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/nfl/ general - soyboys MVP edition

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Raidniggers: Carr chokes yet again
PIT:meme on by pats
NE:Report: Burkhead avoids ACL tear, major issue
CAR:Jerry Richardson announces he's selling team
PIT:Report: Antonio Brown has partially torn calf
SF:Marquise Goodwin has another 100-yard game
LAR:Robert Woods catches six balls, TD in return
PIT:Le'Veon Bell goes for 165 total yards in loss
SF:Jimmy Garoppolo shreds Titans for 381 yards
SEA:Russell Wilson takes 7 sacks in horrific loss
PIT:Roethlisberger plays well but ends game w/INT
NE:Rob Gronkowski dominates in spectacular win
LAR:Gurley nets 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th TDs at SEA
NE:Rex Burkhead ruled out with left knee injury
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So I'm a college student, and one of my roommates recently left for winter break. For various reasons, I opened the door to his room and anti schizophrenia pills and other anti psychotics were all over his room. There we also a box of bullets and a long gun. I'm genuinely afraid now. What do I do.
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>being a fan of a team that isn't from your state when your state has a team
Why is this allowed?
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/f1/ Formula 1 General - 69 days until pre-season testing begins edition

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>Countdown to pre-season testing:

>Countdown to Australian GP:

>Countdown to next FE race

>Official /f1/ Winter Stream:

>Nico Hülkenberg races without a podium:

Williams pushes back driver announcement to January
Kvyat more talented than Gasly or Hartley, says Marko
Brazilian kart driver literally tries to strangle other kart driver, Massa disqualified as a result
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Kobe Bryant the GOAT

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This ends every discussion when it comes to Kobe not being the greatest.
>inb4 muh percentage
fuck off
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DFB-Pokal Pre-Hype thread: Der KLASSIKER

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Good vs. Evil
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celebration edition
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What happened to him?
He's been utterly shit recently for some reason
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How has your opinion of him changed after the blackface incident? (If it has changed at all.)
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