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Cadiz-Barcelona thread

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Come and watch the marvelous tactics that Koeman has prepared for us.
Starting XI below.
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cricket's on
pile in
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Who /Ryder/ here
>Redeemed Spieth
>Long Drive Meme Man

It's over Europoors have zero chance
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What's the point of this team?

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SEA: Flexen holds A's to one run over six frames in win
ATL: Anderson strikes out eight in win versus Arizona
COL: Cron collects four hits, two doubles vs Dodgers
MIN: Joe Ryan strikes out 11 over five frames vs Cubs
STL: Flaherty to be used as an opener on Friday
CLE: Bieber (shoulder) to return to CLE rotation Friday
MLW: Willy Adames out of Brewers' lineup Wednesday
MIN: Buxton getting night off Wednesday versus Cubs
CLE: KC @ CLE postponed due to inclement weather
LAA: Ohtani to make next pitching appearance Sun.
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/cyc/ - general

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farewell, T. Martin edition

current and upcoming races:
23.09 Omloop van het Houtland Middelkerke-Lichtervelde 1.1
24.09 World Championships U23 - Road Race WC MU
24.09 World Championships MJ - Road Race WC MJ
25.09 World Championships WE - Road Race WC WE
25.09 World Championships WJ - Road Race WC WJ
26.09 Dorpenomloop Rucphen 1.2
26.09 Classique Paris-Chauny 1.1
26.09 World Championships - Road Race WC

Races info:

Free streams:

Previous thread:
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Working Men's Club

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Any of you lads joined your local WMC?

Me and my mate have signed up to improve our Snooker and Darts.

£20 for the year membership, £2 pints of lager, £5 buffet on a Saturday night with entertainment, normally a club singer but I've seen they get all sorts lel.
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Was this the biggest waste of talent?

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> Messi
> Higuan
>Di maria
>All them on their prime
>one of the most valuable squad after Spain
>All them key players on the best team of the world
What the fuck were they thinking?
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/fpl/ fantasy premier league

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/fpl/ day before the day before edition

>Bamford confirmed out, Raphinha unknown
>King Antonio is back
>Salah or Ronaldo (C)
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