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Elite or shit?

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Eternal Arsenal Thread

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Why are we so bad at football?
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/fs/ Figure Skating

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messi only needs 78 goals to surprass pele
considering he scores at least 30 goals a season i think it is possible
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Who is your favorite female athlete? For me, it's Hope Solo.
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I'm 30 years old and for the past 4 years or so I have cared about sports less and less, to the point where everything is quite boring and predictable. I have tried everything, from moving to a different state, country, and even bandwagoning other teams and nothing has given me the spark I need to keep enjoying it. It's like how Christmas isn't what it used to be. But the solution to reviving those holiday spirits once you're old is to have a family and kids, those kids are what begins the circle once against, those kids are the ones that give light back into horrible holiday festivities.
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We're the next great NBA dynasty

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Since the Warriors are dysfunctional on a level we have never seen in the NBA, will this mean the rise of the Lakers? With LeBron, 2 max slot spaces (which will obviously be filled with Kawhi and KD), how many championships do we win?

Keep in mind we don't need to ever rebuild since we are the Lakers.
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No trip fags or non-/hoc/ countries allowed edition.
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