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Aesthetic cards edition
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2011 Finals Part 2: The battle of Eugenics

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Who are you prematurely bandwagoning? LeBron Jr or Dirk Jr?
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Eternal Arsenal Thread

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/arse/-kun, denwa
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Houston sports thread

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What could possibly go wrong?
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/indy/ - Indycar General

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Freedom Edition, nothing screams freedom like corn or sky being processed and packaged into millions of different products.

1. Scott Dixon - 379
2. Simon Pagenaud - 345
3. Helio Castroneves - 342
4. Takuma Sato - 323
5. Josef Newgarden - 318
6. Will Power - 316
7. Graham Rahal - 307
8. Tony Kanaan - 273
9. Alexander Rossi - 271
10. Ed Jones - 254

Next race is the Iowa Corn Indy 300 at Iowa Speedway on NBCSN, July 9th.

Practice 1: July 8th at 11:00am ET (Live Streamed)
Qualifications: July 8th at 3:00pm ET (Live on NBCSN)
Final Practice: July 8th at 7:15pm ET (Live Streamed)
Race: July 9th at 5pm ET (Live on NBCSN)
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Britt McHenry

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Claims ESPN fired her for being a conservative.

In reality it was cause she is an easily replaceable piece of eye candy who has an awful personality and no real value when it comes to ratings
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Webm thread

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Post em
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Ronaldo has very little talent compared to Messi but he managed to surpass him through hard work and never giving up.
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name 3 peruvian athletes without using google/wikipedia/any shill website
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