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This man was better than Brady in every way.

Better backside accuracy. Better ambidextrous percentage. Better touchdowns after bye week rating. Better rings. Better man.
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>Hurr durr, let's both wear blue
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/ligamx/ - Jornada 5

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Edición sin edición

>¡Por fin!, hoy es Viernes Botanero;
>It may sound hard to believe, but now even beisbol has ¡eh puto! chants now;
>Daniel Duarte (Quintana Roo) was had to listen the """""homophobic""""" chant after pitching an intentional walk;
>Also, remember when Tigres promised to refurbish schools if ¡eh puto! stopped? Didn't work lol, specially on Liga MX Femenil;
>Pumas UNAM got cucked on the Gastón Silva deal, it's over;
>Piojo (América) was offered a job on Greece NT;
>Pablo Aguilar (América) saved América against Potros UAEM on Copa MX, scoring a goal on extra time;
>Almeyda (Chivas) sperged out on loss against Monterrey, 3 game suspension;

>18/08, Viernes
Monarcas x Pachuca, 19:00
Tijuana x Santos Laguna, 21:00
>19/08, Sábado
Lobos BUAP x América, 17:00
Cruz Azul x Atlas, 17:00
Tigres UANL x Pumas UNAM, 19:00
Tiburones Rojos x Querétaro, 19:00
Léon x Monterrey, 19:06
Chivas x Puebla, 20:06
>20/08, Domingo
Toluca x Necaxa, 12:00
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>These are all real names used by high-profile soccer players
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Eternal Arsenal Thread - Portuguese Arsenal Edition

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>mfw i cant post in a thread because i will be called a burger (the most redddit term) or an amerifat for just posting
>just, for once, i want to have a discussion that doesnt involved shitposting about flags
Literally threads will go to this
>bong lolz
>ayyyy france iz niggerrr xd
>lmao turkmany
Flags in /sp/ is a fucking mistake should let that shit in /int/ only

Plz hiro do something
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How do you guys feel about jersey sponsors/ads?

I don't mind the one chest sponsor in soccer/football, but when it gets to levels like Liga MX, it's terrible.
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Who /mooyboy/ here?
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Who will Donald Trump be supporting?

>Hates blacks
>Hates foreigners
>Has to pay $99.99 to watch
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