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/cyc/ - Giro Stage 19

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Meme mountain edition
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list of 24 for the Croatia squad. Yes, 24, one will go off after the friendlies lol
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So we're just gonna ignore this obvious script?
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/nba/ general - No More Basketball Until Saturday Edition

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Celtics lead series 2-0
Rockets and Warriors are tied 1-1

CLG:Michael Porter Jr. says he's 'fully healed'
CLG:Donte DiVincenzo posts 42-inch max vert
CLG:Grayson Allen posts 40.5-inch max vert
CLG:Bamba sets combine record w/ 7'10 wingspan
PHI:Robert Covington (finger) undergoes surgery
NO:NOP expecting Diallo to be an 'impact player'
CLG:Luka Doncic not a lock to join NBA in 2018-19
HOU:P.J. Tucker shines as Rockets even series
GS:Kevin Durant drops 38 points in Game 2 defeat
HOU:James Harden leads Rockets to Game 2 win
NO:Anthony Davis finalist for DPOY and MVP
MLW:Woj: Bucks hiring head coach Mike Budenholzer
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Kickoff in 15 bings
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bolts beat caps 4-2 series tied 2-2
jets @ knights tomorrow 8pm eastern knights lead 2-1
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>Fox spends shit ton on World Cup broadcasting rights
>USA doesnt qualify
>oh shit
>try to force a 23andMe muh heritage campaign to get Americans to watch

Will Joe Buck be laid off?
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best girl
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/cyc/ - Giro stage 11

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