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>Heard you were talking shit bitchboi ABL
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/mls/ - Major League Soccer

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Rooney edition
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webm thread

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post quality webms
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>the biggest athlete Chad on the planet publicly dating a 41 year old fake, fat pornstar spic that's had 100000 miles of dick

What did Jimmy g mean by this?
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Is he gay or /sp/ is just memeing?
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Rank the top 10 football nations over the course of history (not just current rankings).
1) Brazil
2) Germany
3) Italy
4) France
5) Argentina
6) Uruguay
7) Spain
8) Netherlands
9) England
10) Sweden
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>play football
>score own goal
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Is he the preeminent sports journalist in the world?
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/JCaCa/ - Central American and Caribbean Games General

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Inaugural edition
A thread to discuss the Central American and Caribbean games. Expect bad performances, meme nations, and A LOT of hispanic asses

Today's events:
Started 1 bong ago

>Women's Football
Venezuela vs. Jamaica - LIVE
Colombia vs. Costa Rica - In 5 bongs

>Women's Team Table Tennis
Cuba 3 - 0 Guyana
El Salvador 3 - 0 Barbados
Dominican Republic - Trinidad and Tobago (Live)
Mexico - Colombia (Live)
Puerto Rico - Venezuela (Live)
Rest of the program:

Starts in 9 bings

Streaming on Will look for another stream as the day goes on.
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They're winning La Liga this season, right?
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