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Test 2 of 4 (IND leads 1-0) · Day 1, 1st Inn
65/0 (25.1)
Yet to bat

Test 1 of 2
11:00 am
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/box/ - Cinnamon Edition

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Previous >>89534423

>Friday December 14 - ESPN+ US
Gilberto Ramirez vs Jesse Hart

>Saturday December 15 - BT Sport UK
Sunny Edwards vs Junior Granados

>Saturday December 15 - DAZN US Sky Sports UK
Canelo Alvarez vs Rocky Fielding
Tevin Farmer vs Francisco Fonseca
David Lemieux vs Tureano Johnson

>Saturday December 22 - BT Sport Box Office UK
Josh Warrington vs Carl Frampton
Mark Heffron vs Liam Williams

>Saturday December 22 - Sky Sports Box Office UK DAZN US
Dillian Whyte vs Dereck Chisora
Cristofer Rosales vs Charlie Edwards

>Saturday December 22 - FOX US
Jermall Charlo vs Willie Monroe Jr
Jermell Charlo vs Tony Harrison

>Sunday December 30 - Fuji TV Japan
Masayuki Ito vs Evgeny Chuprakov
Ken Shiro vs Saul Juarez

>Monday December 31
Donnie Nietes vs Kazuto Ioka
Hekkie Budler vs Hiroto Kyoguchi
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/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Intifada Edition

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>Countdown to Australian GP:
(click menu on left for session times)

>Countdown to FKino at Sakhir:


>Winter Stream

>Previous Thread:

>FantasyGP.com /f1/ League Formula Autism v2.0:
Passcode: 12481614

>Nico Hülkenberg F1 races without ever scoring a podium:
156 (158 entries)

>2019 /sp/erb Owl Status:
Gameplay part is done, aesthetics is at 0.00001% completition

FE on this week-end
Norris didn't took #46 because he didn't want to copy Rossi
Sophia will race in Formula Europe Masters
Monza will change layout before 2022
Vettee has mixed feelings over Kubica's comeback
Toto says Bottas is an alpha driver aswell
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connor "fuck hockey and fuck the jets" hellebuyck edition
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The .700 Club: Week 15 Late Night TNF Edition

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You may only post ITT if your team is one of the ELITE with a .700 record or better.


>Safe this Week
Rams (vs. Eagles on SNF)
Saints (at Panthers on MNF)
Chiefs (vs. Chargers on TNF)
Chargers (at Chiefs on TNF)

>In Danger of Blacklisting
Patriots (at Steelers)
Texans (at Jets on Saturday)
Bears (vs. Packers)

Giants (Week 6 vs. Eagles on TNF)
Raiders (Week 6 vs. Seahawks in London)
Colts (Week 6 at Jets)
Cardinals (Week 6 at Vikings)
49ers (Week 6 at Packers on MNF)
Bills (Week 7 at Colts)
Jaguars (Week 8 vs. Eagles in London)
Jets (Week 8 at Bears)
Broncos (Week 8 at Chiefs)
Browns (Week 8 at Steelers)
Ravens (Week 9 vs. Steelers)
Lions (Week 9 at Vikings)
Buccaneers (Week 9 at Panthers)
Cowboys (Week 9 vs. Titans on MNF)
Falcons (Week 10 at Browns)
Dolphins (Week 10 at Packers)
Seahawks (Week 10 at Rams)
Eagles (Week 10 vs. Cowboys on SNF)
Packers (Week 11 at Seahawks on TNF)
Titans (Week 11 at Colts)
Bengals (Week 11 at Ravens)
Redskins (Week 12 at Cowboys on Thanksgiving)
Panthers (Week 12 vs. Seahawks)
Vikings (Week 13 at Patriots)
Steelers (Week 14 at Raiders)

Patriots (at Steelers)
Texans (at Jets on Saturday)
Bears (vs. Packers)

Everyone else, eat shit.
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/nfl/ general - BOLT BOIS Edition

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KC:Worth the FAAB: Damien posts 123 yards, 2 TDs
LAC:Mike Williams dooms Chiefs with three TDs
KC:Mahomes posts quiet 243/2 in fantasy semis
LAC:Rivers, Bolts rally to stun Chiefs 29-28
LAC:Keenan Allen leaves game with hip injury
SEA:Doug Baldwin back at practice Thursday
DAL:Amari: Owner wanted to make trade, not Gruden
KC:Tyreek Hill (wrist, heel) good to go vs. LAC
LAC:Melvin Gordon officially inactive for Week 15
LAC:Melvin Gordon (knee) expected to sit vs. KC
SF:Matt Breida gets in another limited practice
ATL:Hooper (knee, ankle) misses another practice
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/cfb/ general - HATERS GONNA HATE edition

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FCS Semi-Final:
>South Dakota State at North Dakota State
>Maine at Eastern Washington

FBS bowls start Saturday.


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/nba/ general - FIRE edition

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ORL: DJA, Fournier, Gordon, Isaac, Vooch starting
PHI: Jimmy Butler (groin) questionable for Friday
BKN: Spencer Dinwiddie, Nets sign 3-year extension
BKN: Allen Crabbe (sore knee) questionable Friday
DEN: Jamal Murray (shin, forearm) probable Friday
BOS: Gordon Hayward (illness) not on injury report
BOS: Al Horford (sore left knee) out again Friday
TOR: Jonas Valanciunas (thumb) out minimum 4 weeks
ORL: Evan Fournier expected to start over Simmons
NYK: Allonzo Trier agrees to two-year deal with NY
IND: Victor Oladipo (knee) feels 'fine' in return
TOR: Kyle Lowry out of slump, gets 23 & 12 vs. GSW
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What are some wholesome sports?
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Güerita gf Edition
>We /4taTransformación/; remember to claim your morrita from AMLO's gibs
>Edwin Cardona leaves Boca Juniors, now to report with Rayados
>CopaMX CL.2019 groups are ready, more noches mágicas
>Rayados pays 15mdd for Maxi Meza from Independiente
>Cantante Guerrero designed for Final de Ida, >not Chacón
>CruzAzul about pay 11mdd for Orbelín Pineda, his gf is qt as fuck
>LigaMXfemenil; 1st leg: America 1-1 Tigres, 2nd leg: Saturday
>conCACAf Champions League brackets are ready, just waiting one MLS team
• LigaMX images, girls: spligamx.imgur.com
• Official Sites: ligamx.net - lacopamx.net
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