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Good ol days edition

Spammer not welcome
Fuck your mma general

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>the Raiders are coming back to LA ese!
>what you don't think Las Vegas is part of us puto?
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/nba/ general - big ballers edition

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Lakers win the draft
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Lions 13-7 NZ Provincial Barbarians
Lions 16-22 Blues*
Lions 12-3 Poosaders
Lions 22-23 Highlanders*
Lions 32-10 Maori All Blacks
Lions 34-6 Chiefs
*NZ Rugby Good Guys™

>Sat 24 June
19:35 Lions v All Blacks, Auckland

>Tues 27 June
19:35 Lions v Hurricanes. Wellington
>Sat 1 July
19:35 Lions v All Blacks, Wellington
>Sat 8 July
19:35 Lions v All Blacks, Auckland


>Fri 23 June
18:00 Wales v Samoa
>Sat 24 June
14:30 Fiji v Scotland
17:00 Australia v Italy
17.40 Japan v Ireland
>Sun 25 June
3:00 RSA v France
4:00 Romania v Brazil
7:00 Canada v USA
7.15 Argentina v Georgia

*all times RWCT*

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disputes settled today edition
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NFL General: USA Edition

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OAK:Report: OAK, Carr finalizing mega extension
TEN:Eric Decker's one-year deal worth just $3.85M
NE:Patriots do deal with ex-Jets LB David Harris
CAR:Greg Olsen won't rule out holding out of camp
BAL:Maclin reveals he tore his groin last season
DET:Lions' Khyri Thornton slapped with 6-game ban
ATL:ATL 'confident' of Devonta Freeman extension
CLE:Report: Kizer has narrowed the gap to Kessler
MIA:Jarvis Landry sets Week 1 deadline for deal
LAR:No chance Rams, Johnson reach long-term deal?
WAS:'80 percent' chance Cousins signs extension?
DET:Quinn 'confident' Stafford deal will get done
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/cfb/ general - JULY IS PRESEASON edition

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He unironically is the new GRANATE.

In other news

>According to marca Dembele has come to an agreement with Barcelona to switch this summer.
>No comment from BVB yet, but they had previously said that 90 million and upwards are required
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Finland is the best sporting nation

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>best at ice hockey
>best at pesäpallo
>best at skiing
>best at snowboarding
>best at sauna
>best looking men and women
>most intelligent people
>best culture
>best sense of humour

Pay your respects to Finland
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