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/Calciomercato/ thread - Dea in Europe edition

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Atalanta easily beats Hapoel Haifa 4-1 in Israel, getting very close to EL playoff vs the winner of Copenaghen-CSKA Sofia

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>Inter: Modric left out of Real Madrid's latest social media photographs, sparking optimism among nerazzurri fans
Milan, with Bakayoko closer Locatelli is on the way out: Sassuolo interested but no agreement yet

Roma: Malcom's agent reveals his client's failed transfer to the giallorossi was "revenge"
>meanwhile the english market closes, meaning Roma is left alone in the race for Sevilla's midfielder Nzonzi (29)

Parma 5 point penalty is removed and Calaiò's ban reduced to six month in the appeal trial
>Empoli, movement in the midfield: Krunic-Aquah swap with Torino nearly complete, with the Tuscan club also closing in on Bjarnason

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