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>extremely easy to score
>field is very small
>They just go back and forth scoring until it ends
>even at the the highest level you have boomers sitting on lawn chairs 2 feet away from you
Ah yes, another sport popular in amerimuttland.
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Farmer's league
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Look how happy he is.
You didn't deserve him britfags
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Press F to pay respects

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>Jimmy Greaves: Former England, Tottenham and Chelsea striker passes away aged 81

Jimmy Greaves is Tottenham's record goalscorer after scoring 266 times in 379 games; he won two FA Cups and the European Cup Winners' Cup with the north London club; Greaves was a member of England's World Cup-winning side in 1966; he died at home on Sunday aged 81
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Time to get litty, /sp/ros.
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/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Strulovitch Motorenwerk Edition

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#3048 or #3049 if we're counting Brazil's aborted thread

>Countdown to Gazprom VTB Uralkali SMP Russian Automobile Federation GP: (Scroll down for all session times)

>Previous Thread:

>Thread Theme:

>/f1/ Essentials V10:

>Eternal /f1/ Stream:

>Edd Straw, The Status:
Why the Casino de Monte-Carlo should be turned into a Gregg's.

>WDC Standings:
Verstappen: 226.5
My left testicle: 220.5
Bottas: 141
Norris: 132
Pérez: 118

>WCC Standings:
Mercedes: 361.5
Red Bull: 344.5
McLaren: 214
Ferrari: 201.5
Boss team: 92

>WEC Standings:
Hamilton: 693.97 (+79.67)
Bottass: 631.81 (+11.42)
Ricciardo: 515.95 (+2.51)

Wolff says Mercedes need to 'condition and calibrate' Russell to avoid repeat of Rosberg vs Hamilton rift
Giovinazzi trying to ignore rumours as he fights to keep Alfa Romeo seat for 2022
Formula 1 fan arrested after being mistaken for mafia boss (
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/FPL/ - Fantasy Premier League General

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the new gameweek will start in a couple of hours later you goon, have you /solved/ your lineup yet?
Can PBamz make it against the mighty toon army?
Can tsu and big rom carry your doubtful lineup for another week?
Can norwich finally have their 1st CS of the season?
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Bong genes vs Portuguese genes

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Ronaldo is actually a year older kek
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Stinky edition
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