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1201 yards rushing vs 923 and 652
>B-But he's played in more games than Fournette and Kamara
85.8ypg vs 83.9 and 46.6
Also 10 runs of 20+ yards and 3 runs of 40+ yards.
Also 246 yards from scrimmage in his first game and a 2017 rookie-high of 172 rushing yards.
Also averaging 117 yards from scrimmage per game.
Is there any reason why this guy shouldn't be the OROTY winner?
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Jimmy G

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Jimmy G, former Patriot, now has more wins this season than Kaepernick had in his last two seasons. Just sayin.
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And your new Pantys owner...
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You know realize that Liverpool's goal keepers have made only 29 saves so far. For reference, they have conceded 20 goals.

Should they just pick up pic related again? He's old, but what are you going to do? Oblak is likely the only top GK that's gonna move soon, and pool are definitely not going to get him.
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