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Is she forever queen of /sp/?

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How do I deal with my favorite team being absolute dogshit? Is it so hard for professionals to get their shit together and win games?
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>4th and inches
What play do you call?
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FUCK the Olympics

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I'm just gonna it, /sp/: the Olympics are the WORST time of the year for people like us

>you're too old/fat/ugly/untrained to ever take part in the wild olympic village breeding orgies with fit young 10/10s between the ages of 17 and 24
>you'll never lie in a pile of sweaty bedsheets, surrounded by horny 18yr old top instagram model tier girls who act all nice on camera but turn into wild fucking sex tigers once the competitions of the day are done and the tv crews are gone
>you'll never be sandwiched between an 18yr old swedish 100m sprinter and a 21yr old italian spear thrower or some shit, their sweaty bodies grinding against you with one pushing her tongue down your throat and giggling while she french kisses you to cloud nine while the other is spasming and moaning in italian because you just pumped your seed into her fertile fit young womb for the 2nd time this evening
>you'll never wink at each other at the breakfast buffet the next morning to signal them that after the day's events, it's gonna be the same condomless breeding rampage full of sweat, body fluids, hot teenager pheromones and a total lack of condoms all over again this evening

Where did it all go wrong, bros?

Why did we waste our best years?
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he didn't look very dutch
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I just woke up. In my dream Real madrid won against Man city by 3-1

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>Just confirmed they're dating on National Television.

White boy summer is officially over.
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/147/ - World Snooker Championship 2022 Final #3

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Ronnie O’Sullivan vs Judd Trump

> Six-time champion Ronnie O'Sullivan leads 10-4 over Judd Trump in their World Championship final.
>Trump, the 2019 winner, seems to be having issues with his >cue action

Second Session (9 frames) LIVE
Third Session (8 frames) Monday 13.00
Fourth Session (10 frames) Monday 19.00
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Manchester City 4-3 Real Madrid
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It's funny how these players are better than anything England has ever produced.
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