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Alexander Douglas "Alex Smith" Smith is a professional football quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League. He was the first overall pick by the San Francisco 49ers in the 2005 NFL Draft.
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With so much testosterone involved in the Super Bowl then how come the half time show is always some pussy pop group?
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/mlb/ general - THROWBACK edition

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LAD: Puig ignites Dodgers offense in Game 1 win
CHC: Maddon tossed from NLCS opener for arguing
CHC: Hendricks, Arrieta tapped to start Games 3, 4
NYY: Severino fine after shoulder scare in Game 2
HOU: Verlander fans 13 in dominant Game 2 victory
NYY: Severino exits Game 2 start due to injury
LAD: Hernandez batting cleanup for Dodgers in G1
LAD: Culberson starting at shortstop in Game 1
CHC: Lester officially named Cubs' Game 2 starter
CHC: Schwarber back in left field in NLCS Game 1
LAD: Corey Seager (back) not on roster for NLCS
CHC: Cubs opt for Rendon over Wilson for NLCS
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Respect for Lukaku. Man's managed tog et a picture with Prince Harry and an AYYYlien
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/bundes/ general

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>U17 World Cup
13:30 Columbia - Germany

>2. Bundes
20:30 Darmstadt - Nürnberg
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>Greece (47)
Why are they allowed to be in the playoffs?
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>having a domed stadium
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The NFC east belongs to the Eagles
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