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This image speaks volumes...
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/cyc/ - general

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eddy edition because why not

Current and upcoming races:
07.10 - 09.10 Tour de Romandie Féminin 2.WWT
08.10 Il Lombardia 1.UWT
09.10 Memorial Rik Van Steenbergen / Kempen Classic 1.1
09.10 Paris - Tours Elite 1.Pro
11.10 - 18.10 Le Tour de Langkawi 2.Pro
12.10 Giro del Veneto 1.1
16.10 Veneto Classic 1.1
16.10 Chrono des Nations WE 1.1
16.10 Chrono des Nations 1.1
16.10 Japan Cup Cycle Road Race 1.Pro

>League Name: /cyc/
>League Code: 12620635

>Mecha-Rusbert's webm folders:

>Bert van Koers' ciclismo quizzes:

>Races info:

>CX races info:

>Free streams:

Previous thread:
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Football is... Better than soccer!
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Why is the rest of Europe so bad at table tennis?

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The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot

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/bundes/ in Euroba edition
Goldene Zeiten sub-edition

>Champions League

>B00n - Pilsen, 18:45
>Kackfurt - Spuds, 21:00
>Porto - negerkusen, 21:00

>bvlls - Celtic, 18:45
>Sevilla - cuckmund, 21:00

>Europa League

>MalmÖ - Huhnion, 18:45
>Freecastle - Nantes, 21:00

>Conference League

>Köln - Partizan, 21:00
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>chesscom releases 72 page report detailing Hans ((niemanns)) extensive cheating both online and over the board.
>hans privately confessed his cheating to chesscom multiple times to get his account back
>the analysis done by chesscom indicates hans clearly cheated in the Sinquefield Cup against magnus
kek where are you now magnus doubters? I bet you are busy getting your assholes rammed with anal beads. Dumb faggots imagine ever doubting the chess GOAT.
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/seriea/ - The Gimps of Graz edition

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>Tuesday, October 4th
21:00 Ajax 1 (ONE) - 6 (SIX) Napoli
21:00 Inter 1 - 0 Barcelona

>Wednesday, October 5th
21:00 Chelsea 3(THREE) - 0 (NILL) Milan
21:00 Juventus 3 - 1 Maccabi Haifa

>Thursday, October 6th
18:45 Sturm Graz 0 - 0 Lazio
21:00 Roma - Reak Betis
21:00 Midtjylland - Feyenoord

>Thursday, October 6th
21:00 Hearts - Fiorentina

Reminder to take your meds, go bird watching with your father, eat pusy 3 times a day, shave your balls, not post if you're from a third world country, keep it comfy, crusty and smelly.
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*reaches critical levels of scans per minute*