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Is this acceptable?

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It's 2017 ffs
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>play against Bologna
>don't score

what did he mean by this
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>not choosing algentina
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/mls/ general - 2017 POST-MORTEM eh-dition

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2018 Season begins in March

Next team in:

See Also:

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What makes them so outrageously unlikable?
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Why is /sp/ so cruel to the Browns but gives the Bills a free pass? Even the Browns have been to the playoffs more recently than the Bills.
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Who is currently in your top 5 GKs atm, /sp/?
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Eternal /trb/

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/rug/ - Keeping the Flame Alive

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After two weekends of ECC and Challenge Cup, Premiership, Top 14 and Pro 14 are coming back.
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