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/seriea/ + /calciomercato/

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Fuck Roma edition

Ready to get raped!?
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I frequently see the term "stat padder" used to describe this guy. What does that even mean? He has the GOAT stats but they don't count for some reason?
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He actually did it the absolute madman

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All right, we've done a lot of memeing about the championship games, but now it's time to actually focus on the Owl. Who's going to win this game, and why?
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Weekly Reminder: The Greatest Choke in Sports History

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There is literally no argument you could make to put Peyton Manning in the top 10 discussion. He's the biggest Choke in NFL history; He wasted teams that were loaded. He's a HoFer (Hall of Famer), but he is not a top 10-15 QBs.

I'm tired of seeing people call this man the "GOAT" of anything other than insurance commercials and stand up comedy. Nearly every post season he stood in the pocket and choked-up INTs with HoFers on Offense and Pro Bowlers on defense. This man, this Mike and Ike head nigga, was terrible. The had to give him 5 MVPs - three of them he didn't deserve - to prevent him from being turned into a laughing stock. He's the best standup comedian of all time. Brady, Unitas and Marino are better than this nigga. Terry Bradshaw is better than this man. How can you possibly disagree? Superbowl 48 and Superbowl 50 prove this for me. He even choked away a Superbowl against Drew Brees (

HIS only win in the in the Superbowl is due to his defense shutting out Rex Grossman. He has the record for most INTs for rookie. He's 9-15 agaisnt his rival. The NFL instituted the passing league of him to be more "successful." He has the record for the most one and dones and playoff loses. He choked with no excuse. He can't eat dinner without choking twice. He's a meme. Elway and the crackhead Colts owner fell for it.

Noodle Neck
Noodle Arm
Papa John's

Top 10 All Time:
1. Brady
2. Graham
3. Montana
4. Marino
5. Elway
6. Young
7. Staubach
8. Unitas
9. Tarkenton
10. Bart Star/Bradshaw

There is no debate anymore. Really there never was.
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So now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?
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>Two New Orleans Saints fans on Tuesday sued the National Football League and its commissioner Roger Goodell to force a review of the team’s controversial 26-23 loss in Sunday’s National Football Conference championship that sent the Los Angeles Rams to the Super Bowl.

>In their complaint filed in a Louisiana state court, Saints season ticker holders Tommy Badeaux and Candis Lambert said Goodell should enforce an NFL rule they believe gives him power to negate the Rams’ win or restart the game.

>That rule lets Goodell act when a “calamity” occurs that he deems “so extraordinarily unfair or outside the accepted tactics encountered in professional football that such action has a major effect on the result of the game.”

Top kek, the absolute butt-hurt state of saints fans
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Name the five most famous Norwegian athletes, in your opinion.
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What did she mean by this

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