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Tournament: Korea Open (Seoul)
Level: WTA 250
Surface: Hard
Quarter Final match
Kick-off time: Friday 6.30am UK/1.30am ET (estimated time; 3rd match on court, follows Maria vs Zhu). Showers expected, possible delays.
How to watch: Amazon Prime Video (UK), beIN SPORTS (Australia, France), Tennis Channel (USA, Germany)

>A potentially momentous day in Emma's career post-US Open victory; if she wins it will be the first time since her New York triumph that she will have won 3 matches at a tournament, in a row

>Emma rises into the 60s in the live rankings with a win today; a top 50 place beckons by winning the tournament

>Linette, having lost in the final in Chennai, may still be feeling the effects of that run

In spite of the lower present ranking, Emma is the favourite in the betting. Winning a few titles to finish off the year will be good prep for a meteoric 2023.