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Why do Brits care about friendlies and underage competitions? May it be because they haven't won a single title in more than 50 years?
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Portugal vs Chile

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Is this Pic acurate?
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now that the dust has settled

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who was in the wrong here?
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14:15 - Inter, done deal for Borja Valero. Fiorentina is waiting for an answer from him
14:12 - Atalanta, de Roon is close.
14:09 - Sampdoria, ag. Skriniar: "Inter? Chill, there are also La Liga and the PL."
14:06 - Fiorentina-Sampdoria, agreement for Ilicic
14:03 - Roma, one more meeting with Zenit for Manolas
14:00 - Genoa - Ristovski e Goldaniga
13:51 - Bologna, wants Oikonomou e Rizzo
13:48 - Samp, Giampaolo seething for all the players leaving the team
13:45 - Torino, waiting for an answer from Barca for Vermaelen
13:30 - TOP NEWS Ore 13 - Juve: Bernardeschi and Danilo. Milan, here comes Borini
13:27 - Roma, Manolas-Zenit is on a stall: Chelsea trying with a cheeky bid
13:21 - Inter, wants Chiesa. Fiorentina won't sell him
13:18 - Inter-Pescara, Coulibaly is close
13:15 - Juve, Neto is leaving for Valencia and Scxzxzeny is close
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Los Angeles Sports Thread

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I have a feeling we're about to come have a golden era in Los Angeles sports

Anyone else feel this way?
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this is leo messi
he is 30th today
say hello birday o him
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Colorado Rockies vs San Francisco Giants (#2 of 3)

AT&T Park
10:15 PM ET | 7:15 PM PT


Jeff Hoffman (RHP #34) (4-1 | 4.29 ERA | 38 K)
Matt Cain (RHP #18) (3-7 | 5.54 ERA | 47 K)

1. CF Charlie Blackmon (L)
2. 2B DJ LeMahieu (R)
3. 3B Nolan Arenado (R)
4. 1B Mark Reynolds (R)
5. LF Ian Desmond (R)
6. RF Alexi Amarista (L)
7. SS Trevor Story (R)
8. C Tony Wolters (L)
9. P Jeff Hoffman (R)

Tom Murphy (R)
Raimel Tapia (L)
Mike Tauchman (L)
Pat Valaika (R)

1. CF Denard Span (L)
2. 2B Joe Panik (L)
3. RF Hunter Pence (R)
4. C Buster Posey (R)
5. 1B Brandon Belt (L)
6. SS Brandon Crawford (L)
7. 3B Ryder Jones (L)
8. LF Gorkys Hernandez (R)
9. P Matt Cain (R)

Conor Gillaspie (L)
Nick Hundley (R)
Austin Slater (R)
Kelby Tomlinson (R)

* COL:
-- Jairo Diaz (RHP #47), who was called up yesterday and used for 1 inning, was optioned back to the (AAA) Albuquerque Isotopes.
-- Mike Tauchman (OF #3) was called up from the (AAA) Albuquerque Isotopes.
-- David Dahl (OF #26) was transferred the 10-day DL list to the 60-day DL to clear a spot on the 40-man roster for Tauchman.

-- Also, yesterday, Matt Carasiti (RHP #_) was traded to the Chicago Cubs for Zac Rosscup (LHP #_). Rosscup was optioned to the (AAA) Albuquerque Isotopes.

** SF:
-- Gillaspie / Hwang roster move will be tomorrow, Wednesday; (will also need to clear a spot in the 40-man roster).
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Choose wisely.
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