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will the tactic fox fix the shitty buyern defense? his superior understanding of taktiks could not only win buyern the treble next year but could also be profitable for the manshaft and the euro 2020
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ITT: famous supporters

Post your teams famous fans.
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The boxing pill

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The least you could do is pick up sparring/training on the weekends.

We're men. We evolved to fight. It releases dopamine and gives us a sense of grounded placement in this world moreso than videogames, shitposting, or jacking off to porn.

Just type in your nearest big city and 'boxing' and do it.
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Eternal Arsenal Thread

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Thread got deleted for some reason lads. No idea why but here's the new one.
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/nba/ general - Hall of Fame edition

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MEM 79 - CHA 140
>Walker scores 46 points, hits 10 3-pointers

PHI 118 - ORL 98
>LeBen Simmons almost gets another triple-double

DET 96 - HOU 100
>James Harden (4-20 FG)

LAL 125 - NOP 128
Rondo 24 PTS (11/18 FG)

UTA 119 - DAL 112
>who cares

ATL @ SAC on League Pass

>According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski and the San Antonio Express-News' Jabari Young, the Spurs and Leonard held a players-only meeting was held with Spurs players and Leonard in an attempt to get him back in the lineup soon.

>Bucks' Giannis Antetokounmpo (ankle) doubtful vs. Bulls
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/biathlon/ aka chicks with guns

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The final Battle starts. It's the last week with the last 3 single ranked races for both, men and women, with a each a Sprint, a Pursuit and finally on this sunday the Mass Start.

Today the guy's sprint starting around 14:00.

20-25.03 Tyumen (RUS)

22.03 14.45 Men's 10km Sprint
23.03 14.45 Women's 7.5km Sprint
24.03 Men's 12.5km Pursuit
24.03 Women's 10km Pursuit
25.03 Men's 15km Mass Start
25.03 Women's 12.5km Mass Start
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so what will happen when he'll coach buyern next season? will the taktik kommandant win the treble after jupp failed?
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/mlb/ general - HERE'S YOUR (Yu) edition

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ATL: Camargo (oblique) will start season on DL
CHC: Kris Bryant belts first Cactus League homer
CHC: Yu Darvish notches 7 Ks in win over Texas
SD: Eric Hosmer tallies fourth spring home run
DET: Fiers (back) likely starting the year on DL
OAK: A.J. Puk shut down due to biceps soreness
NYM: Michael Conforto homers twice in scrimmage
CWS: Jose Abreu (hamstring) aims to return Friday
BAL: O's finalize 4-yr, $57M deal with Alex Cobb
WAS: Daniel Murphy (knee) out for start of season
CLE: Brantley (ankle) to make Cactus debut Wed.
KC: Whit Merrifield homers twice to pace Royals
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