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/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Nutella Man Edition

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>Countdown to Coca Cola 191.634 @ COTA GP:

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>Edd Straw, the Status
Why my identical twin brother broke inside the Greggs at night to steal the leftover caramel custard doughnuts and sausage, sean & cheese melt pasties

>Grands Prix remaining in Gimi's Farewell Tour:

>WDC Standings:
Verstappen: 262.5
Hamilton: 256.5
Bottas: 176
Norris: 145
Perez: 135

>WCC Standings:
Mercedes: 432.5
Red Bull: 397.5
McLaren: 240
Ferrari: 232.5
Alpine: 104

>WEC Standings:
Hamilton: 804.73 (+87.28)
Bottas: 679.76 (+0.71)
Unexposable Danny Ric: 596.54 (+67.84)

Williams awarded Three-Star Environmental Accreditation from the FIA
Mercedes predict Hamilton would have finished P8 without late tyre stop in Turkish GP
Stroll says P9 was best result possible in Turkey after last gasp pass on Ocon
Tsunoda unable to take the positives despite holding Hamilton at bay, as he rues a costly spin in Istanbul
Alfa Romeo frustrated after Giovinazzi ignores team orders – but Italian says he was one lap short of points finish
Ocon admits it was a 'risky bet' not to pit in Turkey as Alpine boss says 'we didn’t know if he'd make it'
Horner claims Mercedes have made ‘phenomenal’ gains with power unit
Ricciardo happy to move on from ‘pretty painful’ Turkish GP after early stop costs him in Istanbul
Binotto reveals new-spec hybrid system was key to strong Ferrari performance in Istanbul