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Can /sp/ spot fake news?
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Please give me more Floyd Mayweather memes like this please!
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is he a great coach or just a casemiro baby?
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Chargers post picture of their empty stadium on snapchat

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Why don't they just move back to San Diego already? They can't even sell out a 20 thousand seat soccer stadium.
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ITT the god-tier form/version of a player under specific circumstances

>Masked Lebron
>Marital Problems Kobe
>Prime Tracy McGrady
>Betrayed/Abandoned Westbrook
>World Cup Group Stage Landon Donovan
>Champions League Final Ronaldo
>November Tony Romo
>Rape Allegations Ben Roethlisberger
>News Scandal Tom Brady
>Red Shirt Tiger Woods
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Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that he's the GOAT?
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>won a trophy for each time he lost a game as Real manager (7:7)
What exactly did he mean by this?