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07/26 - Contender Series 2022 - 8pm ET - ESPN+
07/29 - LFA 137 - 10pm ET - Fight Pass
07/30 - UFC 277 - 6pm ET - PPV
07/31 - Rizin 37 - 12am ET - Streaming
08/02 - Contender Series 2022 - 8pm ET - ESPN+
08/05 - PFL 7 - 3:30pm ET - ESPN
08/05 - LFA 138 - 9pm ET - Fight Pass
08/06 - UFC Fight Night: Santos vs Hill - 7pm ET - ESPN
08/09 - Contender Series 2022 - 8pm ET - ESPN+
08/12 - Bellator 284 - 6pm ET - Showtime
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lf this post is dubs I win the Mega Millions jackpot tonight. If it isn’t the first person to get dubs ITT will win.
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Dodgers @ Mets Thread

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>ESPN exclusive

1. Joc Pederson (L) RF
2. Max Muncy (L) 1B
3. Chris Taylor (R) 3B
4. Cody Bellinger (L) CF
5. Corey Seager (L) SS
6. Will Smith (R) C
7. Gavin Lux (L) 2B
8. Enrique Hernandez (R) LF
9. Walker Buehler (R) P

1. Jeff McNeil (L) 3B
2. Pete Alonso (R) 1B
3. Michael Conforto (L) RF
4. Wilson Ramos (R) C
5. Robinson Cano (L) 2B
6. J.D. Davis (R) LF
7. Brandon Nimmo (L) CF
8. Amed Rosario (R) SS
9. Zack Wheeler (L) P
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>try to get into divegrass
>it's just the same five guys switching places on the same five teams that always win everything
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What a weirdo
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Good evening.

I am attempting to conduct a comprehensive survey of the scousers webm.I have counted 31 people in the clip, and I have divided them into the following categories:

>Paul Scholes
>Chink Man
>Rising Man
>Stroke Man

>Phone Man
>Turning Man
>Smiling Man
>Young Man #1
>Young Man #2
>Young Man #3
>Glasses Woman
>Laughing Dad
>Laughing Son
>Old Lady #1
>Old Lady #2
>Ginger Looking Down
>Alfred's Friend
>Blonde Woman
>Bald Man

>Old Lady #3
>Glasses Man
>Rising Woman

>Red Jacket (Left)
>Green Jacket (Right)
>Forehead #1
>Forehead #2
>Hand Man
>Crotch Man
>Dark Jacket
>Grey Jacket

Please let me know if there are more people I am missing or if these people have established names that I am not aware of.
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/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Nibba Cvunny Edition

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>Countdown to Mercedes taking off the sandbags GP:

>Previous thread:

>/f1/ Essentials: (embed)

>Mick Schumacher races without scoring a single point:
31 (30 starts)

>Carlos Sainz races for Ferrari without a win:
31 (current record is 31, tied with Johansson)

>WDC Standings:
VER: 175 (+25)
PER: 129 (+0)
LEC: 126 (+10)
RUS: 111 (+12)
SAI: 102 (+19)

>WCC Standings:
Red Bull: 304 (+25)
Ferrari: 228 (+29)
Mercedes: 188 (+27)
McLaren: 65 (+0)
Alpine: 57 (+10)

>WEC Standings
HAM: 535.41 (+16.24)
RIC: 464.71 (+49.15)
MSC: 458.01 (+30.13)

>WCEC Standings
McLaren: 685.05 (+99.79)
Mercedes: 618.16 (+41.45)
Haas: 590.84 (+61.11)

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Claim your sportsfu. Can't claim my sweet Ellen Hoof she's mine forever <3
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We can all come together for her -/JLG/

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What is your nation? I don't care. What sports do you like? Doesn't matter. What I care about in this thread is that Jutta Leerdam not only wins but gets the acknowledgment she deserves.

As we ramp up for the olympics I'll be making /JLG/ generals and we can discuss her coming victory as well as ways to make sure sports media covers her.

Let's all put put differences aside and root for the greatest female speed skater of all time.

Beijing 2022... the year of Jutta.
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what do we think of dutch speed skater jutta leerdam?
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