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FHG Ltd. edition

>U.A.E. v Scotland 2nd Match 10:00 local | 06:00 GMT | 17:00 AEDT | 16:30 ACDT | 14:00 AWST
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/tennis/ - Australian Open

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/f1/ - Formula 1 General - Finally edition

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Countdown to Aus

Car Launch Dates
>21/02 Renault
>22/02 Force India
>23/02 Mercedes
>24/02 Ferrari
>24/02 McLaren

2017 Winter Test Schedule
>27/02 - 02/03: Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona
>07/03 - 10/03: Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona

Winter Stream

>Bernie BTFO
>Liberty Media has total control now
>Bottas to Mercedes
>Massa to Williams
>Wehlrein to Sauber

Were were u when bernie was kill?
I was sat at home eating ice cream when Maurizio ring
>Bernie is kill
And you?
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CLE: Jamie Collins gets big 4-year, $50 million contract extension from Browns
ATL:Falcons owner is taking all of his employees to the Super Bowl
GB: Gang of men "run the table" on Aaron Rodgers's ass
NE: Edelman erupts as Pats advance to Super Bowl
PIT:James Harrison stems retirement talk after loss to the Patriots
GB: Rodgers' amazing run ends in NFCCG blowout
SF:Kirk Cousins might be on 49ers radar this offseason
ATL: Matt Ryan slays Pack, Falcons headed to SB51
NE: Brady dominates, heads to seventh Super Bowl
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here's a saber playing baseball. say hi!
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>only scored once in the Euro knockouts and mussed the final
>disappeard for the semi and finals of CL
Why did he get the Ballon Door again?
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/Heem/ Kelsey's Edition

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>>>73851042 (OP)
>Upcoming events:
>1/27: Bellator 171 - Guillard vs Njokuani
>1/28: EFN 58 - Machev vs Brandao
>1/28: UFC on Fox 23 - Pena vs Shevchenko
>1/29: Submission Underground 3 - Danis vs Agazarm
>2/4: UFC FN 104 - Bermudez vs Jung
>2/10: LFA 3 - Spann vs Giles
>2/11: UFC 208 - Holm vs De Randamie
>2/17: LFA 4 - Aguilar vs Barcelos
>2/18: Bellator 172 - Mitrione vs Emelianenko
>2/19: UFC FN 105 - Browne vs Lewis
>2/24: Glory 38 - Vakhitov vs Cavalari
>2/24: LFA 5 - Edwards vs Townsend
>2/25: WSOF 35 - Ivanov vs Jordan
>3/3: Bellator 174 - Coenen vs Budd
>3/4: UFC 209 - Woodley vs Thompson 2
>3/5: EBI 11 - The Welterweights
>3/11: UFC FN 106 - Gastelum vs Belfort
>3/11: ACB 53 - Khalidov vs Barnatt
>3/18: UFC FN 108 - TBA
>Previous thread: >>73850950
>Jones calls out Ortiz
>McMann vs Carmouche set for UFC FN 105
>Lewis vs Browne now headlines UFC FN 105
>Rony Jason vs Jeremy Kennedy added to UFC FN 106
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/mls/ + /ayy/ general - LITERALLY KINO edition

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>January 23
Preseason begins:
Timbers vs Red Bulls (8:30pm EST)

>March 3
MLS Season begins

>March 24
USL begins

>March 25
NASL begins:

NWSL begins
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