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/curl/ Curling general Women's World Championship

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The girls with the curls

Women's World Championship is closing to playoffs

Canada and Sweden have secured a bye to the semi-finals

3 spots still up for grabs.

Currently Czechia-Japan on youtube live:
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okay i guess
post your new nt kits
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OK /sp/, who did it better?
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/conmebol/ - incan wizardry edition

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> thursday 22
Uruguay-Czech Republic @ 南宁
> friday 23
Argentina-Italy @ Manchester
Bolivia-Curaçao @ Willemstad
Brasil-Russia @ Moscow
Colombia-France @ Paris
Peru-Croatia @ Miami
> sunday 24
Chile-Sweden @ Stockholm
> monday 26
Bolivia-Curaçao @ Willemstad
Uruguay-Wales @ 南宁
> tuesday 27
Argentina-Spain @ Madrid
Brasil-Germany @ Berlin
Chile-Denmark @ Aalborg
Colombia-Australia @ London
Paraguay-USA @ North Carolina
Peru-Iceland @ New Jersey

Ecuador and Venezuela won't play any friendlies
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Is this a sport?

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Are you excited yet?
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>proceeds to trigger chicanos
>also triggers insecure amerifats that hate themselves
>also triggers stupid euros who are afraid of MLS

based Zlatan, better start licking our assholes so you can get a taste of your future, rest of the world
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There are people who think this man isn't the GOAT
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