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does anyone here have a link to the philmarilion? the pdf of the creepy stalker guy?
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How often do you lads think about how Alfonso Soriano was NOT a student of the game? I would say I think about it at least twice a day.

Pic related: it's former MLB player Alfonso Soriano who was not a student of the game.
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His silence is deafening...
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Two "world class" strikers costing £136.5m together on the pitch yet it was an academy right wing-back who got the goal.

The state of modern football.
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>People on /sp/ are unironically making threads on women's sports now. Sometimes they even hit the bump limit.

What went wrong?
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/nrl/ - Rugby League general

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Literally Who edition

>what's on?
Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles v Sydney Roosters
7:50pm AEST on Nine, Fox and Kayo
Brookvale Oval
>As we enter the homestretch of the season, this clash between the Sea Eagles and the Roosters has huge implications, with a spot in the top-8 up for grabs.
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really, he's pathetic
look at this monstrosity
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/box/ - Clean it up jannies edition

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Previous (and currently frozen for hours at the time of this thread): >>122266442

>29th July RTK Live
Tom Schwarz vs Emir Ahmatovic

>July 30th Sky Sports UK
Chris Billiam Smith vs. Isaac Chamberlain

>July 30th Showtime USA
Danny Garcia vs Jose Benavidez Jr
Gary Antuanne Russell vs. Rances Barthelemy
Sergiy Derevyanchenko vs Joshua Conley

>August 6th ESPN+ USA
Michael Conlan vs Miguel Marriaga

>August 6th DAZN
Vergil Ortiz Jr vs Michael McKinson

>13th August
Oscar Rivas vs Lukasz Rozanski
Eleider Alvarez vs Alex Theran

>August 13th ESPN+ USA
Teofimo Lopez vs Pedro Campa
Xander Zayas vs. Elias Espadas

>August 20th ESPN USA
Emanuel Navarrete vs. Eduardo Baez

>August 20th SKY BO UK
Oleksandr Usyk vs Anthony Joshua

>August 20th Showtime USA
Adrien Broner vs Omar Figueroa Jr
Alberto Puello vs. Batyr Akhmedov
Roger Gutierrez vs. Hector Garcia
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