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With two former champions dumped out in sensational fashion last night at the Salzburg Arena, two more will be hoping their European Championship campaigns don't follow in their footsteps. 2018 winner James Wade faces former World Master Adam Smith-Neale, who defeated the new World Grand Prix champion Jonny Clayton in Gibraltar to deny the Welshman's place here, while 4-time champion Michael van Gerwen is up against big Croat Boris Krcmar. #1 seed and 2019 finalist Gerwyn Price is on a 10-match unbeaten Euro Tour run and plays permajobber Ritchie Edhouse. Another two matches of note see former UK Open champion Nathan Aspinall against wily veteran Mervyn King and multiple major finalist Michael Smith meets fellow scruffy bastard Ryan Searle.

Coverage starts at 7:00pm UK time on ITV4.

>Tonight's matches (best of 11 legs)
Adam Gawlas (16) v Joe Murnan (17)
Krzysztof Ratajski (13) v Danny Noppert (20)
James Wade (9) v Adam Smith-Neale (24)
Nathan Aspinall (5) v Mervyn King (28)
Michael Smith (4) v Ryan Searle (29)
Michael van Gerwen (8) v Boris Krcmar (25)
Gerwyn Price (1) v Ritchie Edhouse (32)
Damon Heta (12) v Gabriel Clemens (21)

>Day 1 roundup