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Lil' Coca, go take it up in your ass man, all the time this discussion man, fuck. Football is not only won by the talent of improvising, you SON OF A WHORE. Football is a team sport, the ability to influence the game of your teammates positively like Cristiano does because he is a BORN LEADER, this is more important to him than catching the ball back there and dribbling everyone, because if you wear the Real Madrid's n 10 he'll look right into your face, you SON OF A WHORE, and convince you to think you are the next Ronaldinho Gaucho, and you're going to give him the assist, he's going to score a goal and he will give you 200k yuros. Because that's how it is man. The psychological commands the body you SON OF A WHORE. All the time you come up with this "Messi catches the ball and dribbles everyone Messi mimimimimi" GO TAKE IT UP YOUR ASS MAN, the best in the world is CRISTIANO, last year and this year he will again be the best because he will win the Champions again because he's VICTORIOUS, you got it? A WINNER. THE MAN, A MACHINE, A CAGED BEAST, FULL OF HATRED, YOU SON OF A WHORE, HE NEVER STOPS, NEVER. FUCK. HE WINS, WINS AND WINS, PERIOD.