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Is Viceland any good?
My cable company giving me a free channel and thought it aligns with my interests.
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/nfl/ general - Draft Szn Edition

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CLG:Report: Jarrad Davis won't fall past No. 22
CLG:Chiefs making 'most noise' about trading up
CLG:Report: Pat Mahomes expected to go in top 10
CLG:Report: Browns trying to move up for Trubisky
CLG:Report: Evan Engram could 'sneak' into Day 1
CLG:Report: Myles Garrett will be the No. 1 pick
CLG:Report: Jets could take O.J. Howard at No. 6
CLG:Jags beat writer predicts team drafts Watson
CLG:Cowboys potential spot for Gareon Conley?
CLG:Broncos have had trade up talks with Titans
CLG:Report: Falcons 'plotting' trade up Thursday
CLG:Christian McCaffrey 'likely' to go in top 10
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/nba/ general - TURN OF THE TIDE edition

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Raptors @ Bucks, 7pm EST (TNT)
>TOR leads 3-2

Spurs @ Grizzlies, 9:30pm EST (TNT)
>SA leads 3-2
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>American sports analysts

really makes you think
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>Cavaliers vs Raptors

Could we just push the Cavs forward into the Conference finals and do away with this minor formality? It's going to be another boring sweep for fucks sake.
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mcmemefry got shit on by disciplined defenses that don't over pursue
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Stanley Cup Playoffs Conference Semifinals: Ottawa Senators vs. New York Rangers game 1

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On one side, we have King Karl, on the other, King Henrik. Which of the member of the order of Royalty with no Jewelry will take his kingdom to victory? Stay tuned for the answer, and don't forget to rev up those:
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2017 NFL Draft Thread

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Reaching for busts edition
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