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/nfl/ general PRINCE OF THE RUST BELT edition

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PIT: Diontae Johnson scoreless, averaging 9.3 YPC
PIT: Najee Harris averaging 59 yards through 3 games
PIT: Pickens makes Beckham-esque catch, finishes 3/39/0
CLE: Cooper clears 100 yards for 2nd time in five days
CLE: Nick Chubb rolls over Steelers for 23/113/1
CLE: Njoku revives for career-high nine catches, TD
PIT: Three starts and out? Trubisky benchable vs. CLE
PIT: Rapsheet: 'No conversations' about benching Mitch
LAC: Keenan Allen gets in another 'limited' practice
BAL: J.K. Dobbins (knee) gets in another full practice