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Attention all 3rd world shitholes

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Spee is an AMERICAN board

That is all
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G-Guys what is t-this?

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why did james marry a tranny?
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>Ronaldo: 80 INT goals
>Messi: 61 INT goals; too lazy to play today
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>raises her flag and invalidates your goal
Wat do?
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did anyone here ever saw ronaldo the goat live on stadium?
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Why do some of you guys try so hard to shitpost about soccer in every thread? MLS is literally selling out games in all their new markets. The interest in the sport is clearly growing in every metric whether stadium attendance or tv viewership and has been rising at a healthy pace in the last decade. See that sold out crowd in the MB stadium of the pic related? There majority white, and not Mexican like you want to keep insisting as if soccer is a foreign sport. I know you it's hard to go against your jewish mental programming like Ann Counter and Fox News telling you that soccer is gay and communist because your niggercrash owners cant profit off of limited commercial breaks but try to use whatever brain cells that havent been destroyed by fat deposits from McDonalds and redneck moonshine to ask yourself this: do you really have any valid reason to be so spiteful and autistic over a sport that supposedly is so irrelevant it doesnt merit your attention? Think about that while you watch your sister-wife be fucked by Trayvonshawlaron in your trailer.
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