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Copa America 2019 with three teams from Asia

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The CONMEBOL decided three teams from CONCACAF and three teams from AFC will participate to the 2019 Copa América.

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FIFA Friendly - Mexico vs. Iceland - 03/23/18
First Thread: wewlad
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Official /f1/ rain celebration thread

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Say it with me /f1/


Meme qualifying ahead.
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/nba/ general - SAD edition

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LAK: Brandon Ingram (groin) out for Saturday
PHX: Marquese Chriss and Dragan Bender starting
CHI: Lauri Markkanen (back) in the starting lineup
PHX: Devin Booker (hand) says he will not play
MIA: Dwyane Wade expected to play Friday
MIL: Jabari Parker getting the start for Giannis
DEN: Paul Millsap (illness) in the starting lineup
PHX: T.J. Warren out Friday, likely out Saturday
MEM: Andrew Harrison (Grizzlies) is questionable
TOR: C.J. Miles (illness) out for Friday night
CLE: Tristan Thompson, Larry Nance will return
WAS: Mike Scott, Jodie Meeks available vs. DEN
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NRL is a dying sport and the refs fuck every game up

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>Canberra Raiders v New Zealand Warriors @ 3pm
>South Sydney Rabbitohs v Manly Sea Eagles @ 5:30pm
>Parramatta Eels v Cronulla Sharks @ 7:35pm

>Gold Coast Titans v St George Dragons @ 4:10pm
>Sydney Roosters v Newcastle Knights @ 6:30pm
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cbb general

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Syracuse duke
Texas tech Purdue
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/hoc/ comfy edition

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wozniacki currently being an insufferable cunt as per susal
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/nfl/ general: handsome QB edition

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SEA:Seahawks sign DT Tom Johnson to one-year deal
FA:Joe Berger hangs up cleats after 13 seasons
FA:Former Bears CB Marcus Cooper visiting Cards
FA:Redskins pull offer to LB Junior Galette
NYJ:Terrelle Pryor agrees to contract with Jets
PHI:Mychal Kendricks has minor ankle operation
BUF:Vandalism charges dropped against Zay Jones
FA:Jordan Matthews visits Packers on Thursday
PHI:Eagles replace Torrey Smith with Mike Wallace
OAK:Raiders sign swinging-gate OT Giacomini
GB:Packers reunite with 35yo CB Tramon Williams
MIA:Dolphins pair Frank Gore with Kenyan Drake
/nfl/ discord chat
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