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>tfw spent 3000 us dollarydoos just so I might see Peru CHOKE on the playoffs

JUST. I just want a win guys
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I know the game isn't over yet, but fuck it, we won. Colts Celebration Thread!
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/mlb/ general - SERIES LEADER edition

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BOS: Brad Ausmus interviews for Red Sox' gig
NYM: Kevin Long the early favorite for Mets' job
HOU: Maybin starting in LF for Astros in Game 3
NYY: Headley again in the DH spot for ALCS Game 3
LA: Corey Seager (back) won't travel with Dodgers
LA: Justin Turner downs Cubs with walkoff homer
LA: Dodgers stick with Culberson at shortstop
BOS: Alex Cora is Red Sox' 'top' manager candidate
BOS: BoSox to interview Gardenhire for manager gig
DET: Fredi Gonzalez 'the favorite' for Tigers' job
LA: Puig ignites Dodgers offense in Game 1 win
CHC: Maddon tossed from NLCS opener for arguing
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> team *kneels* during game

WTF explain pls.
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ITT: We rate the logos of the teams of our top football leagues.
Here's Polish Ekstraklasa.
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Serious question:
Which sport has the most amount of gays as their player based? By proportion.

Gotta be soccer right? Maybe shuttlecock thwacking? Tennis?
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