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dear reddit,
its not his fault he wasnt good enough. he was bought for seven million pounds and people expected him be better than mignolet. and now this is going to haunt him forever and ever. it was maddening and then it was funny but now its all a little sad.
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Fuck this fat ass
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For me, its TheBron Jacques
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ITT: Athletes that are hated out of pettiness
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Football legends that unfortunately never managed to win a world cup

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/copalib/ - bombon asesino starts playing edition

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Sudamericana first leg this week

> tuesday
Caracas 2-0 Sport Huancayo
Lanus 1-0 Junior
> wednesday
Defensa y Justicia - El Nacional
Deportivo Cali - Bolivar
Sol de America - Nacional
> thursday
Deportivo Cuenca - Jorge
Rampla - Santa Fe
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This is USA player Oguchialu Chijioke Goma Lambu Onyewu.
Do you rate his career?
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Please nuke this shithole
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/tdf/ Stage 12

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Kino Alpe d'Huez Édition Our Guy Geraint In Yellow
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