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/rlwc/ formerly /nrl/ and /esl/

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It's that time ladies and gents! The time where all the best Rugby League players from around the world play in the World Cup! A lot of controversy especially with big name players choosing to play for lesser tier nations instead of the big 3. October 26 can't come soon enough!


Get in here!
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>He doesn't rate Bacteria
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>get to gym class early
>coach is crying on the bleachers
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/copalib/ - Copa Libertadores & general conmebol competitions

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international break resaca edition

River Plate (ARG) - Lanús (ARG)
Barcelona (ECU) - Grêmio (BRA)

Racing (ARG) - Libertad (PAR)
Nacional (PAR) - Independiente (ARG)
Junior (COL) - Sport Recife (BRA)
Flamengo (BRA) - Fluminense (BRA)

We back to our kino/meme/shit leagues, anything important happening in any country this weekend?
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Infernal /trb/

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Were they really that good?
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Colts at Titans MNF Game Thread

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Only oldfags remember this dude Edition


13-9 Colts
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Who would win?

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Well /sp/?