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>tfw banned from my team's subreddit because I called someone a faggot
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Why isn't this guy treated like Barry Bonds? We all unironically call them the "Cheatriots" or the "Cheat niggers". We know they've been cheating, but we give them a free pass. Is it because of Brady? The way he looks? What's happening with this team isn't usual. This Super Bowl should be a huge indictment on the NFL.
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Redpill me on this guy, is he good?
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Is Thierry going to be ok lads?
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What did she mean by this

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Thats it Mr.LeShanon Sharpe, I cant deal with your uppity antics anymore.
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Did your parents ever forget you in the stadium /sp/?
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>most goals and assists in La Liga and Europe's top leagues
>is a 32 year old boomer
>the only other players who come close are system babbies (Salah) or statpadders who play in a farmer's league (Nerman, Mbop, Penaldo)
>on track to score more goals than last season
>he's not even a striker and spends half the time deep in the midfield as seen in his heat maps in multiple games
How the FUCK is he still dominating the sport? How will football look in a few years when a 35 year old grandpa Messi with a grey beard and a 37 year old Penaldo are still top scorers or still in the top 5 european goalscorers?
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mfw the rams win the superbowl
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How fucked are they tomorrow?

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>away game
>no Messi
>no Dembele
>no Busquets
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