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Why do the Japanese enjoy baseball so much?
This isn't a sleight against the sport; just wondering what lead up to it becoming the preferred sport of of Nippon.
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Post corner kicks
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>this fucking happened
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Why did USA did so bad in the World Cup qualification this yr ?

We're the greatest nation in the world, we should've been able to rank top 3 in that conference.
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Is 21 too late to start playing baseball?
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Post your best football webms

>inb4 handegg
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Official USA celebration thread
we did it boys, we got first AND second place

truly AMERICA's pastime
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Messi is best player of all time, Messi can dribble 5-6 player, Messi can be deadly goalscorer, Messi can be great playmaker, Messi can control the game, Messi can make imposible spit defence pass, and Messi can control everything. Mourinho, Rooney, John Terry, Gullit, Souness, Harry Redknapp, Moyes, Rivellino, Capello, Lampard, Gerrard, Fabio Cannavaro, Beckenbauer, Roy Keane, Hamman, Gerd Muller, David Silva, Van Basten, Zico, Frank De Boer, David Luiz, Alan Smith, Terry McDermott, Ribery, Paolo Maldini, Pirlo, Gattuso, Andriano Galliani, Trezeguet, Mario Gomez, Huntelaar, Cassano, Wenger, Eden Hazard, Matthaus, Pele, Arrigo Sachi, Arturo Vidal, Radamel Falcao, Felipe Luiz, Jamie Carragher, Godin, Klopp, Chiellini, Joe Hart, Shevchenko, Thiago Silva, Roberto Baggio, Verratti, Nedved, Ander Herrera, Ian Wright and so many Great Player/Great Coach said Messi Best Player In His Generation/Best Player Of All Time. They're have played football and "YOU" never played football. Absolutely "YOU" nothing in football. You just search in google "THEY SAY ABOUT MESSI". And They not Teammates/Coach Messi in Barcelona/Argentina or Ex Player/Ex Coach in Barcelona/Argentina.
I don't hear you because you never played football and you nothing in football.
Oh i forget who say Ronaldo best player in generation/history? I Just remember Pepe, Yes Pepe teammates Ronaldo in Portugal and Madrid.
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72 days until we win the Champions League