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LAR:Schefter: Cooper Kupp diagnosed w/ MCL sprain
SF:Kittle, Breida, Garcon all likely to play MNF
SF:Niners promote TE on Monday, Kittle to sit?
NYJ:Q. Enunwa diagnosed with high ankle sprain
OAK:Raiders want 1st-round pick for Amari Cooper
OAK:Report: Raiders QB Carr (arm) won't miss time
BUF:McDermott: 'We'll see' on Josh Allen starting
ATL:Falcons 'hopeful' on Sanu, Calvin Ridley
WAS:Redskins call Chris Thompson 'day to day'
ATL:Injury-ravaged Falcons now without K Bryant
ATL:Devonta Freeman expected to miss Week 7
WAS:Jamison Crowder won't practice before Friday