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/mls/ general - Unidentified Fan edition (ft. /ayy/+/wog/)

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Columbus Crew vs Montreal Impact 3-2
New England Revolution vs Colorado Rapids 2-1
Real Salt Lake vs LAFC 1-2, Halftime
Chicago Fire vs Sporting KC, 6pm
Houston Dynamo vs Vancouver Whitecaps, 6pm
NY Red Bulls vs Portland Timbers, 7pm
Orlando City vs Minnesota United, 7:30pm

>SUNDAY 3/11
Atlanta United vs DC United, 3pm EST
NYCFC vs LA Galaxy, 5pm

>Implying NASL
>USL 1 (USL 3 coming 2019)
>NWSL (all the flavor, half the calories)
>AYY lmao
>Fantasy Bullshit