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My Brewers

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Daily reminder that my Brewers won, children. I’m a lifelong fan. Routinely run in Brewer half-marathons. Have been profusely drunk in a local Milwaukee bar through thick and thin, and fought any red had wearing fascist with a vagina.

And I am telling you, children, the Braves were rigged to win. Manfred conspired with Turner and Liberty Media, as well as Shitker to ensure the Braves win. They hate Milwaukee despite that Milwaukee is an excellent sports town, with a loyal fan base. They want to see us lose.

Why? Because even though Biden won, legitimately, the system itself is still run on white supremacy, and they can’t have a majority Hispanic team win. When I’m at a game, it’s me, a boring white guy, but I’m surrounded with a black lesbian nurse, a Jewish doctor, a non binary lawyer, and you know what? It’s the love of the fucking game that brings us together.

This is why they continue to rob the Brewers and give games to teams like the Braves with red state strongholds, or majority white teams like the Dodgers.

Get them, children. Leave no one standing.