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Why is she smiling /sp/?

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Sergio Ramos and muslims

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>Have 2 muslim teams in group B
>Iran (ok, it's shia, but who cares)
>not expect one of 46 players to kick Ramos
>not expect one of them to break his leg for what he did to their brother, Salah
well, Sergio, you better sit on the bench
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How can anyone hate the world's true beautiful game? What a magical sport. Lebron, the greatest athlete in the world, on the ropes, down to 0-2 and literally wills the outgunned Cavs to the Finals with all odds against him! What a magical sport.

>muuuuuuuuuuuuuuh parity

Go watch cuckpuck if you want that shit. The GOATBA ain't about luck, about pure skill, and the best always wins. Gotdamn I love this sport.
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Why do we win so much?

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Good job, Cavs. You beat incredibly tough teams in the east like the Toronto Raptors.

Here is your prize.
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Seriously, how does a professional goalkeeper make a mistake like this one?
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