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patriots are trading up and drafting him.
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Will Americans ever truly understand and appreciate association football?
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>yfw you realize SJWs and the Chiefs front office being cucks cost the Chiefs a chance at the superbowl
If they kept things strictly business oriented and at least deferred dealing with the problem to the postseason, the Chiefs would have beaten the Patriots.

This is why you dont give up and why you don't listen to SJWs. Brady never listens to SJWs and instead tries to troll them. Thats why he always wins. Bending over backwards for people who wouldnt even care to forgive you after you've begged their forgiveness is nothing more than you hurting yourself. Food for thought.
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Remember when Brady vs. Manning was an actual discussion? How silly do you feel nowadays?
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Tom Brady

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the ami had one job, HAD - edition
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Is he reddit or 4chan?
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