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Is this true?

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Is this true? I'm a Saints fan and i was really pissed off about the missed call to the point where i broke up with my girlfriend. But now i see on Facebook and social media this missed facemask call, did the Rams actually deserve to win? Is it true that Jared Goff had almost 50 more passing yards than Drew Brees in this game? How is that possible?
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Is Thierry going to be ok lads?
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How do we fix this shit?
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*Wins the league whilst making a profit*

Danke Kloppo
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Some people here might find this useful.

It's from reddit, but it's rather comprehensive and helps people who aren't as much into the game to get an idea of roughly where each club is located.
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Copa del /lel/ - Quarter finals 1st leg

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Playing now Getafe (5th) - Valencia (9th)

Both come to this match with hopes, with wins, and with several finals and/or titles in this competition.

>Fixtures 1st leg Quarter-finals (all times CET)
22.01. 21:30 Getafe Valencia
23.01. 21:30 Sevilla Barcelona
24.01. 19:30 Espanyol Betis
24.01. 21:30 Real Madrid Girona

>La Liga Standings at the end of Matchday 20
1 Barcelona 46
2 Atlético Madrid 41
3 Real Madrid 36
4 Sevilla 33
5 Alavés 32
6 Getafe 31
7 Real Betis 29
8 Real Sociedad 26
9 Valencia 26
10 Levante 26
11 Eibar 25
12 Girona 24
13 Espanyol 24
14 Athletic Bilbao 23
15 Leganés 22
16 Valladolid 22
17 Celta Vigo 21
18 Rayo Vallecano 20
19 Villarreal 18
20 Huesca 11
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Why is Tom Brady 2-3 in the playoffs against Peyton Manning?
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De Jong to Barça official

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JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA. Let's laugh at all the retarded POOskins who got again BTFO by CHADtomeu
Inb4 both (ahemgypsyjannysamefagginghisownthreadsahem) the beaner and that obssessed Mohammed frenchie Halalpoopie spammer shills commit suicide
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English American Football Teams

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For me, it's the Derby County Rams
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/nba/ general - Larry Saved /nba/ from Spam Poster AGAIN edition

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NBA Headlines
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MIA:Dion Waiters sparks bench w/ 18-point effort
LAK:Josh Hart will start Monday for Lonzo (ankle)
BOS:Kyrie Irving swipes career-high eight steals
UTA:Ricky Rubio (hamstring) coming off bench
NO:Jahlil Okafor nets 1st dbl-dbl since Feb. '17
NO:Jrue Holiday posts 21/11/6/2 line in road win
HOU:Nene starting; James Ennis to the bench
PHI:Joel Embiid (back) will play Monday vs. HOU
BKN:D'Angelo Russell scores 31 pts w/ 7 triples
SAC:Bogdan Bogdanovic scores 22 w/ 11 dimes
PHI:Joel Embiid (back) a game-time decision Mon
MLW:Giannis Antetokounmpo posts 31-15-5 line
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