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Was this the biggest cock block in sports history?

>the fucking Yankees become Americas team
>beat the Marinersin the ALCS, one of the best regular season teams ever
>lose to Arizona in game 7
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get the fuck in here

>Argentina play these games to find a "socio" for Messi
>Messi doesn't even play

Argentina:Wilfredo Cabellero; Fabricio Bustos, Nicolás Otamendi, Federico Fazio y Nicolás Tagliafico; Lucas Biglia y Leandro Paredes; Manuel Lanzini, Giovani Lo Celso y Di María; Gonzalo Higuaín.

Italy: (unconfirmed) Buffon; Florenzi, Bonucci, Rugani, Spinazzola; Parolo, Jorginho, Verratti; Candreva, Immobile, Insigne
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Spring Koshien Thread

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Finnaly Spring Koshien is Here

8pm ET - Opening Ceremony

9:30pm ET - Game 1
東筑(福岡)- 聖光学院(福島)
Fukuoka Prefecture´s Tochiku High School (Fukuoka) vs. SeikoGakuin High School (Fukushima)

Midnight ET - Game 2
英明(香川)- 国学院栃木(栃木)
Eimei High School (Kagawa) vs. Kokugakuin University´s Tochigi High School (Tochigi)

2:30am ET- Game 3
明秀学園日立(茨城)- 瀬戸内(広島)
Akihito Hitachi Senior High School (Ibaraki) vs. Setouchi High School (Hiroshima)

>Official Free Stream from Mainichi/MBS (Disable adblock MAY be needed)

>NHK FEEDS (When game is not showing on NHK G, its showing on NHK E, Flash be necessary)

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Are you familiar with the TIT principle?

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Messi scores shit goal against shit team
>wow the GOAT there is no one like him

Ronaldo scores quality goal to win a game
>pussy! Penaldo! Only scores tapins!

Why do barca fans hate him so much and refuse to give him credit
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The punisher of Portugal
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Figure skating general /fs/

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World championships
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Have you apologized yet ABU scum?
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Let the game begin
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