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The perfect national anthem doesn't exi-
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What's the point of this league?
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Capitán América Edition
>futfantastico.televisa.com - 3DHca0OwKM - get in our league!!!!
>Jornada 1 Apertura 2018, Tournament #100
>Cristian Insaurralde the last BOMBA of América
>Cruz Azul to have a half-time show in Azteca(pls chemos, don't break anything)
>new CopaMX Apertura 2018 starts next mid-week
>Chimp-out in Veracruz; 32 arrested
• LigaMX images, girls: spligamx.imgur.com
• Official Sites: ligamx.net - lacopamx.net
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SUPER RUGBY Quarter Finals

Hurricanes 32-31 Chiefs

>Sat 21 Jul
7:35 PM Crusaders v Sharks, Rugby League Park
10:05 PM Waratahs v Highlanders, Allianz Stadium

>Sun, 22 Jul
1:05 AM Lions v Jaguares, Ellis Park Stadium

**all times in RWCT**
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is it autism?
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Say something nice about Manchester United coach and 2 time champions league winner Jose Mourhino
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KSI vs Logan Paul

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>biggest boxing event in YouTube history
>two of the biggest stars on the planet fighting each other

Who will you be rooting for come August 25, /sp/?
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/nba/ general - Kawhronto Edition

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LAK:Shams: Lakers, Michael Beasley agree to deal
ORL:Shams: Magic trade for Dakari Johnson
DAL:Shams: Kings, Yogi Ferrell agree to deal
PHI:Jonah Bolden signs 4-year deal with Sixers
PHO:Shams: Sixers trading Richaun Holmes to PHX
ORL:Shelvin Mack close to 1-year deal w/ Memphis
BKN:Nets trade Darrell Arthur to PHX for Dudley
DAL:Update: Yogi Ferrell to re-enter free agency
CLE:Report: PHI discussing trade for Kyle Korver
DEN:Nuggets get Monte Morris on 3-year deal
ATL:Report: Justin Anderson headed to the Hawks
OKC:Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot to the Thunder

Top Headlines
Sources: Beasley, Lakers agree on 1-year deal
Raptors president Ujiri apologizes to DeRozan
Sources: Melo headed to Hawks, will be waived
Report: Ferrell to join Kings after spurning Mavs
Suns trade Dudley, '21 pick to Nets for Arthur
Sources: Grizz, Mack in talks on 1-year deal
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/nrl/ - God I wish that was me Edition

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GOATcastle vs Titans

Tigers vs Rabbitohs

Cowboys vs Dragons
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someone had to edition
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