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Man U cope

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If you are Ole out, just get out, visit reddit or yahoo answers. That conversation is OVER. We have to back him, you know, he is a club legend, he loves the club, legend, through and through. We will always love him for that goal, absolute classic. Mourinho left this club in shambles, he was a disgrace, we play beautiful football now, Ronaldo tap-in, Bruno 90+7 penalties, Rashford unlocked, De Gea flying. We can see progress, definitely progress, Mourinho left us in shambles. The glazers can go feck off, Ole should be handed 1 billion and be left free to decide. This club is ours, Pochetino wasn't the right choice, you saw how Mourinho left us, a disgrace the way he played, pure shambles. We now enjoy the game, results will come, just give Ole more time.