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how could you spee?

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>y-you really doubted me anon? wow that's mean!
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What if Sweden beats Mexico 1:0 and Germany beats Korea 1:0 ???
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Early English Celebration Thread

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I know the game hasn't even begun yet...

I know the tournament hasn't even ended yet...

I know that Euro 2020 hasn't even begun qualifying yet...

But England will win everything! If we don't, feel free to call us the cuckiest nation in the world! But that won't happen because we've won!
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>ywn feel so alive
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Reminder that England got a free pass to the round of 16 playing the 2 literally who teams before Belgium and were drawn into objectively the easiest group.
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31 years old today.

Say Happy Birthday to the real GOAT, /sp/
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