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>this is offside
>with VAR
>that line
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That's right, today is the first game of the semi-finals of the Portuguese League Cup. And it is also day of Clássico, between FC Porto and Benfica. Who do you think will it? Who will you support? Do you think Pepe and Rúben Dias will kill each other? Will FC Porto win the League Cup for the first time in its history, or will Bruno Lage manage to get Benfica a throphy? Or will it be Braga or Sporting winning it?

The game will take place in Braga, as do all games of the League Cup Final Four, so it counts as Benfica's home ground

Starts in 3 bongs and 30 bings
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Are All NFL Players Secretly On Roids?

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How do they keep it a secret? Doesent the NFL test for this sort of thing
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>Bracelona just paid 90m for a overrated Dutch twink
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>refs call penalties
fucking refball is ruining this sport, this is FOOTBALL not that faggy european shit, let them hit each other they're wearing 30 pounds of padding ffs
>refs let penalties slide
fucking blind refs how do you not call that he's targeting him it was helmet to helmet REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Can you fags make up your mind?
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/nfl/ general - DRAFT PREP edition

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KC: Dee Ford 'would love' to be back with Chiefs
NYG: Agent believes Eli will be back with Giants
FA: Romo confirms he's received contract offers
WAS: Skins QB Smith spotted in massive leg brace
KC: Chiefs weighing whether to retain DC Sutton
TEN: Titans promote TEs coach Arthur Smith to OC
FA: Report: NFL to consider making PI reviewable
FA: NFL announces 2019 international games
MIA: Dolphins plan to hire Patrick Graham as DC
LAR: Gurley says he's healthy, just played 'sorry'
NO: Drew Brees plans to make 'another run at it'
NE: Edelman at the center of it all in AFCCG win
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Not too long now, lads
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Hillary Clinton lost the state of Ohio by 446,841 votes.
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Why is this a thing among "british" zoomer n****s?
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