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>Be me
>Wearing my Croatian kit
>Go for stroll down to the shops to get bread, milk and durries
>Nice white neighbourhood, Richard Spencer would be jealous.
>Walk past children, in kit too.
>They're speaking the tongue of losers, British accent.
>Stare down the kid, he's only 8. Give him a cheeky wink.
>Finally get to the shop
>I'm a walking checkerboard -- easy to spot
>Old Croatian man gives me a thumbs and greets me
>Reminds of my Dida who died a year and half ago. F ;_;7
>Walking out of the shop
>Greeted by more Croats happy about the victory
>mfw there will never be anything more uplifting and unifying for Croats than this victory (until the victory on Sunday ofc)

It's good to be a Croat -- how are you lads feeling today? Why does it feel so good?