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How many yards would he get in the NFL?
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ITT forgotten athletes
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So let me get this straight,

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Your wife is going to leave over working 4 more months of the last time you'll ever be able to do the thing that you have essentially be obsessed with since birth?

Am I missing something or do people (specifically women) not understand why someone plays the game for as long as Brady beyond greatness? It's an impassioned admiration for the game itself. The strategy, complexity, organization, preparation, mind games all combining to execute something that is beautiful. The feeling of being apart of something bigger is not something that cannot be replicated while being an observer.

Being in it and doing something to change the course of events is different than just watching. Should a man not be able to enjoy his profession, passion, or hobby while he is still physically able to do so?

Even after all of this, Brady still spends time with his family, it's not like the actor, musician, or scientist who spends 16 hours every single day locked away in a room. After 2 months of intense prep and 4 of play, it's 6 of total relaxation.

He doesn't even talk shit about his wife while she goes onto Vogue and shit talks him like a typical woman would do. Give the nigga a break.
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Now that pissi and penaldo got exposed for being frauds.
Was he the actual goat after all ?
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Why can Nadal do this but I can't?
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>google "haaland gf"
>0 results, 0 pictures

why isn't he interested in women? football is his only love, right?
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Quarters Edition

gamon 'arbour
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/f1/ - Relentless Formula One General - Nipland FP1 Edition

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>Countdown to Power of Dreams GP:

>Previous thread:

>/f1/ Essentials:

>Races until Vettel returns to the beehive:

>WDC Standings:
VER: 341 (+6)
LEC: 237 (+18)
PER: 235 (+25)
RUS: 203 (+0)
SAI: 202 (+15)

>WCC Standings:
Red Bull: 576 (+31)
Ferrari: 439 (+33)
Mercedes: 373 (+2)
McLaren: 129 (+22)
Alpine: 125 (+0)

>WEC Standings:
RIC: 959.60 (+23.03)
HAM: 912.15 (+91.55)
LAT: 786.59 (+73.70)

Rain so don't expect much
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For me it's the Philadelphia Eagles
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