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>you can't make this shit up
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*breathes in*

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What do americans do with their team's merchandise after it moves to another city?
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ITT: Teams that single-handedly destroyed the fun out of their league

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Well, well, well, another great day for the NFL

>Blown catch call to end the Patriots-Steelers game
>The most stupid rule in the book ending the Cowboys-Raiders game

Why do you still watch this sport again?
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With the NFL set to die out in 20 years as more evidence for CTE comes out, how are you preparing for the rise of MLS?

In 30 years, the US will be a soccer powerhouse.
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You know we still have a chance to be a wild card

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You don't want to see us in the playoffs.
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Fucking stupid OC will never give the ball to Lynch. Just let him run it forward for a damn yard and then call a timeout, kick the field goal, and go to OT. FUCKING SHIT

Also, I only care because I wanted to play some other guy in my fantasy title game next week.