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is this real

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Who the fuck can stop us?
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why does serbia not recognize kosovo as an independent state if the territory is mainly occupied by albanians? and why did albanians create another independent state if they already had albania? why didnt they simply annex the territory of kosovo to albania?
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So they’re still gonna advance right?
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Early British celebration thread. What part of England are you are all form? Boston harbor here.
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Official State of Origin Game 2 Gamethread

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Get in here NRL friends

Kickoff at 7:40pm AEST
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ESPN Radio Juan Carlos Pellegrini

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"The starting XI for Argentina vs Nigeria will be formed by the players and not Sampaoi. Sampaoli has been relieved of his powers. The players want Guzman to start and not Armani"

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Can we agree that this World Cup is already better than in 2014 and has a potential to be the best ever?