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/nfl/ general: based Boston beer bro edition

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ATL:Latest lingering injury sends Freeman to IR
CLG:Nick Bosa withdraws to focus on NFL Draft
FA:Rishard Matthews working out for Jets
NYG:Evan Engram (knee) practicing Tuesday
NYG:Mara wants Odell to play more, talk less
NE:Belichick: Gordon's role 'expanding weekly'
BUF:Report: Josh Allen (elbow) won't start Wk 7
GB:A. Jones starts, has TD reversed, drops pass
GB:Jimmy Graham has big night with 5-104 in win
SF:Mostert takes Morris' job, runs for 87 yards
SF:Alfred Morris plays 1 snap, gets zero touches
GB:Davante Adams on a heater, has 10-132-2 line