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Who are we supporting, Cerco or Ramalde? Subedition

1 - FC Porto - 88pts
2 - Sporting - 82pts
3 - Benfica - 74pts
4 - Braga - 65pts
5 - Gil Vicente - 51pts
6 - Vitória - 45pts
7 - Santa Clara - 40pts
8 - Estoril - 39pts
9 - Marítimo - 38pts
10 - Paços - 38pts
11 - Boavista - 37pts
12 - Famalicão - 36pts
13 - Portimonense - 35pts
14 - Vizela - 33pts
15 - Arouca - 30pts
16 - Tondela - 27pts
17 - Moreirense - 26pts
18 - B SAD - 25pts

>13th, Day of Our Lady of Fátima
Paços【0-1】Benfica (ONGOING)
Arouca【15:30】B SAD
FC Porto【18:00】Estoril
Sporting【18:0- I mean, 20:30】Santa Clara
Vitória【20:30】Gil Vicente

>First six places already settled
>Vitória can still go to the Conference League, Tondela loses the Cup final
>Tondela, Moreirense & B SAD can go down. The last two go down immediatedly, the other plays a playoff with the third placed team in Liga II
>Tondela goes to the playoff if it wins; it ties and Moreirense doesn't win; it loses but everybody loses as well
>Moreirense goes to the playoff if it wins and Tondela doesn't win or if it ties with Tondela losing & B SAD not winning
>B SAD only goes to the playoff if it wins, Tondela loses & Moreirense does not win
>Rio Ave, Casa Pia & Chaves fighting for promotion
>Rio Ave goes up if it wins or ties with Chaves, or if it loses to Chaves and Casa Pia doesn't win
>Casa Pia goes up if it wins; if it ties and Chaves doesn't win; if it loses & Chaves loses
>Chaves goes up if it wins or if it ties with Rio Ave & Casa Pia loses
>Covilhã or Varzim go the playoff
>Varzim stays if it wins and Covilhã doesn't win

>the Queen Cup, 22nd of May
Tondela【17:15】FC Porto

>Super Cup
Tondela【31/07】FC Porto

>Champions League
>Europa League
>Conference League

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