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/nfl/ general: *patty gonna win daddy a superb owl* edition

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GB:Randall Cobb (hamstring) out for Week 11
NO:Saints LT Terron Armstead out 3-4 weeks
GB:Jimmy Graham (knee) DNP again on Tuesday
SF:Shanahan: Mullens is our starting quarterback
TB:Lavonte David dealing with sprained MCL
GB:Cobb (hamstring) yet to resume practicing
KC:Mexico City game moved back to Los Angeles
ARZ:Cardinals send RG Pugh to injured reserve
NE:Patriots activate second-round CB Duke Dawson
PIT:Le'Veon not reporting, out for 2018 season
FA:Bills cut Terrelle Pryor after two weeks
HOU:'High possibility' Keke Coutee back Week 11
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nations league aka time to be sad edition
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/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Punish me frogboi edition

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>Countdown to Abu Dhabi GP:
(click menu on left for session times)

>Countdown to FKino at Abu Dhabi:


>Previous Thread:

>FantasyGP.com /f1/ League Formula Autism v2.0:
Passcode: 12481614

>Nico Hülkenberg F1 races without ever scoring a podium:
155 (157 entries)

>WDC standings:

>WCC Standings:

>2019 /sp/erb Owl Status:
Descriptions needed for the wiki

KUB x Williams habbeninges probably
Hamilel wants more races at historical venues
Fanni parties around Merc droids the WCC
Interlagos maybe binned after 2020
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england in charge of making this test exciting Edition
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manlet edition
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The Grand Slam of Darts as Aldersley Leisure Village welcomes the last 16 stage, with the winning post doubled to 10 legs. It's a purely PDC affair in the bottom half of the tournament, so the TV stage shouldn't put them off.

Opening Round 2 is a repeat of one of the 2018 Worlds' best Round 1 games as 2014 Lakeside champ Stephen Bunting faces dancing Belgian World Youth Champion Dimitri Van den Bergh. The Bullet has impressively topped his group for the second year running as a floor qualifier, but did it way more convincingly this year. The Dreammaker has yet again impressed on the big stage, only losing to the current PDC World Champ, and a repeat of that game in December would be most welcome.

The matchup that disproves the belief of all darts players being fat bastards is next with Welsh rugger roidlet Gerwyn Price facing fellow muscleboy Josh Payne. The Iceman won his group despite THAT last match, whereas The Maximum benefitted from Max Hopp choking like a bitch against Jim Williams.

A charisma vacuum meets a charisma volcano third up with reigning World Champion Rob Cross against Austria's Mensur Suljovic. Voltage breezed through his group with little fuss, only being taken to task by DVdB, whereas the Gentle had a far harder time and won just once. Suljovic must up his performance if he's to make the quarters for 2 years running.

The hirsute equipment-fiddling veterans close the night with "Scotsman" Peter Wright against Australia's Simon Whitlock. Even with the repeated changes, Snakebite topped his group easily whereas the Wizard had to produce some magic to end up second in his group, coming from 4-1 to beat Price and progress.

Coverage starts from 7:00pm UK time on Sky Sports Action.

>Tonight's matches (best of 19, first to 10)
Stephen Bunting v Dimitri Van den Bergh
Gerwyn Price v Josh Payne
Rob Cross v Mensur Suljovic
Peter Wright v Simon Whitlock

>Day 4 roundup
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Will the mountain muslim niggers beat the qatar oilers?

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Guys its 0-0 I got money riding on this shit bet 1,500€€€ will Qatar rig this shit? Two rich muslim nations who will win lads?
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We're the next great NBA dynasty

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Since the Warriors are dysfunctional on a level we have never seen in the NBA, will this mean the rise of the Lakers? With LeBron, 2 max slot spaces (which will obviously be filled with Kawhi and KD), how many championships do we win?

Keep in mind we don't need to ever rebuild since we are the Lakers.
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Well /sp/?
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You now remember Jan Koller
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