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>Saturday September 22 - Sky Sports Box Office UK DAZN US
Anthony Joshua vs Alexander Povetkin
Luke Campbell vs Yvan Mendy
Matty Askin vs Lawrence Okolie
Sergey Kuzmin vs David Price

>Monday September 24 - CBC TV Japan
Sho Kimura vs Kosei Tanaka

>Friday September 28 - ITV Box Office UK DAZN US
George Groves vs Callum Smith
Chris Eubank Jr vs JJ McDonagh

>Friday September 28 - ESPN+ US
Jerwin Ancajas vs Alejandro Santiago Barrios

>Saturday September 29 - Facebook
Jorge Linares vs Abner Cotto

>Sunday September 30 - FS1 US
Victor Ortiz vs John Molina Jr

>Saturday October 6 - BT Sport UK
Jack Catterall vs Ohara Davies
Leon Woodstock vs Archie Sharp

>Saturday October 6 - DAZN US Sky Sports UK
Jesse Vargas vs Thomas Dulorme
Artur Beterbiev vs Callum Johnson

>Sunday October 7 - DAZN US
Naoya Inoue vs Juan Carlos Payano
Kiryl Relikh vs Eduard Troyanovsky

>Saturday October 13 - Sky Sports UK DAZN US
Lewis Ritson vs Francesco Patera
Glenn Foot vs Robbie Davies Jnr

>Saturday October 13 - DAZN US
Zolani Tete vs Mikhail Aloyan

>Saturday October 13 - ESPN US Boxnation UK
Terence Crawford vs Jose Benavidez Jr
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amerishots BTFO
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/cric/- problem officer?

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AFG 249 (50.0 Ovs)
SL 68/2 (16.5 Ovs) CRR: 4.04 REQ: 5.49
Sri Lanka need 182 runs
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How do we fix Griezmann's autism?
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The absolute STATE of continental football

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>not even October
>PSG, Bayern, Juventus and Barcelona already top of their respective leagues
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/nfl/ general: Select your favorite football team edition

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SEA:Carroll: Carson was 'gassed' from special tms
CHI:Tarik Cohen logs 5 touches, hurts ankle late
SEA:Penny leads Seahawks with a putrid 10-30 line
CHI:Allen Robinson sees 14 targets in MNF victory
SEA:Chris Carson doesn't get a touch in 2nd half
SEA:Russell Wilson flops on MNF, pads stats late
LAR:McVay: Greg Zuerlein out 'at least few weeks'
WAS:Redskins also bringing aboard Michael Floyd
CLE:Jarvis Landry limited Monday with knee issue
DEN:Broncos to keep going with 'hot hand' at RB
FA:Redskins take flyer on Ravens bust Perriman
FA:Corey Coleman cut to make room for Gordon
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>only 'white' French player of the team is Hungarian

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Daily reminder

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/sp/ is a Red Star board
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