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Is he the ultimate mastermind in football?
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The second double session of this year's Worlds is the first without a former champion in the field, but it does have the greatest player to never make a world final.

Beginning the afternoon is a youthful prelim between Belgian Kenny Neyens and Welshman Jamie Lewis. Neyens was 4th on the Development Tour Order of Merit while Lewis won the third place play-off at the PDPA qualifier, so it shouldn't be that bad. Inconsistency follows as Alan Norris faces Finland's Kim Viljanen. Chuck nearly crashed out to Greece's John Michael at this stage last year, so the Finn has a chance of taking out the frustratingly erratic fat man. Australia's Kyle Anderson returns to the Worlds stage against Yorkshire clogger Peter Jacques; the Original infamously missed last year's Worlds due to visa issues, but has produced enough stunning darts this year to surely defeat the Terrier. Ending the afternoon is the newest major finalist in Welsh #3 Jonny Clayton against the prelim winner; Clayton got pumped at Minehead by MVG but this will surely be an easier affair.

The evening commences with an unpredictable prelim game as America's Willard Bruguier plays Kiwi Cody Harris. Bruguier won the North American Championship during the Las Vegas Masters, but Harris has more big stage experience via the World Cup. Two men with declining careers meet next as James Wade goes up against Keegan Brown; the Machine has made just one major quarter final this year, and has fallen out of the Top 10 while Brown has never got back to his peak of 2014/15. Dave Chisnall then meets Vincent van der Voort in what will be a high-paced doubling disaster; Clayton's PCF final pushed Vinny into the Pro Tour spots but Chizzy's lack of recent form could play into the big Dutchman's hands. Closing the evening is Stoke dab master Ian White against the prelim victor, and he will surely fare better than his terrible time against Kevin Simm last year.

Coverage starts at 12:30pm UK time on Sky Sports Darts (SS Arena).
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F.C Barcelona v Depor

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Official Barça v Deportivo game thread
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Saints v Jets gamethread

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Who ya got

Also fuck Atlanta seriously
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Texans vs Jags #Only Gamethread needed

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Savage Out
Bortles Battled

Jags going to get OBrien fired (hopefully)

/r/nflstreams for restream
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/mlb/ general - NATTY LIGHT edition

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LAD: Braves will designate Gonzalez for assignment
ATL: Dodgers acquire Matt Kemp in five player deal
NYY: Yankees agree to one-year deal with Sabathia
TEX: Matt Moore traded to Rangers for prospects
SF: Report: Matt Moore traded to Rangers
SF: Matt Moore or Hunter Pence to be traded soon?
ARZ: J.D. Martinez wants to play outfield, not DH
PIT: NYY, PIT 'continuing to talk' about SP Cole
HOU: Astros' deal with Hector Rondon is official
LAA: Zack Cozart inks three-year deal with Angels
CLE: Phillies nab Carlos Santana with 3/$60M deal
SD: Padres acquire Freddy Galvis from Phillies
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Eternal /FIFA/

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Buy Aurier
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/nfl/ general

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no ringlets allowed edition

CIN:Report: Marvin Lewis plans to leave Bengals
DEN:Paxton Lynch to resume practicing this week
IND:Report: Chuck Pagano likely out after season
JAC:Fournette only expected to miss one week
SEA:Seahawks MLB Bobby Wagner on track to play
PIT:Steelers expect Joe Haden to return Sunday
LAC:Melvin Gordon totals 169 yards, TD in defeat
KC:Tyreek Hill rips 64-yard TD, finishes 5/88/1
LAC:Philip Rivers melts down with 3 INTs in loss
HOU:DeAndre Hopkins (toe) expected to play Wk 15
PIT:JuJu Smith-Schuster expected to play Week 15
CAR:Devin Funchess (shoulder) expected to play
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/cfb/ - Georgia fans edition

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Bowl games start again on Tues with the Cheribundi Tart Cherry Boca Raton Bowl featuring Lane Kiffin

full schedule:
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People that /sp/ hates:

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I'll start
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