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/nba/ General - 1st seed edition

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ORL:Mario Hezonja scores 24 points in loss to CHI
LAC:Milos Teodosic comes off bench in return
PHI:Ben Simmons records 4 steals and 3 blocks
PHI:T.J. McConnell triple-doubles vs. Knicks
NY:Michael Beasley scores 22 points in loss
NO:Emeka Okafor goes for 8 & 7 in start
PHO:Tyler Ulis (back) will not play Monday
GS:Draymond Green (finger) probable Wednesday
NY:Update: Beasley now starting over O'Quinn
NO:Emeka Okafor starting, Mirotic to bench
NY:Kyle O'Quinn will start, Beasley to bench
SAC:Woj: Wizards may bring in Ty Lawson