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Eternal /FIFA/

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Buy Aurier
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/ffg/ - Fantasy Football General

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The End is Near.
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how your team did today?

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He totally fucking killed those people.

>police called to the house for domestic abuse 9 times before first divorce
>former defense lawyer from the trial even thinks he did it, as per recent interview
>the vegas robbery

Recently the death of Aaron Hernandez after a series of murder trials showed the extensive cerebral damage, which is believed to influence reason and decision making, especially considering Aaron's particular brain in question

With that in mind, it's an open secret (if that) that a shitload of football players have terrible brain damage and scarring.

With that in mind- is the cause of OJs decline the result of his consistent and possibly damaging football career?
Moreover, with his history- how the FUCK did he get off not guilty?
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>Barcelonaare reportedly stepping up their interest inAtletico MadridstrikerAntoine Griezmannafter club presidentJosep Bartomeumet with the forward's family.

>Mundo Deportivoclaims that the Barca president met with Griezmann's sister, who helps manage his affairs, as well as his parents, at a meal in the Spanish city.

>The meeting was allegedly set up to finalise a deal, which could cost £87m, for the 26-year-old's transfer to the Camp Nou.

Where were you when Barcelona became a manlet club?
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Did he solve football?
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Where are they moving to now?
London? St. Louis? San Diego? Toronto?
LA needs a third team
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/box/ - The Call that saved the Middleweight Division

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>Saturday December 30 - Fuji TV Japan
Naoya Inoue vs Yoan Boyeaux
Ken Shiro vs Gilberto Pedroza

>Sunday December 31 - TBS Japan
Ryoichi Taguchi vs Milan Melindo
Sho Kimura vs Toshiyuki Igarashi
Hiroto Kyoguchi vs Carlos Buitrago

General End of Year Topic: What was your favourite moment of 2017?
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ITT: we laugh at england
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