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CONMEBOL League /conmebol/

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South America World Cup 2018 Qualifiers

Today's menu (all times are GMT-5):

Colombia vs. Bolivia 03:30 pm.
Paraguay vs. Ecuador 06:00 pm.
Uruguay vs. Brasil 06:00 pm
Venezuela vs. Perú 06:30 pm.
Argentina vs. Chile 06:30 pm.
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/bundes/: Championess League edition

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Todays UEFA Women's Champions League games

Buyern München : PSG (19:00 live on free german television channel sport1 and also as a HD live stream on
Fortuna Hjorring (DEN) : Manchester City (19:00)
Wolfsburg : Olympique Lyonnaise (20:15 live on free german television channel eurosport (Deutschland))

Yesterday: Rosengard : Barcelona 0:1

Get in here!
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>the absolute state of nike
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>invent soccer
>suck at it
>invent rugby
>suck at it
>invent cricket
>suck at it

invent American Football
>GOAT at it
>invent baseball
>GOAT at it
>steal basketball from Canada
>GOAT at it

>invents hockey
>GOAT at it

>invents AFL
>GOAT at it

>invents Pesäpallo
>GOAT at it
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/rug/ - Return of the Pro12 edition

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The most prestigious and coveted title in club rugby is back. Get hype!

Scarlets v Edinburgh
Dragons v Ulster

Zebre v Munster
Leinster v Cardiff
Glasgow v Connacht
Treviso v Ospreys

In other NH competitions
Northampton v Leicester
Saracens v Bath

>Top 14
Racing v Clermont
Pau v La Rochelle

Next week will have the Champions Cup quarter-finals, so these games will be an interesting form guide to see how well clubs can reintegrate their players after the Six Nations.

Also Super Rugby. There's probably some games on in that or something.
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/nfl/ general - SERIOUS INTERCOURSE edition

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NO: Saints keep Sterling Moore with one-year deal
NYJ: Christian Hackenberg to make starts in 2017?
MIA: Dolphins sign RFA Alonso to four-year deal
CAR: Charles Johnson undergoing back operation
CAR: Newton needs surgery on throwing shoulder
SEA: Marshawn Lynch's agent: He misses football
NO: LB Manti Te'o signs two-year deal with Saints
NYJ: Jets 'very intrigued' by QB Mitchell Trubisky
IND: Colts sign former Ravens WR Kamar Aiken
NE: Deal between Butler, Saints 'mostly in place'
FA: Report: Cutler was scheduled to visit Jets
NYJ: Jets find stopgap option, sign Josh McCown
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Eternal Arsenal Thread

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/cbb/ general - NCAA MARCH MADNESS THREAD #9001

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It's on.
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100% SUNE
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Is this even human