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Why isn't this guy treated like Barry Bonds? We all unironically call them the "Cheatriots" or the "Cheat niggers". We know they've been cheating, but we give them a free pass. Is it because of Brady? The way he looks? What's happening with this team isn't usual. This Super Bowl should be a huge indictment on the NFL.
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CAR @ CGY gamethread

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Carolina Hurricanes @ Calgary Flames
>game started at 9 pm Eastern / 7 pm Mountain
>kinda late edition
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>94 stamina

he survived the night bros
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South Africa v Pakistan at Durban, 2nd ODI

Pakistan: 203* (45.5/50 overs)
South Africa: Yet to bat
South Africa won the toss and elected to field

New Zealand v India at Napier, 1st ODI
West Indies v England at Bridgetown, 1st Test

-NZ v India tussle takes centre stage
-Kohli sweeps all three top ICC honours
-Cummins, Head named joint vice-captains for SL Tests
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Last game for both teams until February 1st.

Let the Blackhawks wallow in self-pity and the past while the Islanders look to win 6 in a row.

Puck drops 7:30PM CST, 8:30PM EST.
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/tennis/ australian open

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nadal vs tiafoe
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/nba/ general - BASED JAM edition

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CLE: Tristan Thompson (sore left foot) out again
MIN: Jeff Teague (foot) will not play on Tuesday
LAC: Lou Williams (hamstring) will play Tuesday
MEM: MEM will listen to offers on Gasol, Conley
DAL: Dennis Smith Jr. will start Tuesday vs. LAC
SAC: Ferrell, Bagley, Jackson starting on Tuesday
SAC: De'Aaron Fox, Bjelica out Tuesday vs. Toronto
ORL: Aaron Gordon (back) questionable Wednesday
SAC: Iman Shumpert (rest) out Tuesday vs. Toronto
SAC: De'Aaron Fox, Bjelica questionable Tuesday
TOR: Kawhi Leonard (rest) out Tuesday & Wednesday
ATL: Kevin Huerter (neck) questionable Wednesday
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SJS @ WSH, 7 pm
ARZ @ OTT, 7:30
NYI @ CHI, 8:30
CAR @ CGY, 9 pm
DET @ DEM, 9 pm
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/copalib/ - the memes begin

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Pre-Lib 1st Stage tomorrow
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Can someone explain what makes this asshole so good? And why every single person who has seen his methods on a daily basis still can’t emulate him elsewhere?

I know he’s watched more film than anyone in the history of humanity but that can’t be all of it. You look at some of the units he’s had and what he’s gotten from them and it doesn’t make sense how it works out. How did he know a 7th round white QB from Kent State (Edelman) could replace fucking Welker? Why do players play harder for him and no one else? There’s so many questions. I haven’t found a sufficient answer to this and I’ve been following the NFL for nearly 20 years.

And no, I’m not Sean McVay
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