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We did it, lads
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>wanted to become normalfig
>started playing hockey
>only sport I wasn't bad at
>really enjoyed it
>stopped getting depressed
>was the only thing I looked forward to
>match with other college
>was made an extra
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>Blocks career
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/nfl/ general - soyboys MVP edition

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Raidniggers: Carr chokes yet again
PIT:meme on by pats
NE:Report: Burkhead avoids ACL tear, major issue
CAR:Jerry Richardson announces he's selling team
PIT:Report: Antonio Brown has partially torn calf
SF:Marquise Goodwin has another 100-yard game
LAR:Robert Woods catches six balls, TD in return
PIT:Le'Veon Bell goes for 165 total yards in loss
SF:Jimmy Garoppolo shreds Titans for 381 yards
SEA:Russell Wilson takes 7 sacks in horrific loss
PIT:Roethlisberger plays well but ends game w/INT
NE:Rob Gronkowski dominates in spectacular win
LAR:Gurley nets 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th TDs at SEA
NE:Rex Burkhead ruled out with left knee injury
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/SerieA/ Early Monday Edition

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>The City of Milan Edition
>Albania on Suicide Watch Edition

Inter 1 - 3 Udinese
Torino 1 - 3 Napoli
Roma 1 - 0 Cagliari
Verona 3 - 0 Milan
Bologna 3 - 0 Juve
Crotone 1 - 0 Chievo
Fiorentina 0 - 0 Genoa
Sampdoria 0 - 1 Sassuolo
Benevento 1 - 2 SPAL
Atalanta 3 - 3 Lazio

Inter 0(5) - (4)0 Pordenone
Fiorentina 3 - 2 Sampdoria
Milan 3 - 0 Hellas Verona
SS Lazio 4 - 1 A.S. Cittadella
21:00 Napoli - Udinese
15:00 Atalanta - Sassuolo
17:30 A.S. Roma - Torino
20:45 Juventus - Genoa

18:00 Chievo Verona - Bologna
20:45 Cagliari - Fiorentina
12:30 SS Lazio - Crotone
15:00 Genoa - Benevento
15:00 Napoli - Sampdoria
15:00 Sassuolo - Inter
15:00 S.P.A.L. - Torino
15:00 Udinese - Hellas Verona
18:00 Milan - Atalanta
20:45 Juventus - A.S. Roma
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celebration edition
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ITT: we laugh at england
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Kobe Bryant the GOAT

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This ends every discussion when it comes to Kobe not being the greatest.
>inb4 muh percentage
fuck off
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Why people don't laugh at milan more? They deserve every ounce of ridicule

>chinese investors spending gorillions
>unlikable memekeeper scored on by benisvento gk
>unlikable boipucci
>unlikable coaches
>delusion of grandeur
>in the pocket of hellas verona
>FFP is looming

Kek acmilan, pls go to serie b
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