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/mlb/ general - KINGS OF THE NL edition

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PHI: Phillies and O's postponed due to rain Tues.
WAS: NYY @ WSH suspended due to rain in D.C.
TEX: Adrian Beltre (hamstring) to miss 2-3 weeks
PIT: Cervelli leaves game after HBP on forearm
MIL: Vogt to have season-ending shoulder surgery
ARZ: Pollock gone 4-8 weeks with fractured thumb
SF: MadBum (finger) to make rehab start May 26?
PIT: Starling Marte departs game with side injury
STL: Carlos Martinez (lat) out more than one turn
LAA: Ohtani batting second for Angels on Tuesday
SD: Lyles flirts with perfect game versus Rockies
CIN: Votto (back) out of Reds' lineup on Tuesday