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/cfb/ general - BIG DADDY edition

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>Marcos "Slaughter Your Daughter" Alonso
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What teams are in your greater metropolitan area?

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Los Angeles

NFL: Raiders, Rams and Chargers
NBA: Clippers, Lakers
MLB: Dodgers, Angels, maybe Padres
NHL: Kings, Ducks, and Golden Knights
MLS: LA Galaxy, LAFC

What teams are in your Greater metro area?
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/mls/ general - AMERICA edition

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>Sunday, 8/20
NYCFC vs New England Revolution, 6pm EST
Seattle Sounders vs Minnesota United, 9:30pm

>Wednesday, 8/23
Columbus Crew vs LA Galaxy, 7:30pm
DC United vs Atlanta United, 7:30
FC Dallas vs Houston Dynamo, 8pm
Toronto FC vs Philadelphia Union, 8pm
Vancouver Whitecaps vs Seattle Sounders, 10pm
Real Salt Lake vs San Jose Earthquakes, 10pm
Portland Timbers vs Colorado Rapids, 10:30pm


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/nba/ general - dominance edition

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CLE: kyrie is still a snake ass bitch
CLE: lebron is leaving 100 percent
SAS: kawhi on a world tour out to fuck your bitch
SAS: the best team in the league
LAL: getting sued by pacers for tampering with paul george
DAL:Jeff Withey gets one-year deal with Mavs
NY:Report: Cavs targeting Kristaps Porzingis
SAC:Zach Randolph could be banned from NBA?
DET:Van Gundy determined to give Boban more time
NY:Woj: Knicks, Rockets re-engage on Melo talks
OKC:Patrick Patterson undergoes knee surgery
SA:Tony Parker says he'll be back in 4-5 months
NY:Knicks ask Carmelo to expand his 'wish list'
SAC:Zach Randolph arrested for drug possession
DAL:Cuban: Yogi and Smith will push each other
DAL:Dennis Smith will have to win starting PG job
LAC:Willie Reed's wife will not press charges
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>tfw I figured I'd buy the Eclipse lenses at the last minute

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Webm Thread

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Post 'em and remember to keep it espee related
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This man was better than Brady in every way.

Better backside accuracy. Better ambidextrous percentage. Better touchdowns after bye week rating. Better rings. Better man.
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