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100% of what you hear about Ronaldo in the press is false

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Literally pure fabrication.

>Ten Hag doesn't want him
False. He has said for the 5th time today since he joined the club that he wants Ronaldo to stay
>The club, fans and staff are mad about Ronaldo leaving early on the last game
False. Many players left, not only Ronaldo, and nobody gives a fuck.
>Ronaldo was rejected by all the big clubs
False. Jorge Mendes only talked with 2 big clubs, and terms were not agreed.
>Ronaldo said he wants to leave 100%
False. He told Jorge Mendes to look for other possibilities. He has never said publicly that he wants to leave, he never set his mind 100% on leaving, it was just one of the possibilities.
>Many United players don't want to work with him.
False. There's 2 groups is the dressing room, the brits and the rest of the world. The brits are a bunch of overrated little bitches that want to control everything, it's just a matter of captaincy, not rejecting Ronaldo. And the foreigners love him.

And many other lies.