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Kane or Ronaldo

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got to buy a birthday present for a 9-year-old soccer fan.
He "likes everyone" and when I said I'd get him a jersey Kane and Ronaldo were both suggested.
I don't know the players or the game so well as you guys, so I'm asking you who I should get.
Ronaldo seems like a pretty good bro kind of guy - I read the letter he wrote to help out the student in Florida who ran onto the pitch), but I don't know anything about Kane except that he seems to be the player of the moment right now in the press.

tl;dr Getting jersey for kid, so I want a great player AND a good person. Need a true role model.
Kane and Ronaldo were suggested - but if you have other names I'd like to know.
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>yfw da burrs just won a game
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England vs Japan - World Cup Elimination Match

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England vs Japan play in about 13 hours in the U-17 World Cup.

The winner will take on USA in quarterfinals match so USA fans can watch to see who we play next. England came out on top of Group F with 3 wins and 11 goals to 2 given up. Japan meanwhile has had poor performances and went 1-1-1. England is a favorite to win the tournament.

General Tourney status: Germany, USA advance to quarterfinals. France Spain Mexico Brazil are still in + some no name countries.
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Would you rather witness the greatest NBA team of all time or have parity instead?
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If you were to choose a jersey number for a professional football club (no matter what your position is) what number would you chose and why?
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>South American WC qualifiers are excit-
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ITT: Cool celebration
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Who you got /sp/?
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Did anyone watch the Jets/Pats game today? Thoughts on this "fumble"?
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Eternal Arsenal Thread

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