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Forgotten Photos

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/sp/ - Sports

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Whats your view on transsexual athletes and the ethics of it?
An argument I see presented is comparing the men-women separation to the black-white separation: the arbitrary melanin number determining which fountain you drink with is the same as the arbitrary testosterone number determining if you compete with men or women. Following this argument, people insist that transsexual men (now identifying and acknowledged in society as women) should compete with the women, and its ethical and moral.
I think its unfair to women, and ultimately will chase out CIS normative women out of sports when all the top athletes are male to female transsexuals using their advantage in skeletal structure, muscle mass and hormones for more explosive speed and power.

Also keep it sports, not politics. This is a discussion of transsexuals in competitive sports, not in society at large. For transsexuals in society go to >>>/pol/
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Madagascar just qualified for their first ever African Cup of Nations which will take place next June.
ITT we congratulate Madagascar.
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Friendship with Asians are over. BLACK PEOPLE are Finland's best Allies now.
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I didn't watch the first half, what the fuck went so wrong?
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Mourinho Charged

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Why is it ok for Klopp to swear in interviews and press conferences and throw water bottles and scream at fourth officials but not Mourinho?
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Will LA be the first city with 3 championship parades in a year?

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Dodgers: Dodgers up 3-2 in the NLCS and favored to win the WS
Lakers: LeBron has made 8 straight finals
Rams: Last undefeated NFL team
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How can I invest my money on this guy?
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starts in 1 hour
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