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>american /sp/
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/nfl/ general - SPRING FEELS edition

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FA: Martellus Bennett retires after 10 seasons
DEN: Broncos trade sixth-rounder for OT Veldheer
MIA: Dolphins take flyer on QB Brock Osweiler
LAC: Corey Liuget draws 4-game PED suspension
CLG: Josh Allen 'dazzles' at Wyoming Pro Day
PHI: Eagles DE Bennett indicted on felony charge
FA: Jets a 'serious suitor' for Ndamukong Suh
CLE: Browns swing deal for CB E.J. Gaines
CLG: Giants expected to pass on non-Darnold QBs
FA: Report: Allen Hurns signing with Dallas
PHI: Malcolm Jenkins undergoes surgery on thumb
FA: Titans hosting ILB Will Compton on Friday
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wozniacki currently being an insufferable cunt as per susal
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Southgate Out

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It is meant to be /ouryer/ but with this plonker we don't stand a chance.
>selected Joe Hart for the squad
>played Stones, Trippier, Rashford and Sterling
>subbed on fucking Danny Wellshit
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Mar 23 LFA 36: Simon vs. Zani
Mar 24 One Championship 70: Iron Will
Mar 24 Invicta FC 28: Inoue vs. Jandiroba
Mar 24 ACB 83: Kerimov vs. Borisov
Mar 24 CWFC 92: Super Saturday
Mar 30 M-1 Challenge 90: Kunchenko vs. Butenko
Mar 30 FNG: Fight Nights Global 85
Apr 1 FNG: Fight Nights Global 86
Apr 6 Bellator 196: Henderson vs. Huerta
Apr 6 CES MMA 49: Andrews vs. Padilla
Apr 7 UFC 223: Ferguson vs. Khabib
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/FIFA/ Eternal FIFA thread

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Many Happy Returns Edition
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*scores in your path*
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>makes millions of dollars a year
>bangs a 10/10 daily
>will win a championship in the next 12 months

What have you done with your life?
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G-Guys what is t-this?

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