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Does it ever feel weird to you that fans can be hated rivals with a city in one sport but not in another?

It's especially weird with Dallas having rivalries with NY, Philly, and D.C. in football, a rivalry with Houston and a bunch of west coast teams in baseball, and then a rivalry with San Antonio and Miami in the NBA.

Like, how do 76ers and Mavs fans or Phillies and Rangers filter out that thought when their teams trade Hamels and Noel to each other?
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>tfw your minor league baseball team wins
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Most overrated player in football?

>mfw someone genuinely refers to him as a 'midfielder'
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ITT rare but a e s t h e t i c c kits/sponsors
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Why are they so pathetic?
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/copalib/ - Copa Libertadores & conmebol general

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Too soon edition

> Copa Libertadores Quarter finals
River Plate (ARG) - Jorge (BOL)
Lanús (ARG) - San Lorenzo (ARG)
Barcelona (ECU) - Santos (BRA)
Botafogo (BRA) - Grêmio (BRA)

> Copa Sudamericana Ro16 keys
Racing (ARG) - Corinthians (BRA)
Libertad (PAR) - Santa Fe (COL)
Nacional (PAR) - Estudiantes (ARG)
Atl. Tucuman (ARG) - Independiente (ARG)
Cerro Porteño (PAR) - Junior (COL)
Sport Recife (BRA) - Ponte Preta (BRA)
Chapecoense (BRA) - Flamengo (BRA)
Fluminense (BRA) - Liga de Quito (ECU)
- first leg starts in two weeks

- Peru's Apertura finishing on the next days.
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>#3 overall pick

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Here is a list of players picked after Blake Bortles but before Jacksonville's next pick

>Khalil Mack
>Mike Evans
>Anthony Barr
>Odell Beckham, Jr.
>Aaron Donald
>Zack Martin
>C. J. Mosley
>Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
>Kelvin Benjamin
>Teddy Bridgewater
>Derek Carr
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