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/nba/ general

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>Season Opener Tomorrow edition
>People actually think Kyrie is good edition
>Ignore all Celtics posters, ignore all celtics posts.

>"I don’t have any advice for him now,” he deadpanned. “I don’t have any advice for him or any people that are on any other team. We’re trying to win a championship. You’re either with us or against us. I’m truly humbled and excited. It was a gratifying three years we played together. If my son went to another team and we were playing against each other I’m not giving him (anything). He can come home and eat dinner or whatever, but he’s getting no advice from me. That’s just the way it goes.”

Celtics - 5:00 PM - Cavaliers
Rockets - 7:30 PM - Warriors
>*All times are in Pacific Time

DEN:Woj: Nuggets will likely waive Jameer Nelson
UTA:Dante Exum to undergo shoulder surgery
DEN:Richard Jefferson expected to sign w/ Nuggets
SAC:Bogdan Bogdanovic (ankle) doesn't practice
SAC:George Hill (groin) hopeful for Wednesday
LAK:Walton hints Kuzma could start sans KCP
SA:Aldridge agrees to 3-year extension with SAS
LAK:Josh Hart exits practice with Achilles issue
LAK:Julius Randle (ribs) limited at practice
LAK:Bogut (groin) sits out Monday's scrimmage
LAK:Lonzo Ball (ankle) says he'll be ready Thurs
GS:Iguodala, Casspi practice in full on Monday
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/cric/ - Cricket

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what is wrong with handegg fans?
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/ffg/ - fantasy football general

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Big Ben will be a qb1 today lads. Fire him up
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/CFB/ - Classics edition

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Week 8

Thurs night:
ESPN: Titanic clash in the AAC West: #25/27 Memphis Tigers at Houston (HOU by 3)
>Memphis QB Riley Ferguson #6 NFL-rated QB of seniors
>Memphis WR Anthony Miller #8 NFL-rated QB of seniors
>Houston DT Ed Oliver #2 NFL-rated DT of sophomores
>Houston QB Kyle Allen #10 NFL-rated QB of juniors
>Houston C Will Nobel #7 NFL-rated C of juniors
>Houston SS Garett Davis #9 NFL-rated SS of juniors
ESPNU: Fun Belt: Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns at Sun Belt #1 Arkansas St. (Red Wolves by 13.5)

Fri night:
ESPN2 double header
>#36/37 Marshall (C-USA #1) at MTSU, who won @Syracuse (Herd by 2.5)
>#34 Colorado State (MWC #1) at New Mexico (CSU by 7.5)
>CSU WR Michael Gallup #6 NFL-rated WR of seniors
>CSU C Jake Bennett #10 NFL-rated C of seniors
CBSSN double header
>WKU at ODU (WKU by 9):
>WKU QB Mike White #10 NFL-rated QB of seniors
>ODU FS Denzel Williams #8 NFL-rated FS of sophs
>USAF Academy at Nevada (USAF by 5.5)
>Nevada OG Austin Corbett #7 NFL-rated of seniors

Saturday Top Six?
noon ET:
>ABC: #10/11 Oklahoma State at Texas is back! (OSU by 7.5)
>ESPN: Heisman-winner Lamar Jackson at Florida State (FSU by 6.5)
3:30 ET:
>CBS: Third Saturday in October, the 100th meeting: Tennessee at #1/1 Alabama
>CBSSN: #20/20 UCF at #32/33 US Naval Academy (UCF by 8)
7:30 ET:
>NBC: #10/11 USC at #13/16 Notre Dame, the 89th meeting (ND by 3.5)
>ABC: #15/19 Michigan at #2/2 Penn State, the 21st meeting (PSU by 10)
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Righteous replacement for whites

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Now that Al Michaels has shown what a pervert sympathizer he is, it is time to give up on the white project. White people have brought us to the terrible, ruined state we are in. To continue doing things the white way now that we've seen the results of doing things the white way would just be madness.
So we need to fill in every position held by a white person with a more deserving black person. Why don't we start with Al Michaels. He's clearly not fit for his job. Pick a black man for his position.
While we're at it, let's replace other whites.
>Donald Trump
Paul Mooney
>Aaron Rodgers
Colin Kaepernick
>Adam Silver
Michael Jordan
>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIYhYmCR05g [Embed]
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Daily reminder that Chile will not be at the World Cup in Russia next year
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/nfl/ - Rashean Mathis Edition

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DAL:NFL: Ezekiel Elliott's suspension 'in place'
BUF:Matthews yet to catch passes w/injured hand
TB:Winston has AC sprain in throwing shoulder
MIN:MIN to activate Bridgewater this week or next
SF:Kyle Shanahan names C.J. Beathard starter
JAC:Fournette expected to be ready for Week 7
DEN:Emmanuel Sanders (ankle) headed for MRI
JAC:Fournette: 'I just twisted my ankle a little'
NYG:McAdoo gives up play-calling duties for G-Men
DEN:Emmanuel Sanders carted off with ankle injury
KC:Florio: Tyreek Hill didn't sustain concussion
FA:Kaepernick formally accuses NFL of collusion
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