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Iraq v Australia gamethread

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Starts in three and a half bongs, get hype
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Aside from sacking Strachan, how else would you fix Scottish football?
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The time has come to finally put this shit to rest, who's better?
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/nba/ general

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present and future edition

> SA:David Lee (foot) ruled out for Tuesday
> PHO:Alan Williams (illness) will not play Tuesday
> NY:Carmelo Anthony's minutes to be reduced
> PHO:Devin Booker (ankle) starting vs. the Heat
> NO:Anthony Davis (illness) will play on Tuesday
> NO:Tim Frazier will start again Tuesday vs. MEM
> BKN:Jeremy Lin (ankle) out Tuesday vs. Detroit
> DEN:Wilson Chandler (groin) questionable vs. CLE
> DEN:Danilo Gallinari (knee) doubtful Wednesday
> CHA:Kidd-Gilchrist (ankle) probable for Wednesday
> PHO:Devin Booker (ankle) probable for Tuesday
> MLW:Giannis tweaks ankle in Saturday's loss
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/heem/: robbie lawler edition

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previous thread:
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/mlb/ - THE Duke MVP edition

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>having to get carried by a canadian player to win against your own quasi-territory

have you apologized yet?
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>two straight final appearances
>0 (zero) runs scored
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What did brazil mean by this?
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/f1/ Formula 1 General - Less than 24hrs left

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Countdown to Melbourne:

Session times in your time:

Summer Steam:

/f1/ FantasyGP.com League
>Passcode: 9637387

>Verstappen rule is RIP
>Red Bull and Mercedes had to change their suspensions
>Everybody shits on Honda
>It has been a nice off-season for us
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