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Is Pokemon Go a sport?

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Eileen mogged Emma so hard that her fans were silent for a while and less active on board.
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China is feeding this slop to visiting athletes stuck in their hotel.
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>Countdown to Comfy Hours:

>Previous thread:

>/f1/ Essentials:

>/f1/ Winter Eternal Stream:

>Thread Theme:

>Car Launch Dates:
Red Bull RB18 - 9th Feb
Aston Martin AMR22 - 10th Feb
McLaren MCL36 - 11th Feb
Alpha Tauri AT03 - 14th Feb
Williams FW44 - 15th Feb
Ferrari F1-75 - 17th Feb
Mercedes F1 W13 - 18th Feb
Alpine A522 - 21st Feb
Alfa Romeo C42 - 27th Feb

Twtiter loonies seething over "new" Red Bull/Masi radio from Abu Dhabi
Red Bull "launch"
Interest from rival teams prompted Norris’s long-term commitment to McLaren, journos suggesting those teams were Merc and RBR
Caitlyn Jenner joins W Series as team owner
Doubts exist over Ferrari 2022 aerodynamics says Italian journo
Brexit causing 'increased costs, paperwork, delays' say MPs
Red Bull's Marko wants Vips to prove he is ‘F1 worthy’, Floersch wants him to prove his worth in other ways
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Kurt Zouma filmed kicking and hitting cat

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What the fuck, lads, he always seemed like a good bloke before this
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Will Novak win another Slam again after the humiliation in Australia?
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Never saw him play tennis, but I think he’s the greatest athlete of his era.
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Why did he do it bros
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S to spit

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This is kinda sad to see he's still left this pinned.

Federer you're trash move on.
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