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Top 25 FCs of all time

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the goat clubs according to this americlap

25. Flamengo (Brazil)
24. Arsenal (England)
23. Celtic (Scotland)
22. America (Mexico)
21. Palmeiras (Brazil)
20. Olimpia (Paraguay)
19. Nacional (Uruguay)
18. Porto (Portugal)
17. Olympique Marseille (France)
16. River Plate (Argentina)
15. Benfica (Portugal)
14. São Paulo (Brazil)
13. Internazionale (Italy)
12. Juventus (Italy)
11. Peñarol (Uruguay)
10. Independiente (Argentina)
9. Santos (Brazil)
8. Liverpool (England)
7. Ajax (Netherlands)
6. Boca Juniors (Argentina)
5. Manchester United (England)
4. Bayern Munich (Germany)
3. Milan (Italy)
2. Barcelona (Spain)
1. Real Madrid (Spain)
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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

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Country, Belt and Major Achievement?
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>the British are inbre-

What's this isn't that the rest of Europe's go to insult?????
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Who was in the wrong here ?
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is Kane actually good?
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He's going to jail

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Rumour in legal circles here in madrid is he's getting jail time, he fucked up really bad not accepting the terms of the prosecution

Remains to be seen when the sentence will be handed down, apparently they are trying to delay it as much as possible, probably hoping he leaves real madrid this summer and the club doesn't get bad publicity

I don't have much more info but AMA and I'll answer if I can
ps: I work for the justice system in madrid, not a lawyer nor a judge
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/147/ - Players Championship

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Currently it's the quarter-final between Shaun Murphy vs Anthony McGill. Coverage on ITV4.

Later in the evening (at 7pm GMT) there'll be a thrilling match between Ronnie O'Sullivan vs Judd Trump.
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