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/147/ - Snooker Q School Event 2

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>The battle for tour cards continues, with event two running until Wednesday.
Event 1 winners are: Andrew Higginson, Liam Pullen, Andrew Pagett, and Alexander Ursenbacher.

Live scores:
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/nfl/ general - nothin but turnovers edition

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LAC: Herbert (shoulder) participating in team drills
MIN: Teams calling the Vikings for EDGE Danielle Hunter
CHI: Darnell Mooney (ankle) on track for training camp
FA: Titans enter D-Hop sweepstakes, schedule a visit
TEN: Titans will give Spears 'as much as he can handle'
MIA: Tyreek Hill 'night and day ahead' of 2022 season
SF: Deebo pledges to bounce back from 'awful' 2022
MIN: Klis: Broncos likely won't trade for Dalvin Cook
BAL: Gus Edwards to be 'fully ready' for training camp
NO: Michael Thomas says he'll be ready for camp Day 1
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>zero hype
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Ronaldo is better than Messi

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I unironically think Ronaldo is better than Messi. Please allow me to present my line of reasoning:

>More goals scored in top 3 leagues
>Dominated top 3 leagues
>More goals in Champions League
>More Champions League wins
>More weak foot goals
>More header goals
>Better penalty conversion rate
>Bicycle kick goal
>Cooler goals
>More longevity at the highest level
>Iconic celebration
>More ripped
>More shredded
>More handsome
>No tattoos

Let me know what you guys think.
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need it or keep it?
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>De La Hoya
How is he not the GOAT?
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/volley/ - Volleyball General

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Dominican Republic Edition

Women's VNL ongoing
Men's VNL starting tuesday
Other regional tournaments ongoing
Transfers market window on

>Informations over both VNL tournaments (fixtures, teams, squads, standings, etc) here:

>European club volleyball championships
>Turkish club volleyball
>NCAA volleyball
>South American tournaments
>Sorted volleyball stuff
>Chinese and Korean club volleyball
>Olympic women's volleyball

Previous thread:
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""""""""football"""""""""" bros....
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why does he look like some Russian billionaires son>?