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Why the fuck can't we just LOSE. I mean LOSE LOSE, not this consistently close game then ALWAYS turn into spaghetti in the final minutes. Completely reminiscent of last season under Beathard.
Done with this shit game.
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/mls/ general - SaveTheCrew edition

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>Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam will buy the Columbus Crew and keep the team in Columbus. The team will keep all previous records and current players. Jimmy Haslam will pay an expansion fee.
>Precourt will get a new franchise in Austin.
Should be announced later today. Maybe sooner.


>Friday, Oct 12
LAFC v Houston @ 10pm EST

>Saturday, Oct 13
Minn v Colorado @ noon EST
DC United v FC Dallas @ 2:55pm EST
New England v Orlando @ 5:30pm EST

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Eternal Arsenal Thread

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LacaGOAT Edition
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/cric/ Afghanistan Premier League 2018

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Nangarhar Leopards vs Paktia Panthers

15th MatchatSharjah Cricket Association Stadium, Sharjah
Paktia Panthers need 28 runs in 58 balls

NL - 126 (20.0 Ovs)
PP - 99/3 (10.2 Ovs)

CRR: 9.58
RR : 2.90

Mohammad Shahzad65(33)
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Week 9

Southland 8-56 Auckland
Tasman 29-0 Hawke’s Bay
Taranaki 10-34 Wellington
Bay of Plenty 38-35 Northland

>Sat 13 Oct
5:05 PM Waikato v Otago
7:35 PM Counties Manukau v Canterbury
>Sun 14 Oct
2:05 PM Auckland v North Harbour
4:35 PM Manawatu v Southland

**all times in RWCT**
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Official Motor/sp/ort General Thread: One more down edition

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Racing this weekend: IMSA SEASON FINALE!!!!!!!: Petit LeMans at Road Atlanta. NASCAR: cup and trucks run Talladega. Superbikes: race in Argentina. Also racing this weekend: WEC, GT3, DTM and others.

News: Petit LeMans at Road Atlanta is the final race of the season for IMSA, and this race will determine the championship outcome of all 3 classes. Kasey Kahne out for rest of season, basically retired, LFR signs DeBenereddito to run their cars next season. Johnson to get Elliot Sadlers crew chief while William Byron gets Knaus. Long time sports car driver Johannes van Overbeek says "fuck it" and will retire after this season.


>Friday 12 Oct
1005: Truck Series first practice, FS2
1135: Truck Series final practice, FS2
1545: IMSA WeatherTech Championship Qualifying
1735: Truck Series qualifying, FS2

>Saturday 13 Oct
1055: IMSA WeatherTech Championship Motul Petit LeMans, IMSA TV / FS1 / FS2
1105: Cup Series practice, NBCSN
1130: Superbikes Qualy begins
1300: Truck Series Fr8Auctions 250 (94 laps, 250.04 miles), FOX
1400: Superbikes race 1 Motul Argentinian Round
1435: Cup Series Busch Pole Qualifying, NBCSN

>Sunday 14 Oct
1400: Cup Series 500 (188 laps, 500.008 miles), NBC
1400: Superbikes race 2 Motul Argentinian Round

For support race info and series not covered see:
Post updates as you get them.

FUCK divegrass!
Rags always welcome.
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>Modric was shit against Spain because Spain is a really really good team

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