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/rug/ - Keeping the Flame Alive

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After two weekends of ECC and Challenge Cup, Premiership, Top 14 and Pro 14 are coming back.
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What makes him so outrageously likable?
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Who's going to win the world cup?
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webm thread

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webm thread
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>calls his dog his "daughter"
>calls himself her "dad"
Can we finally disregard this guy completely?
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Your favorite player hasn't scored a a tap in vs Deportivo and it's the 70' minute and he's says:
>"Oi bruz, I wan't mah focking penolty, i swear on me nan I won't miss la"
How do you respond?
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/nba/ general - LIMITED edition

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MIA: Whiteside (knee) out at least two more games
MIA: James Johnson to undergo an MRI Sunday
MIL: ESPN: Bucks planning to sign Sean Kilpatrick
DAL: Maximum Effort: Maxi Kleber w/ career-high 21
PHX: Alex Len grabs 19 boards, doesn't get DNP-CD
MIL: Bucks planning to waive Gary Payton II
PHX: Dragan Bender scores career-high 17 points
PHX: Canaan Balls: Isaiah goes for a 15/5/7 line
MIN: Karl-Anthony Towns has big game in loss
MIA: Josh Richardson scores career-high 28 points
NY: Walk The Walk: Michael Beasley scores 30
CLE: LeBron posts his 60th career triple-double
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/cfb/ - Georgia fans edition

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Bowl games start again on Tues with the Cheribundi Tart Cherry Boca Raton Bowl featuring Lane Kiffin

full schedule:
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