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U17 World Cup

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Why are there so many quality teams missing?


>our year?
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1. FC Bayern München
2. AS Roma
3. Tottenham
4. Real Madrid
5. Hoffenheim
6. Paris Saint Germain
7. Juventus
8. Manchester United
9. Chelsea
10. Barcelona


1000. Borussia Dortmund
1001. Atletico Madrid
1002. Manchester City


9000. Schalke
9001. Liverpool
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Who else is mad about the New York Jets getting the BEST pick of the draft?
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Why are sudacas so butthurt about Asensio and Isco? In every video about them there is always a random Steven Osvaldo García de Todos los Santos shitting about them and spaming James,"asencio" and "rasismo" like retards
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Well, that does it! We tried to convince you to watch our league through peaceful means. We explained you the good points of watching it, how the league works, which are the teams... And what did you do? You cleaned your butts with our suggestions. You are shitting to our pleas for you to experience the majestic thing Liga NOS is. We tried to be reasonable. We even tried to meme you into watching it! But it was of no avail...

So now we must take drastic measures. We must use all the meme magic and meme power we can to make you watch our league. Most of you will fail in this task, and sacrifices shall be made. But it is all done for the greater done.

>if you don't start watching the Portuguese League of Football, also known as Liga NOS, then your favourite team will never win anything again. I mean, anything. No cups, no league titles, not even more games. A drought of victories shall occur upon you until you start watching our league, and supporting one team with all your heart.

All immunities are useless

I hope my point is understood.
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Best uniforms/jerseys thread

I'll start
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>Black QB
>White RB
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motor/sp/ort general - R O S S I P O S S E edition

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This week: IndyCar at Phoenix and NASCAR in Richmond

All times in EST
Friday, April 28th
>11:30 AM Cup Practice 1 at Richmond
>1:00 PM Xfinity Practice 1 at Richmond
>3:00 PM Xfinity Practice 2 at Richmond
>4:45 PM Cup Quali at Richmond
>7:00 PM IndyCar Practice at Phoenix
>11:00PM IndyCar Quali at Phoenix

Saturday, April 29th
>9:00 AM Cup Practice 2 at Richmond
>10:05 AM Xfinity Quali at Richmond
>11:30 AM Cup Practice 3 at Richmond
>1:00 PM Xfinity ToyotaCare 250 race at Richmond
>9:30 PM IndyCar Phoenix Grand Prix

Sunday, April 30th
>8:00 AM Formula One Russian Grand Prix
>2:00 PM Toyota Owners 400 Cup Race at Richmond

Feel free to share anything I missed
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Where were you when this team made the most brilliant move in draft history, securing a storied QB and ensuring long term success?
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