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UFC ESPN Fight Night

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UFC ESPN Fight Night Thread # unknown
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06/25 - Cage Warriors 140 - 2:30pm - Fight Pass
06/25 - UFC Fight Night: Tsarukyan vs Gamrot - 7pm ET - ESPN
07/01 - PFL 6 - 5pm ET - ESPN
07/02 - Rizin 36 - 12am ET - Streaming
07/02 - UFC 276 - 6pm ET - PPV
07/08 - LFA 135 - 11pm ET - Fight Pass
07/09 - UFC Fight Night: Fiziev vs Dos Anjos - 6pm ET - ESPN
07/16 - UFC Long Island - 11am ET - ABC
07/20 - Invicta FC 48 - 9pm ET - AXS TV
07/22 - Cage Warriors 141 - 1pm ET - Fight Pass
07/22 - ONE Championship 159 - 6pm ET - YouTube
07/23 - UFC London - 11am ET - ESPN+
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Swans edition
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/nfl/ general - ALMOST DRY edition

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DAL: Report: Schultz, Cowboys, 'not close on extension'
CLE: Watson disciplinary hearing set for Tuesday
CHI: Bears ink CB Kyler Gordon to rookie contract
SF: Garoppolo 'on schedule' with throwing program
NFL: NFL will not hold a supplemental draft in 2022
CLE: NFLPA believes Watson suspension may be for season
NO: PFT: Kamara 'bracing' for six-game suspension
WAS: Beat: 'Possible" Chase Young opens season on IR
CIN: Beat: Evans could supplant Perine on third downs
LV: Raiders WR3 job: Robinson behind Cole and Hollins?
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/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Nige Still on Nonce Patrol Edition

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>Countdown to Bong Semen Slurping Stone GP:

>Previous thread:

>/f1/ Essentials:

>Mick Schumacher races without scoring a single point:
31 (30 starts)

>Carlos Sainz races for Ferrari without a win:
31 (current record is 31, tied with Johansson)

>WDC Standings:
VER: 175 (+25)
PER: 129 (+0)
LEC: 126 (+10)
RUS: 111 (+12)
SAI: 102 (+19)

>WCC Standings:
Red Bull: 304 (+25)
Ferrari: 228 (+29)
Mercedes: 188 (+27)
McLaren: 65 (+0)
Alpine: 57 (+10)

>WEC Standings
HAM: 535.41 (+16.24)
RIC: 464.71 (+49.15)
MSC: 458.01 (+30.13)

>WCEC Standings (second trial)
McLaren: 685.05 (+99.79)
Mercedes: 618.16 (+41.45)
Haas: 590.84 (+61.11)

Latifi still can't figure out why Albon is outpreforming him, blaming it on the car like every other KWAB
No Aston Shitin upgrades for Semenstone
Lando thinks Herta would be welcoming sight to F1 and more cars on the grid as well
Otmar welcomes Netflix presence in team meetings
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/mlb/ Oni Edition

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NYM: Pete Alonso clubs two home runs to beat Marlins
BAL: Trey Mancini has X-ray on left hand
TEX: Adolis Garcia crushes walk-off homer on Saturday
DET: Spencer Torkelson sits Saturday against D-Backs
BAL: Jorge Mateo leaves the yard as O's top White Sox
SD: Manny Machado (ankle) out again on Saturday
LA: Danny Duffy (elbow) on track for August return
ARZ: Josh Rojas hitting leadoff on Saturday
CIN: Tyler Stephenson (thumb) ramping up activity
ATL: Eddie Rosario (eye) begins rehab assignment
PHL: Bryce Harper pulled from game after ball to hand
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/box/ - Gourmet edition

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Previous: >>121494740

>June 25th DAZN
Jesse Rodriguez vs. Srisaket Sor Rungvisai

>July 2nd ESPN+ USA
Mairis Briedis vs. Jai Opetaia

>July 2nd BT Sport UK
Joe Joyce vs. Christian Hammer
Jason Cunningham vs. Zolani Tete
Callum Johnson vs. Igor Mikhalkin

>July 9th DAZN
Dereck Chisora vs. Kubrat Pulev
Israil Madrimov vs. Michel Soro

>July 9th Showtime USA
Mark Magsayo vs. Rey Vargas
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Lets lose some money today, lads!

Previous: >>121245517
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>own the best clubs in europe
>not a single arab player in the top european leagues

americans make their players go to top european leagues, chinks do the same, why don't arabs do it as well?
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