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Footballers with the best first touch

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Hector Velazquez, MLB player, insulted Hiroshima with the disgusting picture ridiculing atomic bomb victims and all Japanese on Instagram story.
He is racist. It's should be big matter.
I can't forgive him as a Japanese.
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Are the Winter Olympics dead?

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56.4% Of Voters Reject Calgary 2026 Olympic Bid, City Council Expected To Cancel Project

More than 56 percent of voters across Calgary voted against a proposed 2026 Olympic Winter Games bid Tuesday, a result that will likely spell the end of the city’s pursuit to host its second edition of the Olympics, and first Paralympic Games.

Over 300,000 votes were cast in the standalone plebiscite, a number considered to represent a reasonable turnout in the city. The final unofficial count had 56.4 percent rejecting the bid with 43.6 in favour.

>Sion resigns
>Graz resigns
>Sapporo resigns
>Erzurum resigns
>Calgary resigns
>Only Stockholm and Cortina remain, and might resign too in a few

Are the Winter Olympics dead? How do we fix them?
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/ebb/- Elementary Basketball

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welcome to YOUR hub for
>parents yelling at refs
>incompetent meme chucking
>comfy 20 point shit shows
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Premier League clubs would be allowed a maximum of 12 overseas players in their 25-man squads under new Football Association plans preparing for Brexit.
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>y'dun now, Robbie: Lucas 'Bruk'arf' Torreira's world class senpai. He'd be sick if Man Like Emery used a Heynkes variation on the Gegenpress, senpai - know what I'm saying? Lark'arf dem wasteman ediot youts Spurs, senpai
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