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/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Almost Relented Edition

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>Countdown to Spa's Last Run Grand Prix:

>Previous thread:

>Thread theme:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fGLiIvKKys [Embed]

>/f1/ Essentials:

>Races until Vettel returns to the beehive:

>WDC Standings:
VER: 258 (+25)
LEC: 178 (+8)
PER: 173 (+10)
RUS: 158 (+15)
SAI: 156 (+12)

>WCC Standings:
Red Bull: 431 (+35)
Ferrari: 334 (+20)
Mercedes: 304 (+34)
Alpine: 99 (+6)
McLaren: 95 (+6)

>WEC Standings:
RIC: 717.57 (+74.17)
HAM: 609.10 (+10.37)
LAT: 516.02 (+23.09)

>WCEC Standings* (WCEC polling in progress):
McLaren: 967.19 (+82.58)
Mercedes: 868.71 (+45.60)
Williams: 734.54 (+44.62)
Vote here: https://strawpoll.com/polls/kjn1jKwX0gQ

Chrisitan Horner has hinted that Red Bull could implement team orders to "maximize each result" in the championship run-in.
F1 confirms 2026 engine regulations, turbo V6 remains
The FIA confirmed they will be monitoring the stiffness of the planks under the cars after some teams were accused of having 'flexi-floors'.
Ralf Schumacher has suggested that Daniel Ricciardo's options in F1 are limited as McLaren look set to replace him with Oscar Piastri.
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/box/ - nobody cares about manlets edition.

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>August 20th SKY BO UK
Oleksandr Usyk vs Anthony Joshua
Filip Hrgovic vs. Zhilei Zhang
Callum Smith vs. Matthieu Bauderlique
>August 20th ESPN USA SKY UK
Emanuel Navarrete vs. Eduardo Baez
>August 20th Showtime USA
Adrien Broner vs Omar Figueroa Jr
Alberto Puello vs. Batyr Akhmedov
Roger Gutierrez vs. Hector Garcia
Brandun Lee vs. Will Madera
>August 27th ESPN USA SKY UK
KSI vs. Swarmz
Richard Commey vs. Jose Pedraza
Jared Anderson vs. Miljan Rovcanin
>September 3rd SKY UK
Liam Smith vs. Hassan Mwakinyo
>September 4th FOX PPV USA
Andy Ruiz Jr. vs. Luis Ortiz
Isaac Cruz vs. Eduardo Ramirez
Jose Valenzuela vs. Jezreel Corrales
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/cyc/ - general

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young prospects edition

Current and upcoming races:
16.08 - 19.08 Tour du Limousin - Nouvelle Aquitaine 2.1
16.08 - 20.08 PostNord Danmark Rundt - Tour of Denmark 2.Pro
18.08 - 28.08 Tour de l'Avenir 2.Ncup MU
19.08 - 11.09 La Vuelta ciclista a España 2.UWT
19.08 Konvert Kortrijk Koerse 1.1 WE
21.08 BEMER Cyclassics 1.UWT
21.08 Schaal Sels Merksem/ Johan Museeuw Classic 1.1
21.08 European Continental Championships WE - Road Race CC
21.08 MerXem Classic 1.1 WE
23.08 Egmont Cycling Race 1.1
23.08 - 26.08 Tour Poitou - Charentes en Nouvelle Aquitaine 2.1
24.08 Druivenkoers - Overijse 1.1
24.08 - 28.08 Deutschland Tour 2.Pro

>League Name: /cyc/
>League Code: 12620635

>Mecha-Rusbert's webm folders:

>Bert van Koers' ciclismo quizzes:

>Races info:

>Free streams:

Previous thread:
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Mpabbe Cuckitini
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/trans/ + /epl/

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>Leicester City's Wesley Fofana, 21, has agreed personal terms with Chelsea but the two clubs have still not settled on a fee - with the Stamford Bridge outfit refusing to meet the £85m asking price for the French centre-back. (Fabrizio Romano)

Chelsea have agreed a deal to sign 19-year-old Italian midfielder Cesare Casadei from Inter Milan for £12.6m plus £4.2m in add-ons. (Sky Sports)

>The Blues's England winger Callum Hudson-Odoi, 21, has told the club he wants to leave. (Football Insider)

Chelsea will allow Newcastle United target Hudson-Odoi to leave Stamford Bridge, but only on loan. Co-owner Todd Boehly has pleaded with him not to force through a permanent transfer. (Evening Standard - subscription required)

>Newcastle have expressed an interest in signing three players from Chelsea - Hudson-Odoi, fellow England midfielder Conor Gallagher, 22, and United States forward Christian Pulisic, 23 - and are also keen on Blues striker Armando Broja, 20, of Albania, but can only take one player on loan from the club and have financial restrictions on the number of permanent signings they can make. (Telegraph)

Atletico Madrid would be willing to offer Manchester United either France striker Antoine Griezmann, 31, or Spain forward Alvaro Morata, 29, in a swap deal for Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo, 37. (Times, via Sun)

>However, Atleti manager Diego Simeone says he wants Manchester United target Morata to "continue" at the club after he scored twice in their La Liga opener. (Mirror)

And Morata also said he is "happy" at Atletico and "wants to continue working there", casting further doubt on his willingness to move to Manchester United. (Mirror)

>Real Madrid and Brazil midfielder Casemiro, 30, is also a target for Manchester United. (Marca)

But, according to Real Madrid sources, Casemiro is not interested in a move to Manchester United and the La Liga club has not received an offer. (Lucas Navarrete)
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Characters of /sp/

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I'll Start:

> the Dutch schizo
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/t&f/ - track and field - European Championships

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Extremely Beautiful Woman Edition
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/cfb/ General - Cowboys /our/Boys Edition

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We voted in the last thread that Wyoming is the official team of /cfb/ this season
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England (165) on the ropes v. South Africa (96/1)
some meme white ball cricket on too
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