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6:09 in


8:58 in

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/ф1/ - Фopмyлa-1 General (/f1/)

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Talvisota edition

>Countdown to Russia GP:

>Session times in your time:

>/f1/ Fantasy League:
League Passcode: 9637387

>Season standings:
1. Sebastian Vettel 68 points
2. Lewis Hamilton 61 points
3. Valtteri Bottas 38 points
4. Kimi Räikkönen 34 points
5. Max Verstappen 25 points

fuck off handegg fags
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Think they'll learn their lesson with all the backlash or will they just double down on their reasoning?
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Where were you when the Dallas Cowboys solidified a guaranteed trip to the Superbowl?
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NRL Friday Night Footy

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South Sydney Rabbitohs vs Manly Sea Eagles 6pm @ Allianz Stadium

North Queensland Cowboys vs Parramatta Eels 8pm @ 1300Smiles Stadium
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/mls/ general - SOLE POWER edition + /ayy/ lmao

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>Friday, April 28th
Toronto vs Houston Dynamo, 7:30pm ET

>Saturday, April 29th
Montreal Impact vs Vancouver Whitecaps, 3pm
Orlando City SC vs Colorado Rapids, 4pm
Columbus Crew SC vs NYCFC, 7:30pm
New York Red Bulls vs Chicago Fire, 7:30pm
FC Dallas vs Portland Timbers, 8pm
Minnesota United FC vs San Jose Earthquakes, 8pm
Sporting Kansas City vs Real Salt Lake, 8:30pm
Seattle Sounders vs New England Revolution, 10pm
LA Galaxy vs Philadelphia Union, 10:30pm

>Sunday, April 30
Atlanta United FC vs DC United, 3pm

>AYY lmao

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Ronaldo in worst position to win Golden boot since 2005-6

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1. Messi: 66 Points
2. Dost: 56 Points
3. Aubameyang: 54 Points
4. Lewandowski: 52 Points
5. Belotti: 50 Points
6. Dzeko: 50 Points
7. Lukaku: 48 Points
8. Icardi: 48 Points
9. Cavani: 46.5 Points
10. Modeste: 46 Points
11. Suarez: 46 Points
12. Higuain: 46 Points
13. Mertens: 44 Points
14. Immobile: 40 Points
15. Kane: 40 Points
16. Costa: 38 Points
17. Ronaldo: 38 Points
18. Sanchez: 38 Points
19. Soares: 36 Points
20. Lacazette: 36 Points
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Is it fair to call goalkeepers footballers? They like the percussionist in a band, ie not a real musician
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Occasional /iggles/ general

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Who we taking tonight bros?

I unironicly want Christian McCaffrey to fall too 14.
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