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/nfl/ general - STRAIGHT THUGGIN' edition

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FA: Study reveals Aaron Hernandez had Stage 3 CTE
MIN: Sam Bradford (knee) 'limited' on Thursday
NE: Rob Gronkowski officially limited on Thursday
ARZ: Arians: Chris Johnson should see more carries
MIA: Ajayi officially DNP for second straight day
MIA: DeVante Parker downgraded to 'DNP' Thursday
TEN: DeMarco Murray remains sidelined on Thursday
CLE: Britt: Browns have asked me to try harder
CAR: Panthers to ride hot hand at running back
CIN: Eifert (back, knee) likely to miss Week 3
WAS: Jordan Reed officially 'limited' on Thursday
CHI: Markus Wheaton removed from injury report
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/afl/ Adelaide vs. Geelong Prelim

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The ITC broship took a hit with the iggles losing last week, but with 2 home prelims it is shaping up to being >our year.

>(((Holy Trinity)))
1 team left
Zero (0) teams left
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This kills American Football

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27 Year Old Aaron Hernandez had Stage 3 advanced CTE

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>fight for L-
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What's the equivalent of the slip in other sports?
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Brazil's forgotten heros

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/ffg/ - Fantasy Football General

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