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ATL:Foltynewicz cruises in victory over Red Sox
ATL:Ronald Acuna undergoing further evaluation
MIN:Joe Mauer (concussion) could return Thursday
ATL:Ronald Acuna leaves game with knee injury
LA:Clayton Kershaw (biceps) to return Thursday
SD:Padres acquire Phil Hughes from Twins
MIN:Byron Buxton (head) back in lineup Sunday
SEA:Jean Segura (head) not in Mariners' lineup
BOS:Mookie Betts scratched with side tightness
NYM:Cespedes (hip) could begin rehab next weekend
NYM:Frazier (hamstring) rehab assignment imminent
ATL:Mike Soroka (shoulder) nearing rehab start
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this is a clean block in the NBA
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>needs 7 games to beat a team of 20 year olds
>all-time greatest
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After LeBron retirement how long will it take for Cavaliers to get relocated?
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/heem/ fuck u goof

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fuck u goof
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>He wants to watch a boring NBA Finals over an exciting history making Stanley Cup Finals
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Trade Kevin Love and some other bench player for Anthony Davis
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