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/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Hanging Out With My New Dad Edition

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>Countdown to Coca Cola 191.634 @ COTA GP:

>Previous thread:

>/f1/ Essentials V10:

>Eternal /f1/ Stream:

>WDC Standings:
Verstappen: 262.5
19 jobs: 256.5
Bottatos: 176
Goblando: 145
Checo: 135

>WCC Standings:
Mercedes: 432.5
Red Bull: 397.5
McLaren: 240
Ferrari: 232.5
Alpine: 104

>WEC Standings:
20 jobs: 804.73 (+87.28)
Bottatos: 679.76 (+0.71)
Darren: 596.54 (+67.84)

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