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IND:Pacers rolling with usual starting 5 vs. CLE
BOS:Marcus Smart (thumb) could return for Game 7
MIN:Taj Gibson (neck) not expected to miss time
SA:Popovich: Nothing new on Kawhi Leonard
CLE:Cavs starting Hill, Hood, LeBron, Green, Love
PHI:Joel Embiid (face) ruled out for Game 2
OKC:Corey Brewer (knee) on track to play
NO:Anthony Davis drops 35 in 1st playoff victory
NO:Jrue Holiday locks up Dame, scores 21 points
POR:Damian Lillard scores 18 points in loss to NO
PHI:TTP: Ben Simmons drops 17/9/14 in 76ers win
PHI:The Homie Dario Saric shines in playoff debut

>In Progress
Celtics 108-105 Bucks

>Coming Up
Cavaliers vs Pacers
Thunder vs Jazz
Rockets vs Timberwolves