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/heem/: michael johnson edition

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/heem/ is an islamic general
As-salamu alaykum to my muslim brothers

Upcoming events:

10/19: Fight Nights Global - Mineev vs Ismailov
10/19: LFA 55 - Rodriguez vs Gutierrez
10/26: ONE Championship - Pursuit of Greatness
10/27: UFC FN 138 - Oedzemir vs Smith
11/9: LFA 53 - Perez vs Kenney
11/9: ONE Championship - Heart of the Lion
11/10: ACB 90 - Gadzhidaudov vs Vartanyan
11/10: UFC FN 139 - Edgar vs Jung
11/15: Fart 209 - Freire vs Sanchez
11/16: Invicta FC 32 - Spencer vs Sorenson
11/17: ONE Championship - Warrior's Dream
11/17: UFC FN 140 - Ponzinibbio vs Magny
11/23: ONE Championship - Conquest of Champions
11/24: UFC FN 141 - Blaydes vs Ngannou
11/24: Golden Boy MMA - Chuck Liddell Emerges From Retirement Home to Heem Overrated Can
11/30: TUF 28 Finale - Usman vs Dos Anjos
12/1: UFC FN 142 - Dos Santos vs Tuivasa
12/8: UFC 231 - Holloway vs Ortega
12/15: UFC on Fox 31 - Lee vs Iaquinta
12/29: UFC 232 - Jones vs Gustafsson 2

Previous thread: >>88291321

Thread theme song:


>Michael Johnson replaces Zubaira to fight Artem

>Firas Zahabi details Conor's many fouls against Khabib

>Eddie Alvarez reportedly close to signing with ONE

>Khabib thinks the UFC helped organize Conor's bus attack
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/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Jean Loompa Edition

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>Countdown to USA GP:
(click menu on left for session times)

>Countdown to FKino at Abu Dhabi:

>Previous thread:


> /f1/ League Formula Autism v2.0:
Passcode: 12481614

>Nico Hülkenberg F1 races without ever scoring a podium:
152 (154 entries)

>WDC standings:
Lewis Hamilton 331 pts
Sebastian Vettel 264 pts
Valtteri Bottas 207 pts
Kimi Raikkönen 196 pts
Max Verstappen 173 pts

>WCC Standings:
Mercedes 538 pts
Ferrari 460 pts
Red Bull 319 pts
Renault 92 pts
Haas 84 pts

>Threadly business idea:
Drivers have to swap cars midrace with the guy in the opposite position (1st-20th, 2nd-19th...)

Mika would return to racing to kick some butts
Massa thinks old V8s lacked the aggression of current engines
Honda claims they have filled the power gap with others
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Finland vs Greece

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Pre-matchthread hype
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10 Football Players Who Failed to Reach Their Potential

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What's even the fucking point of watching the NFL anymore?
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/nfl/ general - MONDAY NITE edition

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KC: Tyreek Hill puts on show on Sunday night
NE: Brady leads Patriots to game-winning drive
TEN: Corey Davis goes down with the ship in Week 6
BAL: Smokey cools off, sees just 3 targets in win
DEN: Broncos LG Ronald Leary tore Achilles' vs. LA
BAL: Crabtree finally breaks out in 6-93-1 outing
DAL: Cole Beasley (9-101-2) goes off against Jags
DAL: Zeke Elliott burns Jags as Cowboys win big
DAL: Dak rushes for 82 yards in win over Jaguars
BAL: Collins out-touches Buck 19-4 as Ravens roll
DEN: Vance Joseph: Case Keenum is our quarterback
LAR: Kupp (knee) barely plays after returning
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>40mln Polacks
>70% of kids obsessed with football
>D tier team since 1990
How do you train youth?
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>was hyped as the next big thing to come out of barca's youth academy
>spent 7 years with the reserves
>got sent to 3rd division farmers as punishment for doing practical jokes
>is now the next thierry henry for monaco and inter
The absolute state of La Masia

Also ITT: guys who the Barcelona fans hated during their time for the youth teams/early first team appearances but turned out to be world class for other teams
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