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/f1/ - Formula 1 general - Vettel's crib edition

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>Countdown to Austrian GP:

>Session times in your time:

>/f1/ Fantasy League:
League Passcode: 9637387

>Usually reliable F1 Acestream:

>Season standings:
1. Sebastian Vettel 153 points
2. Lewis Hamilton 139 points
3. Valtteri Bottas 111 points
4. Daniel Ricciardo 92 points
5. Kimi Räikkönen 73 points

Bernie says Ferrari should get Alonso back
FIA will take Vettel to court probably
Force India to be named Force One
Two Chinese teams have applied to enter F1
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How upset are african-americans about the fact that the baby of the super-human Serena Williams will not be 100% black, but will also be 50% white?
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/heem/- brown bricks edition

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perro caca
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/nba/ general

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Official /nba/ general
>Knicks fans Edition
>Go to sleep Celtics fans you're here 24/7

NY:Woj: Knicks could fire Phil Jackson Wednesday
PHO:Jared Dudley (toe surgery) out 3-4 months
DEN:Jamal Murray (groin) goes through 2-on-2 work
NY:Report: NYK interested in re-signing Rose
UTA:Report: BOS going after Hayward and George
NY:Report: Anthony engaging w/ NYK about buyout
CHA:Malik Monk (ankle) doubtful for Summer League
OKC:Russell Westbrook named league MVP
GS:Draymond wins Defensive Player of the Year
MLW:Giannis wins Most Improved Player Award
WAS:Wizards extend qualifying offer to Bogdanovic
WAS:WAS extends qualifying offer to Otto Porter
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How big are the chances that this guy is really going to become a star in the NBA?
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Portugal - Chile early game thread

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starts in 12 hours


Patricio; Cedric, Alves, Fonte, Eliseu; Bernardo Silva, William, Moutinho, Quaresma; Andre Silva, Ronaldo.

Bravo; Isla, Medel, Jara, Mena; Marcelo Diaz; Aranguiz, Hernandez; Vidal; Vargas, Alexis.

>Portugal are likely to be without Raphael Guerreiro for the rest of the tournament. The left-back has been playing with a fracture in his leg but it is apparently new, unrelated bruising that forced him to be substituted against Russia. Pepe is suspended for this match having picked up two yellow cards, but Cedric Soares and Bernardo Silva should be in contention despite minor problems.
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>Look at catalog
>Only 5 /trans/ threads
Really /sp/? Fucking really?

>John Terry will decide his future this weekend, with both Aston Villa and Birmingham City offering deals to the 36-year-old Chelsea defender. (Express and Star)

>Arsenal are closing in on £30m-rated Monaco winger Thomas Lemar, 21. (Daily Mail)

>Chinese club Tianjin Quanjian will offer Arsenal and Liverpool target Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang £500,000 a week to prize the forward, 28, away from Borussia Dortmund. (Talksport)

>Sunderland striker Fabio Borini, 26, will have a medical with AC Milan on Thursday. (Gazzetta dello Sport - in Italian)

>Trabzonspor are willing to meet Liverpool's £5m asking price for midfielder Lucas Leiva, 30. (Fotomac, via Liverpool Echo)

>Former Liverpool defender Martin Skrtel, 32, will not join Stoke City because he is "settled" in Turkey with Fenerbahce. (Sozcu, via Stoke Sentinel)

>Newcastle United goalkeeper Tim Krul, 29, is attracting interest from Ligue 1 side Montpellier. (Newcastle Chronicle)

>Brighton target Markus Suttner has asked Ingolstadt to let him leave, but the German side are holding out for a £4m bid for the 30-year-old defender. (Brighton Argus)

>Former Ajax, Inter Milan and Real Madrid midfielder Wesley Sneijder, 33, is close to agreeing a deal to join Los Angeles FC, who will enter the MLS in 2018. (ESPN)

>Burnley boss Sean Dyche is putting in plenty of work behind the scenes at Turf Moor and says someone should film a documentary about football management. (Lancashire Telegraph
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