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When will this faggot come out the closet?

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>March Madness returns today
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/biathlon/ aka Chicks with Guns: Last Competion Weekend Edition

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Last competions in the disciplines Sprint, Pursuit and Mass Start decide who wins the small Globes as the main trophy for the the Total World Cup is already given to the respective winners.


17 MAR 2017 14:00 Women 7.5 km Sprint
17 MAR 2017 16:30 Men 10 km Sprint
18 MAR 2017 12:45 Women 10 km Pursuit
18 MAR 2017 15:00 Men 12.5 km Pursuit
19 MAR 2017 11:15 Women 12.5 km Mass Start
19 MAR 2017 13:30 Men 15 km Mass Start
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Deutschland 1
England 0

Azerbaijan next
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Who was in the wrong here?
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>you will never, EVER, play baseball at koshien
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>yfw you realize the NBA will give the #1 pick to Boston and #2 to LA to set up a rivalry of Fultz/Brown and Ball/Ingram for the next decade
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/nba/ general

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present and future edition

> SA:David Lee (foot) ruled out for Tuesday
> PHO:Alan Williams (illness) will not play Tuesday
> NY:Carmelo Anthony's minutes to be reduced
> PHO:Devin Booker (ankle) starting vs. the Heat
> NO:Anthony Davis (illness) will play on Tuesday
> NO:Tim Frazier will start again Tuesday vs. MEM
> BKN:Jeremy Lin (ankle) out Tuesday vs. Detroit
> DEN:Wilson Chandler (groin) questionable vs. CLE
> DEN:Danilo Gallinari (knee) doubtful Wednesday
> CHA:Kidd-Gilchrist (ankle) probable for Wednesday
> PHO:Devin Booker (ankle) probable for Tuesday
> MLW:Giannis tweaks ankle in Saturday's loss
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Find a flaw
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