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What are the political leanings of these three?
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/heem/: the one true faith edition

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we are all muslims

Upcoming events:

10/19: Fight Nights Global - Mineev vs Ismailov
10/19: LFA 55 - Rodriguez vs Gutierrez
10/26: ONE Championship - Pursuit of Greatness
10/27: UFC FN 138 - Oedzemir vs Smith
11/9: LFA 53 - Perez vs Kenney
11/9: ONE Championship - Heart of the Lion
11/10: ACB 90 - Gadzhidaudov vs Vartanyan
11/10: UFC FN 139 - Edgar vs Jung
11/15: Fart 209 - Freire vs Sanchez
11/16: Invicta FC 32 - Spencer vs Sorenson
11/17: ONE Championship - Warrior's Dream
11/17: UFC FN 140 - Ponzinibbio vs Magny
11/23: ONE Championship - Conquest of Champions
11/24: UFC FN 141 - Blaydes vs Ngannou
11/24: Golden Boy MMA - Chuck Liddell Emerges From Retirement Home to Heem Overrated Can
11/30: TUF 28 Finale - Usman vs Dos Anjos
12/1: UFC FN 142 - Dos Santos vs Tuivasa
12/8: UFC 231 - Holloway vs Ortega
12/15: UFC on Fox 31 - Lee vs Iaquinta
12/29: UFC 232 - Jones vs Gustafsson 2

Thread theme song:

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>Michael Johnson replaces Zubaira to fight Artem

>Firas Zahabi details Conor's many fouls against Khabib

>Eddie Alvarez reportedly close to signing with ONE

>Khabib thinks the UFC helped organize Conor's bus attack
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Who else is hyped for today's biggest game ?
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Has any athlete in any sport ever meant as much as Tiger means to golf?
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>NL winlets think they have a chance against the AMERICAN LEAGUE DOMINANCE
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For me it's Oscar Maroni
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Can mormons into sport?