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/mlb/ general - AL BEST edition

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INT: Luis Robert working out for Padres on Friday
ARZ: Shelby Miller diagnosed with torn UCL
NYY: Gary Sanchez to begin rehab on Tuesday
STL: Carpenter hits walkoff grand slam vs. Toronto
NYY: Gregorius expected to be activated Friday
TOR: Jays closer Roberto Osuna blows third save
NYM: Yoenis Cespedes (hamstring) headed for MRI
NYM: Harvey loses command, velocity in loss
ATL: Braves' Dickey leaves start with quad spasm
BOS: Pedroia (knee, ankle) returns to lineup Thurs
HOU: Altuve (head) remains out Thursday vs. CLE
HOU: George Springer (hamstring) still out Thurs.
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/nfl/ - Cowboys Won the Draft Again Edition

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SF:49ers end ILB Reuben Foster's slide at No. 31
PIT:Steelers select Wisconsin OLB T.J. Watt
CLE:Browns trade up to end Njoku's slide at 29
ATL:Falcons trade up for pass rusher McKinley
CLE:Browns draft versatile Jabrill Peppers at 25
OAK:Shocker: Raiders draft Gareon Conley at 24
NYG:Giants get much-needed TE Evan Engram at 23
TB:Bucs add TE O.J. Howard to revamped offense
ARZ:Cardinals settle for LB Reddick at 13th pick
HOU:Texans trade up to No. 12 for Deshaun Watson
NO:Saints get CB help in Marshon Lattimore at 11
KC:Tired of Smith era, K.C. moves up for Mahomes
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tomorrow night klitschko vs joshua. what's your prediction?
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Zidane about Coentrao:

>“He has a slight issue. It is nothing too serious. He is the most annoyed with the situation. He came back and felt like a player again. But now he has another injury and that is holding him back. I think it is to do with his rectum and is not linked to his previous issue”.
>Discomfort in the rectum

What did he mean by this?
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/afl/ Round 6

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>Friday 28th April
GWS vs. Bulldogs
>Saturday 29th April
Hawthorn vs. St. Kilda
Carlton vs. Sydney
Brisbane vs. Port
North vs. Gold Coast
West Coast vs. Fremantle
>Sunday 30th April
Essendon vs. Melbourne
Geelong vs. Collingwood
Adelaide vs. Richmond
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/nba/ general

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official /nba/ general

>Real Smooth edition
>A SoCal native, he’s (George) been talking about playing for his hometown team, the Lakers, for a long time. He’s never made his long-term intentions a secret within the Pacers’ locker room, according to former teammates. He wants to wear the purple and gold.

>Raptors sweeped the bucks, Milwaukee btfo sub edition

Wizards Game 6 4:30 PM Hawks
Celtics Game 6 5:00 PM Bulls
Clippers Game 6 7:30 PM Jazz
>All times are in Pacific Time


TOR:DeMar DeRozan scores 32 points to win series
MLW:Giannis Antetokounmpo scores 34 in loss
DEN:Jamal Murray has core muscle-related surgery
NY:Joakim Noah undergoes successful surgery
BOS:Celtics win Game 5, Avery Bradley scores 24
BOS:Kelly Olynyk w/ playoff career-high 14 points
CHI:Dwyane Wade's 26/11/8 not enough in Game 5
WAS:Markieff Morris struggles with fouls...again
WAS:Bradley Beal posts 27 pts in Wizards win
WAS:Otto Porter scores 17 pts on four FG attempts
ATL:Dennis Schroder double-doubles in Game 5 loss
WAS:Jason Smith (bruised calf) exits Wednesday
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Starts today in about 4 boboongas.

This is how 'mericans think Football should be: lots of goals, clock stops and no offsides.
Favorites to win are probably Inter and Kairat, but they will play against each other in the semis so lets see how this goes.
Final will be held Sunday.

Official site:

Sporting - Ugra (14:00 CET)

Inter - Kairat (18:30 CET)

Games will be transmitted on Eurosport, so lots of streams will be avaliable. RTP usually has their stream set up too in (I think you'll need a PT proxy). Depending on your location the games will also be streamed in
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"Useful" related links:

Macca's official /trb/ database:
2017: Not happening (sorry lads)

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