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/cbb/ - College Basketball General

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Incoming bubble collapses edition
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Anyone have an uncensored version of the Richmond Premiership Medal photo?

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Pic related.
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Gold Cup Semifinal-America's team vs Caribbean Bobsledders

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Mexico Z plays Jamaica B to see who plays USA A

Starts in 1 bong 34 bings in Mexico's home stadium the Rose Bowl
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>4th and inches
What play do you call?
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How would you rate these athletes and their sporting achievements ?
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Based Kraft has spoken. Goodell and Trump BTFO
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UFC 209

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/nfl/ general - TEXAS SUPERIORITY edition

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GB: Packers could lighten Montgomery's workload
GB: Jordy Nelson (quad) expects to play this week
CHI: Jordan Howard (shoulder) limited on Wednesday
PHI: Eagles LG Chance Warmack could start Week 3
NYJ: ASJ out of shape, may not be active this week
DEN: Demaryius Thomas limited with hamstring issue
LAR: Gerald Everett (thigh) questionable for TNF
NE: Update: Gronkowski listed as DNP Wednesday
TEN: Corey Davis (hamstring) ruled out vs Seattle
GB: Jordy Nelson practicing fully ahead of Week 3
TEN: DeMarco Murray not practicing (hamstring)
GB: Packers don't clear Randall Cobb to practice
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