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messhit BTFO by Batigol!

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“Diego was the best ever,” Batistuta told Corriere dello Sport.

“Diego also represented Argentinians in many things, not just football. He has charisma, talent and rare invention.

“Messi, even if he’s technically as good - or maybe even better - can’t surpass him. Lionel doesn’t have Maradona’s charisma.

“Diego could command a stadium, everyone watched him. I played with him, and I can tell you how technically decisive he was for the team.

“Maradona is poetry, Messi is prose.

“What Messi lacks compared to Maradona is this fantastic, almost dreamlike dimension. Even if he trains every hour of the day he can’t reach that state, because it’s not something that is only down to him.

“There were doubts about Messi in the past, in one way or another, but now there’s no longer a debate. Technically, he’s perfect; he’s scored more goals than anyone.

“But for me he’s not Diego, and he probably never will be.”
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let there be discussion of tennis and tennis related subjects
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How do we fix the Neverlands?
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Who are goin' to be the good guys in the incoming WC?
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choose your destiny
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/mlb/ CUBBIE CRISP Edition

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MIN:Sano not suspended after assault allegations
BOS:Red Sox RHP Wright suspended for DV violation
NYM:Conforto (shoulder) will play in OF Saturday
TB:Archer (forearm) exit was precautionary
HOU:Heyman: McHugh could be available in trade
SF:Samardzija diagnosed with strained pectoral
TEX:Colon impresses over 5 1/3 scoreless innings
ARZ:Souza diagnosed with right pectoral strain
LAA:Angels option Parker Bridwell to Triple-A
OAK:Blackburn (forearm) considered day-to-day
LA:Cody Bellinger (leg) back in Dodgers' lineup
BAL:Tim Beckham dealing with groin injury
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/mls/ general - FINAL SEASON edition feat. /wog/ + /ayy/

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>Saturday, 3/24
New England Revolution vs NYCFC, 1:30pm EST
FC Dallas vs Portland Timbers, 3:30pm
Columbus Crew vs DC United, 6pm
NY Red Bulls vs Minnesota United, 7pm
Colorado Rapids vs Sporting KC, 9pm
Vancouver Whitecaps vs LA Galaxy, 10pm

>Friday, 3/30
Toronto FC vs Real Salt Lake, 8pm

>NASL (r.i.p.)
>USL D3 (2019)
>NWSL (tfw no qt gf)
>NISA (2019)
>CPL (2019)
>Fantasy MLS Codes

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2018 NFL Draft Thread 2

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Continued from >>82352632

Welcome to Arlington, Texas and the 2018 NFL Draft. We will be rolling to determine draft picks. To make a selection, you will need to nominate a selection as follows:

>1. Cleveland Browns
>Sam Darnold, QB, USC

If you roll doubles, then you have made the selection.


Trades are permitted, however, they must be reasonable or they fall under the meme clause.

Picks so far:
> 1. Cleveland Browns, Sam Darnold, QB, USC

>The New York Giants are currently rolling...
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/hoc/ femscout butt edition

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