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/f1/ Formula 1 General - Less than 24hrs left

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Countdown to Melbourne:

Session times in your time:

Summer Steam:

/f1/ FantasyGP.com League
>Passcode: 9637387

>Verstappen rule is RIP
>Red Bull and Mercedes had to change their suspensions
>Everybody shits on Honda
>It has been a nice off-season for us
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>international break
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Heem mma general

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/mls/ general - DARK SIDE OF THE LOON edition + /ayy/

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>Saturday, March 25
New England Revolution vs Minnesota United, 2pm EST
NY Red Bulls vs Real Salt Lake, 4pm
Columbus Crew vs Portland Timbers, 7:30pm

>Friday, March 31
Toronto FC vs Sporting KC, 7:30pm
Seattle Sounders vs Atlanta United, 10pm

>Saturday, April 1
NYCFC vs San Jose Earthquakes, 2pm
Chicago Fire vs Montreal Impact, 3pm
Columbus Crew vs Orlando City SC, 4pm
DC United vs Philadelphia Union, 7pm
Minnesota United vs Real Salt Lake, 8pm
Houston Dynamo vs NY Red Bulls, 8:30
Colorado Rapids vs FC Dallas, 9pm
Vancouver Whitecaps vs LA Galaxy, 10pm

>Sunday, April 2
Portland Timbers vs New England Revolution, 9pm

http://www.nasl.com/schedule (3/25)
http://www.uslsoccer.com/usl-schedule (3/25)
http://www.nwslsoccer.com/schedule (4/15)
>AYY lmao
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Free kick kings

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>stand back, samba-lad. I'm gonna kick the fookin' piss owt of thee's bawr hear!
>si, bol. Se?
>Fak'n Ruh Bertow. I gaw't this wan.

Name a better free kick duo. Go ahead. Try.
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The penultimate week of the Betway Premier League's elimination phase comes from Manchester, and has a double dose of Michael van Gerwen as he makes up for his absence in Exeter in week 5; Dave Chisnall has been given the night off to finally complete his Year 1 reading collection.

MVG's rescheduled match kicks off the night against his only victor last year in James Wade. Wadey's clinical finishing sent the Autism Express packing on last year's opening night and took advantage of a poor Jelle Klaasen last time out, while the World #1 gifted Phil Taylor a 3-0 lead before crushing him.

Then what could be our first elimination as Belgium's Kim Huybrechts meets Scotland's Gary Anderson. Having repeated his 2015 performance by repeatedly bottling crucial darts, Kimbo must get to six legs to have any chance of staying in the PL. Gando was slapped silly by Raymond van Barneveld in Rotterdam, but barring a bout of gameraiser syndrome, he should win this one and remove Waffleboy.

Taylel then plays the only man he has never beaten in the PL: Peter Wright. The table topper struggled to a win over Dave Chisnall, but with Philth on a steady descent into madness - e.g. ending last week's match by going for 3 bull shots when on 189 - the consistent Clownman should keep his unbeaten record intact.

Our other elimination could also occur with Klaasen against Lewis. Paedo Suarez's tendonitis is the apparent reason for his largely shite performances this season - a win against Chizzy his only highlight - and like Kimmy, must win 6 legs to remain in the PL. Snackpot went into a rage-fuelled destruction of Kim last time thanks to some alleged stamping, and a repeat of that fury will remove Jelle.

The Green Machine closes the evening with a repeat of the Worlds semi-final against RVB. Four points on the night will see MVG return to the top, but Barney will surely want to get revenge for that phenomenal match.

Coverage starts from 7:00pm UK time on Sky Sports 1.
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If you were to choose a team from two countries which two countries could make the strongest team and what would their lineup be?
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