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With the largely awful preliminary and poor first rounds finally out of the way (but somehow a better standard than last year - I blame the new boards) the men's second round starts this afternoon. Arguably the match of day 5 at Lakeside is the afternoon closer: a repeat of last year's first round clash between Canada's Jeff Smith and three time champion Martin Adams. Wolfie was stunned with a 3-0 defeat that eventually saw the Silencer reach the final, but a repeat of his performance in that epic victory over Ryan Joyce will surely enact revenge on the newest BDO loyalist.

Other notable clashes today include 2015 champion Scott Mitchell against Belgium's Geert de Vos, who was involved in the highest standard match of Round 1 against Australia's Raymond Smith, Stockport stalwart Darryl Fitton playing escape artist Pip Blackwell and number 1 seed Glen Durrant taking on the very dim Paul Hogan; another 97 average from Duzza will surely be more than enough to dispose of Crocodile Dundee.

Inexplicably, there's still one first round women's match to go with Aussie Corrine Hammond against Canuck Patricia Farrell. Great organisation, lads: is having both the men and the women's first rounds ending on the same day too much to ask? Oh, wait: this is the BDO, so of course it is.

Coverage starts at 12:05pm on Channel 4 before switching to BT Sport 1 at 6:45pm.

All matches are best of 7 sets except women's matches (best of 3 sets). Women's matches are in greentext.

>Today's matches (12:05pm - 5:00pm)
Geert de Vos (15) v Scott Mitchell (2)
>Corrine Hammond v Patricia Farrell
Jeff Smith v Martin Adams (5)

>Tonight's matches (6:45pm - 10:45pm)
Darryl Fitton (10) v Pip Blackwell
Jim Williams (13) v Jamie Hughes (4)
Paul Hogan v Glen Durrant (1)