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Are they, dare I say it, on their way back?
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/4CC/: Winter Cup day 2!

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Choke edition

>it's our year la
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YuroBowl 2017 Grand Final thread #4

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Three nil, massive own goal from QB Tom Brady
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So we have a Beşiktaş - Fenerbahçe match today and Dusko Tosic, the kebab/traitor remover had a fight with Robin van Persie and ended up getting a red card in minute 45


Pic related: Robin van Persie taunting Beşiktaş fans
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/box/ - Eubank Jr. vs. Quinlan Fight Thread

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For the IBO ''''''''World'''''''''' Super Middleweight Title.

David Price vs. Christian Hammer on NOW.

Available on ITV Box Office :)

Always a pleasure.
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/box/ Legend Reborn Edition

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Renold Quinlan vs Chris Eubank Jr - IBO World Super Middleweight title

Christian Hammer vs David Price - WBO European Heavyweight title

Adrin Diale vs Andrew Selby - WBC International Flyweight title

Kid Galahad vs Joseph Agbeko - IBF International Featherweight title

Adam Etches vs John Ryder - IBF International Super Middleweight title
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eternal /trb/

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old thread

Useful /trb/ related links: http://pastebin.com/rNesNFd9

FM14 release date: 31st of October 2013
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/Tennis/ - Australian Open - Federer Time

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Aus v Pak

some other irrelevant matches as well idk
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