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You now remember Vick Ballard
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So.....what will the excuse be this GP weekend?
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>an unknown French refuse literally dominate MLS
What does that mean?
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Clots vs Tits Pregame Thread

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Mariota will be playing. Luck will not.

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New US Coach?

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>couple of French news outlets reporting he could be the next USMNT Coach
Burgers how do you like your 3-5-2
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Every packer has died today

press F to pay respects
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>mfw Barcelona leaves La Liga forever

Who can realistically stop Real Madrid now that Barcelona is gonna play in a 5th tier domestic league and only be eligible for Europa League?
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Which do you choose?
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Let's talk about this guy. Why is he held to such different standards than other top managers?
Why do people constantly posit the argument that he wouldn't do well in a team without a major budget as if other top managers work with small sums and don't spend massive amounts of money?

He made Barcelona. He had a vision, and the guts to sell Ronaldinho and Yaya Toure, promoted an unknown Busquets, made Xavi and Iniesta into prominent football figures, figured out that the wing is too limiting for Messi and built the game around him, sold flops like Henry and brought an unknown manlet Pedro in etc etc

Why isn't he respected more?
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