chase Utley contract official
KC: Mets agree to two-year deal with Jason Vargas
COL: Gerardo Parra undergoes hamate bone surgery
BAL: Orioles make Andrew Cashner deal official
BOS: Report: Red Sox re-sign Nunez for one year
TOR: Blue Jays ink Jaime Garcia to one-year deal
CLE: Danny Salazar (arm) a 'couple weeks behind'
STL: Rangers say 'nothing imminent' on Oh contract
SEA: Healy down 4-6 weeks following hand surgery
SF: Giants GM won't rule out Lincecum reunion
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/nfl/ general

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NE:Retirement on Gronk's mind for 'some time'
KC:Chiefs sign ex-Raiders CB Amerson for 1 year
FA:Report: ESPN pursuing Peyton Manning for MNF
CAR:NFL closes investigation on Marty Hurney
FA:Vontae Davis visiting Cleveland on Friday
OAK:Derek Carr: Amari Cooper played hurt in 2017
CIN:McCarron the top FA QB option for the Browns?
CAR:Report: First serious Panthers bidder emerges
CIN:McCarron wins grievance, awarded free agency
FA:Vontae Davis visiting the Bills on Thursday
CAR:Report: Hurney investigation nearing an end
PIT:GM wants Le'Veon to finish career w/Steelers
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Black on White hate crime

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lmao white people actually think this man is the GOAT
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> tfw we are living in the era of GOATs

Feels good tbqh
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Corona Edition
>Jornada 8/conCACAf 1/8's
>Earthquake strikes chilangos again
>Chofís: "Matías no se merece estos resultados"
>Getafe, el destino de Oswaldo Alanís
>Estadio de Rayados no se llena desde diciembre; BTFO
>Estamos al 80 o 90%: Piojo no ve a un América perfecto
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