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>watch the 1978 world cup final
>blood everywhere
>the regime had tanks outside waiting for the dutch in case they won
When did football become the sóy sport?
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he has tried the same shit before kek
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/mls/ general - JUST edition (feat. /ayy/ + /wog/)

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>Saturday, 5/26
Seattle Sounders vs Real Salt Lake, 5pm EST
Vancouver Whitecaps vs New England Revolution, 5:30
NY Red Bulls vs Philadelphia Union, 7pm
Orlando City vs Chicago Fire, 7:30
Minnesota United vs Montreal Impact, 8pm
Colorado Rapids vs Portland Timbers, 9pm
LAFC vs DC United, 10pm

>Sunday, 5/27
Sporting KC vs Columbus Crew, 6pm

>NASL (for now)
>NWSL (world cup winners!)
>A-League (the league of tomorrow!)
>Fantasy MLS Codes

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No /cric/ thread?

I was hoping you guys were going to tell me who the match fixers for England and Australia are.
Did no one else watch the Al Jazeera Investigates?

The clues are
>Chennai 2016 test between England and India
>English player, England batting, probably the first innings and the first day
>10 over session scoring low runs and finishing said 10 over session with an over of less than 2

>Australia India Ranchi test in 2017
>Australia batting
>10 over session scoring low runs and finishing said 10 over session with an over of less than 2
>Australian batsman removes his helmet twice in a row to signal the beginning of the session
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/box/ - Trump edition

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>Wednesday June 6 - Sky Sports UK
Luke Watkins vs Lawrence Okolie

>Saturday June 9 - BT Sport UK
Terry Flanagan vs Maurice Hooker
Tyson Fury vs Sefer Seferi

>Saturday June 9 - ESPN US Boxnation UK
Jeff Horn vs Terrance Crawford

>Saturday June 9 - Showtime US
Leo Santa Cruz vs Abner Mares
Jermell Charlo vs Austin Trout

>Saturday June 16 - Sky Sports UK
Lewis Ritson vs Paul Hyland

>Saturday June 16 - Showtime US
Errol Spence Jr vs Carlos Ocampo
Devon Alexander vs Andre Berto

>Saturday June 23 - Channel 5 UK
Josh Taylor vs Viktor Postol

>Saturday June 23 - BT Sport UK
Billy Joe Saunders vs Martin Murray

>Saturday June 23 - ESPN US
Miguel Berchelt vs Jonathan Victor Barros
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Confess /sp/
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