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Why does Belichick have to be such a smartass

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I'm saying this as a Pats fan. Quote from Belichick today:

>“Maybe I just can’t figure it out, but it’s incomprehensible to me how anybody could think that a team that’s practiced for six months and played 19 regular season and postseason games and had triple-digit practices, five months later, after not playing a game, after having a fraction of that type of experience, could be anywhere close to the level of execution that they were five months before that after all of the things that I just listed. I mean, it’s impossible in my view,” Belichick said. “So, each year, you start all over again. You start that process all over again. You build your team over the course of the year though practice repetitions, through preseason to regular season games, through the evolving of your scheme, and that’s why each year is different and unique."

Your defense has fucking sucked this year dude. It's bottom 3 in the league despite having a ton of talent, plus you, the alleged "GOAT" genius coach. Obviously nobody expects any team to be in post-season form right now --- that doesn't mean everything is a-ok when it comes to that putrid defense you're coaching & putting out on the field. It's week 6. They haven't been this bad in his entire Pats career. This goes far beyond some early season hiccups. Giving up 350+ yards to guys like Alex Smith, Josh McCown and 200 in 1 quarter to Jameis Winston. They allow an average of 115 passer rating. Josh McCown looked like Joe Montana out there on Sunday.