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this LITERALLY happened

>american ''athletes''
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Tonight...Carlton will get their shit pushed in by Richmond, aint no question about it.

If you want free money I would suggest you head over to Ladbrokes where you can get Richmond @ 2 and Richmond + Jackie boy 3 goals @ 3 (max bet 50, and 100 respectively).

Thank me later when you're 250 up.
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Sum up a fanbase in one pic
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>MFW we win thanks to an own goal by Messi
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MotoGP General /MGP/ The GOAT is here - Greatness awaits

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The World Championship starts this weekend


>Viñales dominating all the preseason tests
>Marquez struggling but ok
>Rossi "needing a miracle" (I don't think so)
>Lorenzo improving the adaptation on the Ducati
>Dovizioso strong
>The season with more gp champions!

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the most exciting motorsport
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Dead general
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what's this guys name again?
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The time has come to finally put this shit to rest, who's better?
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