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>what was he thinking?
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Portugal Early Celebration Thread

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Overrated shit that wish they were rappers.
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Wew lad
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Other thread was getting boring so I'm making this one.

>John Terry will decide his future this weekend, with both Aston Villa and Birmingham City offering deals to the 36-year-old Chelsea defender. (Express and Star)

>Arsenal are closing in on £30m-rated Monaco winger Thomas Lemar, 21. (Daily Mail)

>Chinese club Tianjin Quanjian will offer Arsenal and Liverpool target Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang £500,000 a week to prize the forward, 28, away from Borussia Dortmund. (Talksport)

>Sunderland striker Fabio Borini, 26, will have a medical with AC Milan on Thursday. (Gazzetta dello Sport - in Italian)

>Trabzonspor are willing to meet Liverpool's £5m asking price for midfielder Lucas Leiva, 30. (Fotomac, via Liverpool Echo)

>Former Liverpool defender Martin Skrtel, 32, will not join Stoke City because he is "settled" in Turkey with Fenerbahce. (Sozcu, via Stoke Sentinel)

>Newcastle United goalkeeper Tim Krul, 29, is attracting interest from Ligue 1 side Montpellier. (Newcastle Chronicle)

>Brighton target Markus Suttner has asked Ingolstadt to let him leave, but the German side are holding out for a £4m bid for the 30-year-old defender. (Brighton Argus)

>Former Ajax, Inter Milan and Real Madrid midfielder Wesley Sneijder, 33, is close to agreeing a deal to join Los Angeles FC, who will enter the MLS in 2018. (ESPN)

>Burnley boss Sean Dyche is putting in plenty of work behind the scenes at Turf Moor and says someone should film a documentary about football management. (Lancashire Telegra
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8 days until me and Bayernbro come to a decision about your future in the /holyalliance/
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/heem/ Rape is not cool Edition

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