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Can he save Chile?
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/seriea/ -- King Cuck edition

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Mon 16/10/17 20:45 Hellas Verona - Benisvento

Matchday 8 ain't over yet lads
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>eagles fans shit posting because they have the lead when the season isn't even half over

Hmmmm when could have this happened before?
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1 day before fifa fuck over 4 NT

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who will fifa just want to see lose ?
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What matches you want to see in 2018 WC?

>Brazil vs. Argentina
Last seen in 1990. They've met a couple times and perhaps people might be bored of seeing them together but

>Russia vs. Germany
Just for shitposting purposes.

>Belgium vs. Brazil
Or any other strong team. I just want them to be tested. This golden generation hasn't shown much on great tournaments. Sink or swim.

>Iceland vs. England
Both teams are stronger now. Perhaps now England may stand a chance.
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>all them people underrating us
We will overperform again and at least reach the semis of the next WC, no matters how much you hate us
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>mods are spam-deleting sports related fun-posting threads
Stop this shit
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You're born in a poor 2nd world country. Football is all around you. You watch your idol and national pride coked out of his mind on national television for the whole world to see. You decide to take a shot at it. Turns out you're pretty good. Good enough for the local team to give you a run in their youth ranks. There you meet a girl named Antonella who hangs around the training camps and you fancy her. You lay your heart out just to impress her but she's more interested in Chad McGiggliovanese. You play a bit and Barcelona decide they want you as a future player. They give you a medical and discover that not only are you autistic, but that you have a hormone deficiency. They offer to pay for the treatment because they believe in you. You move to Spain and quickly rise through the ranks with your future teammates. Ronaldinho says you're special, The world listens. You do well at league level. Now your country calls you up. You grow older your skills progress. You pad goals against thefearless Xerez and Rinconeda Polanco. You grow older. You take your team to the World Cup final, but only after showing Bosnia D who's boss. Things start to go wrong. You lose the final, your lifelong teammates and friends grow old and retire. Your country only loves you when you extinguish the poise Ecuadorians. You look back at your glory days. Your perfectly aligned Sprite cans sitting in your fridge no longer have meaning, You hear about a man by the name of Cris. The mutilator of Munich, the assassin of Atletico. the assfucker of Antonella. Desperate, you seek this man named Cris for answer to your crisis. You find him at his volcanic villa of Madeira. He's surrounded by surrogate mothers and Egyptian steel beams. You try to speak but are deafened by the almost continuous TSUUUUUUUUU's protruding through his CR7® speakers. Defeated you run home, make yourself some cheese pizza and retire to bed. Remembering you brace against the wizardly Watford you embrace in a deep slumber.
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