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/copalib/ - saturday /vela/ edition

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Today's matches GMT-3:

DyJ - Tiger-
Rosario - Cheque Tapia FC
L'Anus - Bojo
RiBer - Ñuls

Little Ball League
Santa Cruz - Bolivar
Strongest - Palmaflor
Guabira - Ind Petrolero

GO - Avai
Timao - Nao tem mundial
Cuiaba - Juventude
Spitfire - A.GO

ItaliANO - Everton
Curico - La uwu
La Calera - Antofagasta

Cortulua - Petrolera
Santa Fe - Tolimita
Burrior - Ind. Medellin

Ind. del Valle - Gualaceo
9/12 - Aucas
Barça - U. Catolica

Asuncion - Sol de America
Guairena - 12/10

Sportin - Carlos Stein
Mannucci - U. San Martin
Ayacucho - Tarma
U. de Deportes - Binacional

Dinho League
Rentistas - Danubio
Penadoy - Albion

La Guaira - Caracas
Puerto Cabello - Mineros

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/magmug/ - Harry Maguire and Manchester United General

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So, it happened AGAIN. We can blame injuries, we can blame fatigue, we can praise Brentford's effort but the truth is it's simply not enough. Tactics, determination you name it, it all stinks.

Don't get me wrong, I still have full faith in ten Hag, but MASSIVE reinforcements are desperately needed RIGHT NOW. Otherwise I'm not very optimistic about the season, or our chances in qualifying for the Europa League for that matter. Not playing like this. What do you think, /mug/? Is Penaldo the problem? Or is it McFred? ETH #IN or #OUT?

>Some helpful links to numb the pain:
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My boy Xavingz... he just needs more time... heh
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Apparently since I'm from South America I should:
>hate the United States and the West
>love anime
>love Touhou
>love /vt/ubers
>support Russia and China
I'm neither of that. What does that means? How Latinos got such a reputation?
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/afl/ - Go Sydney Swans Edition

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Sydney Swans play Collingwood today at 15:20

Richmond vs Hawksins @ 13:10
Dosn vs Porties @ 16:40